Lord Chumley
Name Lord Chumley
Faction Terran
Function Hunter
Alt Mode None


"Drat! Outsmarted by a lorry! I am disgraced!"

The notorious hunter, Lord Chumley, and his servant, Dinsmoore, are responsible for causing countless species on the Earth to go extinct. Now, however, Lord Chumley has turned his sights towards much bigger game: The Transformers! Those who underestimate Chumley because he is a mere human quickly find themselves assailed by insane traps and robotic monstrosities. No matter how ridiculous his snares may be, they are still inexplicably effective. Takes great pleasure in the hunt and plays by a set of rules that only he seems to understand. Prefers to outwit his opponents rather than simply overpower them with greater force. Lord Chumley is proud and will often refuse help from allies until it is too late for them to do any good.


  • Lord Chumley is old enough to remember the Boer War
    Old Chumley

    Lord Chumley during the Boer War


  • Lord Chumley is one royal pain in the diode
  • Lord Chumley used the equivalent of tranquilizer darts on Transformers

Hunting List

Lord Chumley has hunted:

  • A VW Beetle
  • Sand
  • Powerglide
  • Sky Lynx
  • Rampage
  • Grimlock
  • A fly
  • A flea
  • Boars (during the Boar War)
  • The Earth
  • The Universe



  • Carry On Chumley - Lord Chumley makes his triumphant return with a veritable smorgasbord of traps for the Transformers
  • Mind Control - Visit scenic Chumley Manor! Get hypnotised to kill, kill, kill!


  • Rue Britannia - Lord Chumley has declared himself King of England! Prime Minister Powerglide makes a shocking speech, and EDC Sergeant Jayson Redfield crosses his own personal Rubicon.



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