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The death of Unicron was merely the beginning... Thirty years have passed since the events of Transformers: The Movie, and the galaxy spanning war between the noble Autobots and evil Decepticons has become more brutal than ever...

Welcome to the home of Transformers 2005, a text based RPG based on Cybertron’s own Robots in Disguise! We operate on a MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination- the original MMO!), using a balance of coded systems and collaborative storytelling to create a unique (and kind of addicting) role playing experience.

Join one of the longest running online RPGs as an Autobot, Decepticon, Junkion, or even a soldier of the Earth Defense Command and help shape the future of the Transformers!

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki, it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers: 2005. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki.

3,486 articles since March 2008

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  • Due to the cost change, some OCs (or *FCs who have upgraded Armor) may receive a small AP Refund. Click here!
  • Unfortunately, we've had to shut down our handy web Guest connection portal. We will be investigating returning such a feature when we can offer one that is both convenient and secure.
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Getting Started

To connect to the MUSH, simply point your MUSHclient to port 5555

If you are new to the world of MUSHing, we have an easy guide to help you get started and connect!

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Featured Character


Misfire, Interceptor

"Keep shooting, eventually, you're bound to hit something."

When Misfire shoots, his fellow Decepticons run for cover. Has terrible aim, but he says he's improving, though few share his confidence. Legendary perseverance -- holds the record for the number of times enrolled at the Decepticon Military College without graduating: 4,627. Paired with the cowardly Nebulan, "Aimless", a careless and sleazy con-man and former construction engineer. Aimless converts into an ion particle blaster, but doesn't care enough about anything to even bother aiming. As a proton-powered jet fighter, Misfire can reach speeds of 1200mph with a range of 1200 miles.


Featured Logs

This is it. It feels... too easy? What is there for Galvatron, now? Murdering the rest of these little Autobots is a chore for the least of his servants! The sour taste for black bile is in his mouth. Even in death, Rodimus Prime disappoints him! A snarl creep over Galvatron's face, and he says lowly, "How dare he." Then louder, he throws his arms in the air and screams, "HOW DARE HE!?"
The Death Of Rodimus Prime
And then he turns a bit, so he can address all the Autobots and Markons present at once. "A wise human once said that a divided house cannot stand. I think its time we took this house and put it back together." There's a pause, and then he thrusts a fist over his head. "AND THEN DROP IT ON TOP OF THE DECEPTICONS!"
In Mother Markon...
No, he doesn't want Buzzsaw overhearing the icy rage barely contained in each word. And there is something that is not quite so "civilized" sounding to his voice, an undercurrent he rarely ever lets show. For while he *is* a cultured and often "classy" mech, he is also a former Renegade Decepticon. Under all the refinement is a mech quite capable of cold, brutal action if he deems it necessary. And if anyone deserves it, Air Raid certainly does now.
MY Domain

The Grid

  • Charr - 
    Charr is a desolate, barren planet controlled by the Decepticons out in the middle of no-where. It is traditionally neglected by both sides in the war, however occasionally rises to prominence as a last remaining HQ for the Cons whenever things are bad for them. In recent years, spearheaded by Airwolf, Charr had numerous energon ...Read More...

Blog Entries

What did I ever ..→

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New Logs

  • 18-04-14 - Spoils of War:Be the Wall - The Autobots are pressed back in Nova Cronum, which do they decide, to take the enemy, or rescue the civilians?
  • 15-04-14 - Determination - Blast Off provides a lesson in combat to Airlift- and both seek to provide a lesson in pride. Rumble and Buzzsaw observe and ask questions.
  • 15-04-14 - The Return of Airlift - Blast Off and Sky Lynx both pick up a signal in space- marking the return of Airlift after a very long absence.
  • 13-04-14 - Wreck-Gar Returns - Arcee discovers that Wreck-Gar and his merry band of Junks have returned to Autobot City. Is she imagining things, or are they getting crazier by the day?
  • 12-04-14 - Rust Seas Showdown - Blast Off and Dogfight have a showdown in the middle of a storm above the Rust Seas, and later Dogfight chats with Torque

More Logs...

Current TinyPlots

King of Seekers - Now that Cybertron has gone through it's Rebirth, the city of Vos sets out to reclaim it's former glory by bringing back the legendary King of Seekers Tournament, the battle to determine the greatest flyer on Cybertron!

Crimson Dawn - Crystal City has been under Decepticon rule for far too long, with a dedicated resistance force to back them, the Autobot forces endeavor a clandestine operation to free Crystal City from Soundwave's tyrannical rule.

The Hun-Grrr Games - The underground cities of Cybertron are blowing up- WITH WAR! The Autobots and Decepticons fight tooth and nail in the no man's land between the cities of Darkreach and Markon- one shall stand, one shall fall!

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