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The death of Unicron was merely the beginning... Thirty years have passed since the events of Transformers: The Movie, and the galaxy spanning war between the noble Autobots and evil Decepticons has become more brutal than ever...

Welcome to the home of Transformers 2005, a text based RPG based on Cybertron’s own Robots in Disguise! We operate on a MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination- the original MMO!), using a balance of coded systems and collaborative storytelling to create a unique (and kind of addicting) role playing experience.

Join one of the longest running online RPGs as an Autobot, Decepticon, Junkion, or even a soldier of the Earth Defense Command and help shape the future of the Transformers!

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki, it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers: 2005. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki.

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Featured Character


Chromia, Bodyguard

"Let actions speak for you."

For millions of years, Chromia served as one of the crack troops of the Autobot underground on Cybertron. While tough and determined, Chromia retains a wry sense of humor. She believes that words are fairly meaningless without action to back them up. It is a philosophy she employs in and out of combat. Her blunt honesty sometimes puts off other Autobots, but those who truly understand her know that this is her way of honoring the Autobot ideal of truth. In vehicle mode, Chromia is able to reach a top speed of 320 mph. Her tires have been specially reinforced to withstand most artillery fire. Combined with her side mounted missile launcher and grenade launcher, she is a force to be reckoned with in battle. In robot mode, Chromia is extremely agile and able to move quickly around the battlefield while firing her weapon with deadly accuracy. Chromia is not very adept at creative thinking, preferring to use brute force most of the time.


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To connect to the MUSH, simply point your MUSHclient to port 5555

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Featured Logs

"Salutations, Combaticons. It is with my absolute pleasure that, with the power invested in me as the incumbent and appropriately vetted Communications Officer of the Decepticon Justice Division, and as being a functionary of that office my duty to exercise this service as set forth in whatever manner I deem most prudent, I inform you that the following individual's names have been transcribed upon the List: ONSLAUGHT, BLAST OFF, BRAWL, VORTEX, and SWINDLE."
Combaticons VS DJD
Parts of Fort Scyk come tumbling down. Soundwave turns to face the great fort, being destroyed before his very eyes. Some of his greatest work here...ruined...crushed. Despite everything, despite all the combat around him, Soundwave finds himself staring at the Fort as a flyby from Sky Lynx crumbles several huge sheets of metal. He was in charge. This was his chance, and the ear-wrenching metal on metal tears drive the Tape Commander to his knees. Everything was lost here.
Slag it! There's no recourse for Frenzy except to panic and let off an optic melting drum screech. A hideous scraping, grinding, screeching sound erupts from the tiny cassetticon, pinned to the ground as he is, as it reverberates across the plane, nearly 200 decibels, loud enough to cause frail human heads to explode with in range. If there were any within range....
Breaking Lines


New Logs

  • 24-10-14 - Riots in Tarn - In the shadow of the Chaos Bringer's head, Unicron worshipping cultists start riots in Tarn. Both Autobots and Decepticons do what they can to protect the citizens of Tarn.
  • 24-10-14 - Predaking attacks base Vigilance - Razorclaw takes the presence of Autobot personally and decides to do something about it.
  • 24-10-14 - Autobot convoy for Vigilance - The Autobots are delivering supplies to the Vigilance base near Thunderhead Pass
  • 24-10-14 - Return of Planet XXX - The Autobots are called in to investigate the re-appearance of Planet XXX. They find more than they bargained for. Rod's rep is legendary.
  • 24-10-14 - Prowl meets Jigsaw - Prowl meets with the governor of the Sonic Canyon to discuss an officer exchange program.
  • 24-10-14 - Snow Ninja-spection - Following the semi-random destruction wrought on the EDC base in Siberia, two stealthy figures stalk the crime scene asking themselves why. And what leads them onto the trail of an entirely different Decepticon??

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Blog Entries

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The Grid

  • Debris - 
    Debris is a mostly underground base on Cybertron, located near Retoris. It was built by Impactor and the other Wreckers in the year 2030. During the era, Iacon had been a distant memory in the Autobot's minds and it was time for the Autobots to re-cement their foothold on their home planet. Not to mention that a ...Read More...

Current TinyPlots

A Gentle Hand - Civil unrest is rampant in Tarn, and only getting worse. Civilians have never been keen on what they view as their oppressive government, so the Autobots must calm the masses or face a rebellion spurred on by the Decepticons.

Tyrest-ed Developments - A kidnapped neutral scientist? A shadowy secret Sci-Chancellor? Two ninjas and their quarry? What does any of this have to do with a Seeker or the City-State Tyrest??

Surprising Shockwave - The Femme fatales decide one thing, Shockwave must answer for his role in Elita-One's current state of suspended animation. How do they go about hunting or surprising the most logical mind the Cybertronians have ever known?

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