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The death of Unicron was merely the beginning... Thirty years have passed since the events of Transformers: The Movie, and the galaxy spanning war between the noble Autobots and evil Decepticons has become more brutal than ever...

Welcome to the home of Transformers 2005, a text based RPG based on Cybertron’s own Robots in Disguise! We operate on a MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination- the original MMO!), using a balance of coded systems and collaborative storytelling to create a unique (and kind of addicting) role playing experience.

Join one of the longest running online RPGs as an Autobot, Decepticon, Junkion, or even a soldier of the Earth Defense Command and help shape the future of the Transformers!

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki, it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers: 2005. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki.

3,621 articles since March 2008

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  • Due to the cost change, some OCs (or *FCs who have upgraded Armor) may receive a small AP Refund. Click here!


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Featured Character


Shiftlock, Diversionary Tactician

"If you don't fear death, you can keep fighting forever!"

Shiftlock is a cyber-adrenaline junkie that lives for the thrill of speed and danger - the riskier something is, the more she likes it. Uses this and her abrasive personality to enrage Decepticons into chasing her and to divert them away from others. When not on base, can be found participating in illegal street races and demolition derbies. In robot mode, utilizes twin handguns with dual precision. In vehicle mode, she carries a scatterpack mini-missile launcher in her trunk to harass multiple pursuers. Fast and highly maneuverable, able to slide around sharp turns and utilizes an energy grapple in both forms to overcome rough terrain. Loves to push her luck in risky situations for the thrill of it. Tends to overestimate her own capabilities.


Getting Started

To connect to the MUSH, simply point your MUSHclient to port 5555

If you are new to the world of MUSHing, we have an easy guide to help you get started and connect!

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Featured Logs

"Salutations, Combaticons. It is with my absolute pleasure that, with the power invested in me as the incumbent and appropriately vetted Communications Officer of the Decepticon Justice Division, and as being a functionary of that office my duty to exercise this service as set forth in whatever manner I deem most prudent, I inform you that the following individual's names have been transcribed upon the List: ONSLAUGHT, BLAST OFF, BRAWL, VORTEX, and SWINDLE."
Combaticons VS DJD
Parts of Fort Scyk come tumbling down. Soundwave turns to face the great fort, being destroyed before his very eyes. Some of his greatest work here...ruined...crushed. Despite everything, despite all the combat around him, Soundwave finds himself staring at the Fort as a flyby from Sky Lynx crumbles several huge sheets of metal. He was in charge. This was his chance, and the ear-wrenching metal on metal tears drive the Tape Commander to his knees. Everything was lost here.
Slag it! There's no recourse for Frenzy except to panic and let off an optic melting drum screech. A hideous scraping, grinding, screeching sound erupts from the tiny cassetticon, pinned to the ground as he is, as it reverberates across the plane, nearly 200 decibels, loud enough to cause frail human heads to explode with in range. If there were any within range....
Breaking Lines


New Logs

  • 27-07-14 - Blitzwing- Bounty Hunter - Blitzwing confronts Blast Off at the Steel Balloon, the place they used to be (sort of) drinking buddies. Now Blitzwing wants to collect the bounty on the Combaticon's head.
  • 26-07-14 - Science of War - EDC and Autobots have a brainstorming session over technology and strategy.
  • 25-07-14 - He's Not the One - Kickback tries to discern Overlord's motives, and doesn't quite find what he wanted.
  • 25-07-14 - Cyclonus's Brave Stand - Cyclonus encounters Overlord in Unicron's head. Can he stop the pretender to the throne?
  • 25-07-14 - A Rough Date - Blast Off meets with a friend that's supposed to be dead. Can he stop Overlord from ending her mysterious return?

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The Grid

  • Goo - 
    The Planet Goo is really strange. Composed of a sticky-gum like substance, it floats about collecting anything that drifts onto it. It's so great, you'll never want to leave!

Current TinyPlots

Dark Nebulos - The DJD makes its presence brutally known on Nebulos as strange events transpire and dark forces plot the unthinkable!

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