Name Mishap
Faction Autobot
Function Larcenist
Alt Mode Tech Bike
Type OC


"If we all get killed, don't say I didn't warn you."

Extrodinarily talented in the art of cracking security systems and disabling alarms, Mishap must be cajoled or bullied into putting himself in danger. Extremely reluctant to enter combat, he is nevertheless capable of amazing bursts of speed and agility that often surprise those that look no further than his lazy exterior. Compulsively steals from the corrupt and wealthy. Has never encountered a lock he couldn't pick. In tech bike mode, Mishap sports retractable spikes mounted in his hubcap and a headlight laser. Mishap's robot mode has a protective forcefield to cower underneath while he works, as well as a circuit-freezing pistol able to temporarily halt blaring klaxons or incoming enemies with equal efficiency.



Mishap is voiced by Michael Keating



2107 (alternate future concurrent with 2028)

  • Living The Dream - Sixknight kills Daniel, again and again and again. And then... I, WARMONGER!


  • Autobot Science Fair - Hazard forces his fellow Autobots to make presentations on how to solve the energy crisis - with dioramas!
  • Mishap Steals Stuff - In which Mishap wanders around and tests the security of Autobot City. By taking everything that's not nailed down.
  • Down And Out On XXX - In the skuzzy bar on Planet XXX, meet the mysterious Decepticon known as NEMESIS MISHAP!
  • Mishap in trouble - A sequel of sorts to Mishap Steals Stuff, in which a random locker search is undertaken.


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