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Name Nathan Briar
Faction Terran
Function Sharpshooter
Alt Mode none
Type OC


"Hunting indicates a possibility of failure; I only kill."

While not as experienced as his cousin, Nathan Briar wishes to someday be just like Mike only better. Growing up watching his older cousin in the limelight all the time, Nate could not help but aspire to follow the same path. While he does not support the Decepticons, he believes that not all of them need to be destroyed unless they are intent on killing. However, if he was engaged in combat, he will see to it that his targets are injured and downed. He has his own exo-suit that was modified with experimental weapon systems that Michael Briar worked on.


Born on August 31, 2004, Nathan Essex Briar had an uneventful childhood and even up until graduating Rutgers with his masters in History. He saw his cousins during family reunions and constantly heard about the antics of Michael Briar. Because Mikey was the black sheep of the family, Nathan grew really interested in what made him different. After research and conversations, Nate decided he wanted to join his cousin in the epic battles against the Decepticons..


  • OOCly, he is like Pinocchio. Nate grew from being a puppet to a real character.
  • Somehow, Nate Briar became the OOC Fachead
  • He's that last male Briar known on the grid! Wahoo!
  • He was roommates with James Bailey in college. To this day, they are still close friends.
  • Nate is friends with Meghan Skellton. Though he has recently pissed her off and he's not actually going to try to fix it.
  • Spike Witwicky is becoming like a father to Nate.
  • Jayson Redfield is like a brother to Nate. And Nate would prefer it if Jayson didn't get drink and hit on him.
  • Zoe Briar tried to shoot Nate once.




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