Missing image
Name Network
Faction Autobot
Function Engineer
Alt Mode Computer
Type OC


"Occasionally you just have to get your hands dirty"

Intelligent, versital, and inventive, Network is a true genius with mechanics and technology. Although very creative, his ideas sometimes are very idealistic, coming very close to the border of the Autobot way. Otherwise he's very laid back and fun to be around. He's a very hard worker and loves to work with his hands. A strong believer in the Autobot cause. Despises conflict of any kind, but will fight if he needs to. He's equipped with an electron disperser that sends 10,000 volts running through his opponent's body. As a computer, he can access any system with a short-wave modem or a port connecter for those high security jobs. He also possesses a storage unit that is imeasurable. Has a habit of overworking himself.



  • Active around 1996.
  • Later on, the Decepticons got a 'Nettwerk'. Nothing to do with this character.



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