Name Nightbird
Faction Decepticon
Function Espionage
Alt Mode None


"Death and silence are my only witnesses."

Created by the late Dr. Fujiyama, Nightbird was designed to be an example of advanced technology coupled with human imagination. With a persona and a design based on the legendary ninjas of feudal Japan, she caught the eye of then-Decepticon commander Megatron, who seized her from a display session at CalTech and won her devotion and loyalty. Now free again after many years of captivity, she brings a wholly unique fighting style to the Decepticon team. While she seems fragile and her weapons are apparently not powerful, in hand-to-hand combat her martial arts skills make her a deadly opponent, and , in her hands, the weapons that would be useless for another can disable an enemy with astonishing ease. She specializes in espionage and assassination, but has no fear of direct battle, either.



  • Originally used as the default character of the original director of the MUSH. As a result, rarely went IC.


No logs have been posted.


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