Oh, Canada!

Who: Ultra Magnus, Moonracer, Powerglide, Elita One, Red Alert, Dirge, Ramjet, Divebomb, Shockwave, Earthscorch, Revenant
IC Year: 2020
Location: Canada
TP: Non-TP

The Autobots respond to a Decepticon strike in Canada!

TPInfo Entry:

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329> Title: RAID! (Kills Decepticons Location: Ye Olde USAContact: Dirge Synopsis: (Victor Caroli voiceover) A chemical factory in America is suddenly under siege by Galvatron and his Decepticons. Collecting various components, Galvatron plans to mix these chemicals into a compound that could spell doom for both the Autobots and humans. Can the Decepticons be stopped from completing stage one of their evil plans? Find out next time on: The Transformers. (TV Announcer) Thursday, February 13th at 8 Eastern/7 Central. Only on FOX.


<Autobot> Sub-Commander Ultra Magnus says, "Autobots, this is Ultra Magnus. We have reason to believe the Decepticons are planning a strike. We need any and all available forces on the landing pad. Magnus out."

<Autobot> Powerglide says, "On my way, Magnus m'man."

<Autobot> Streetwise is in the savanna and is non flight

Moonracer is standing somewhere in the shadows. She does that a lot these days.

<Autobot> Scattershot says, "I'm completely out of position here in Africa, Commander. Go ahead and launch everybody you've got, Streetwise and I will catch up!"

<Autobot> Powerglide says, "Well Moonracer, looks like you and I have to prove to the Decepticons they just can't take us down, eh?"

Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] taxis onto the launch pad, several gumby mechanics quickly rushses up to attach fueling tubes onto the aerospace fighter's fuel tanks. Energon. It does the body good.

<Autobot> Moonracer says, "Never can, never will, Powerglide. We can't loose."

Battlecruiser breaks the clear horizon from the west, speeding in front of twin trails of sweet Autobot air pollution in the skies. The wings both turn down at a 45 degree angle to aid in landing faster. Finally he touches down on the tarmac at Autobot City, releasing his cargo from the aft quarter of the craft. "Well nevermind then. You know how I hate travelling alone."

<Autobot> Fastback says, "The latest report I have is that their target is a refinery. For now, I can't be anymore specific..."

Streetwise thanks Scattershot for the lift though rather reluctantly

Elita One transforms from her pink techcar to her robot mode.

Powerglide struts into the area, struting his sexy ass as he does so. Oooh yeah, baby. The little red minibot grins tohimself and rubs his hands together. "This is going to be a cinch, fellas." he reassures everyone. "Just go in, smack the 'Cons around a bit, and get on out again. Another day, another victory."

Ultra Magnus says, "Rodimus, why don't you take a few now and Jetfire and start searching." he offers as a battle plan, "I'll give the others some time to arrive and follow you in shortly.""

Once sufficient fuel has been pumped into Jetfire, the gumby mechanics promptly detaches the fuel tubes from the aerospace fighter's fuel tank. One of the mechanics hollers, "Everything is a go, boss!"

Strafe ducks and dives his way through the milimng Autobots and makes his way over to Scattershot.

Red Alert looks at Powerglide "I wish I could share your optimism. But the names I heard are enough to make sure we are on our toes. Ramjet, Revenant, Dirge, Motormaster, Rippersnapper, Cutthroat and Hook. This looks like this is quite the sortie for the Decepticons."

Scattershot nods along with Powerglide's assessment of the forthcoming situation. "You damn right!", he flaunts and offers Strafe the not-very-secret Technobot high-5. Which really looks like every other high-5, except that it's done by Technobots. For Technobots.

Rod arrives to the landing pad and transforms back into his robot mode. He walks over towards Jetfire. "Alright, letsget this started," he pauses as Magnus speaks. "Sounds good. Now lets get moving into Jetfire folks. "Magnus, choose those you want in your group," the leader adds as he prepares to enter Jetfire.

Moonracer is there. Just waiting to see where she is to be assigned this time.

Strafe leaps up and five fives Scattershot, Hey where are the others? I know Nosecone will probably turn up late but ifigures the others would be here."

Ultra Magnus surverys the group, "Scattershot, take the technobots and Streetwise and accompany Rodimus." He waves ahand at Jetfire. Calling out to the rest, "Everyone else, get aboard the Golden Age. We will depart shortly."

Elita One rolls into the landing pad, transforming into her robot mode shortly afterward. She gracefully strides in and stares at her surrounding, assessing the various troops that are at hand, and then she glances back to Red Alert and frowns slightly. "Considering the Decepticon's forces, if they are right, and if we have to split into two groups to fasten our searches, I pity whichever group might go first.. I highly believe they may get outnumbered, and no matter how hard we try, I doubt we could find anyway to fix this tactical disadvantage.."

Streetwise seems slightly dejected at being told to go with the Techno commander , but he is happy to be with Rodimus

Streetwise walks over to Jetfire's ram and enters

Powerglide nods to Red Alert and shrugs. "Hey, think of it this way, bud. Seven Decepticons means seven easy targets." He grins at Scattershot. "And with what we have assembled here, they don't stand a chance!" He rubs his hands together andfollows Ultra Magnus. "Bout time we bust a move. Sooner we get there, the sooner we start the aftkicking."

Scattershot leans back and flexes, his bulging mechanical biceps enough to make Techno-mark femmes everywhere swoon. "You got it, Commander!" he shouts and taps Strafe and Streetwise. "Let's try not to kill each other, OK?"

Scattershot ambles up into the cockpit.

From Jetfire, Scattershot arrives, because everybody loves him.

Autobot Shuttle <Golden Age>

Powerglide boards the ship from Landing Pad <AC>.

Elita One glances over to Rodimus and nods, then turns her optics toward Ultra Magnus. Out from the corner of her optic,the femme commander notices Moonracer and, seeing how she's standing there idly, turn her attention toward her. "Seems like you'll be coming with me and you'll be in Magnus' team.." She says as she enters the shuttle.

<Earth> "Help, the Decepticons are attacking Montreal, EH! We need reinforcements, EH. Send the Autobots, EH!" </Cheesy 80s call for Autobot help>

Moonracer nods, following Elita. Finally a direction. It's not like she wasn't /ready/ or anything. More like she was waiting to find out which shuttle to enter.

<Outside>, Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] taxis completely onto the launch pad, shortly afterburners are engaged and the aerospace fighter nimbly takes off into the dusk skies.

<Outside>, Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] blasts off for the Earth Orbit.

Elita One awaits for everyone to enter in the shuttle, and waits at the entrance of said one. Once everyone seems tohave gotten into the shuttle and nobody else seems to come forth to get into it, Elita One simply pushes on the button beside the door to close it. Weee, ready for the blast off.

Ultra Magnus takes a seat at the controls, and begins warming the engines as the pre-flight manual suggests. He keys in a few additional commands and then turns to investigate who is already onboard, "Hmmm" he says quietly before addressing the others, "I don't think we can afford to wait too long." Magnus considers his options for a moment longer, "Everyone buckle up. We're blasting off soon."

Powerglide sits there. "Lemme tell ya folks..." he turns towards Elita and Moonracer. "This is going to be a breeze. Don'tyou worry about a thing." He eyes Moonracer and grins wildly. "Betcha I finish off my opponent before you finish off yours. Two energon sticks to your one."

Fliptop trudges up the ramp and looks a little... well... hungover. "Oh, man. Figures the Cons would hit us after a night of partyin'." He looks at Ultra Magnus and says, "...You cut out for this commander gig, or what?"

Elita One sweeps her hands together a bit and turns around on her heels. The femme commander glances over all the way through the room, sparing a glance over to Powerglide as he looks at her and speaks. Though she doesn't bother replying, as there isn't anything to say to this. Her lips merely curl into a smirk, her silent reply, as she goes off to the co-pilot's seat beside Ultra Magnus' "Everyone's in... We're ready for blast off, if the shuttle is..." She says, buckling herself and starting to gently graze the commands with her fingers.

Moonracer is surprisingly alert and focused for someone who spent last night giggling like crazy. She gives Powerglide a grin, "Right- how about four?"

Ultra Magnus nods to Elita and grabs the flight controls with both hands, "Very good then." He nudges the shuttle off the landing surface, "Let's go help Rodimus."

Red Alert takes his seat and double checks all his equipment "I wish my partner was around. I hate going into combat without someone watching my back."

The Golden Age travels onward to Western Provinces - Canada.

<Outside>, A group of Decepticon Seekers are in the air. Dirge, as their commander is leading the patrol, as Earthscorch directs various gumbies on a rampage to collect materials. It's a large Decepticon party. An active radar ping on the hull of the Golden Age alerts the Autobots to the fact that they have been detected, and Dirge emits, "Incoming. Divebomb, Ramjet... Delta Flight... with me..." The host of Seekers bank around and head on an intercept course with the Autobot shuttle.

<Outside>, Ramjet TF's under the pile of twisted scrap and girders that used to be a building construction...As the dust of his 'landing' clears he starts to push out, the heap of metal creaking and shifting off him.

<Outside>, Earthscorch warns the fleeing humans, "Anyone who tries to escape in a vehicle will be destroyed. Anyone who tries to take refuge in a building will be destroyed. Flee via foot if you value your continued existances."

Ultra Magnus brings the shuttle down near the heart of the Decepticon activity. *THUD* He quickly unfastens his seatbelt and faces the others present, "Okay Autobots, it looks like we've got time to stop things before they get out of hand. Stick together and lets win one for Rodimus."

<Outside>, Ramjet seems to have pre-empted dirge's attack somewhat, already having destroyed 1 construction and in no position to follow dirge. As his radio crackles he looks skyward, shoving a dented girder off from ontop of him, "Huh? What?"

<Outside>, Earthscorch scans the skies as he hears Dirge's orders, but can't see the shuttle yet. "Quickly now," he instructs the gumbies, moving over to a pile of girders: the cornerstone of material raids.

<Autobot> Chief of security Red Alert says, "Watch out for those Seekers they are about to triple team the shuttle."

<Outside>, Earthscorch tells Ramjet, "We have it under control," he glances at the busy gumbies, "keep us covered."

<Autobot> Powerglide says, "Please. Don't worry, Red. I've taken down these losers before."

Ultra Magnus disembarks from the Golden Age.

<Outside>, A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> immediately leaps out of the hatch, even before the shuttle has landed. "Alright! Time to get this show on the road!" he grins to himself. "Moonie, see if ya can't avoid some of their shots this time. Don't forget to duck." Now out in the open, the minibot transforms into his Thunderbolt mode and takes to the air. Decepticon seekers beware!

Western Provinces - Canada

Red Alert disembarks from the Golden Age.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] arrives from the Eastern Provinces - Canada to the east.

Moonracer is about a step behind Powerglide. She's already got her weapons out, and ready. "You should talk!" she calls after him, diving out the door. "Watch your wings, showboat."

Elita One disembarks from the Golden Age.

Ramjet is still hip deep in demolished building and grumbles to himself as he kicks and shoves the urgently needed suplies out of his way. He's still on the ground for now but a takeoff won't be long.

Ultra Magnus disembarks from the shuttle, his rifle in hand. He quickly takes note of the situation and comes up with a plan, "Surround the shuttle and try and take them out of the skies. We'll have a better chance if we ground them."

Earthscorch tells Ramjet, "Make sure the gumbies get away with those materials. All else is second priority."

Shockwave arrives from the Eastern Provinces - Canada to the east.

Red Alert steps out of the shuttle behind Mangus and pulls his weapon out of subspace, preparing himself for the coming conflict. "Watch your back everyone, and good luck."

Divebomb lets out a shrill battlecry. He yells "Acknowledged!" and charges forward through the air at the A-10 Thunderbolt.

Earthscorch continues to busy himself with overseeing the material gathering, though he keeps a wary eye toward the Autobots.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] flies high above the area and away from the other Decepticons scanning as the Autobots arrive looking for a suitable prey.

Ramjet does'nt reply to earthscorch. He shoves the last metal beam out of his way and strides towards where the Autobot shuttle is thier enemies start pouring out he raises his armlasers and opens fire, shooting pink bolts indiscriminately into the crowd as he stomps deliberately fowards.

Ramjet misses Ultra Magnus with his Seeker arm laser attack.

Ramjet 's fire is a little too indiscriminate, unable to distinguish between open ground, targets and sky his laser blasts flash all over the place but don't seem to hit much.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> scans the area as he swoops along. The Autobot shuttle is of little concern, but however he picks up several signatures on his radar. "Move into attack formation. Decepticons, SCRAMBLE." He flies down out of the clouds and down towards the Autobots. He shuffles his targeting systems around and begins to fire his vulcan guns, peppering the area below him.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> strikes Red Alert with Machine Guns.

As the Autobots begin their advance, a small, bright star plummets from the heavens... growing in size as it rockets downward. With a thunderous BOOM, the fireball strikes the ground, cracking the ground for ten meters in every direction as it dissipates to reveal a familiar, ominous form. A single, golden optic. An arm ending in an energy weapon. Shockwave straightens, regarding the Autobots with his cold gaze, fixing on Elita One with his mechanical stare, and silently points his gun arm at her first... firing a series of energy bursts at the pink-painted femme commander.

Red Alert is peppered by the machine gun fire, bullets piercing the armor here and there "Arrggh! I'm hit!." The Autobot dashes out for some cover and fires a shot back at the seeker. "I may be injured but I will not go down without a fight."

Red Alert misses Advanced F-15 <Dirge> with his Particle Beam Rifle <Low> attack.

Ultra Magnus disembarks from the shuttle and finds that the Decepticons are already converging on the shuttle. He finds himself taking cover from a number of blasts trying to get situated to return fire. "Push them back away from the shuttle and keep your eyes out for civilians!"

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> tilts his wing in a salute to Moonracer to tell her that he heard. Tsk, watch his wings. Whodoes Moonracer think he is? "Don't worry, toots!" he shouts over the radio. "It's me. I'm ALWAYS careful!" Now, to the business at hand. Which lousy ass Seeker shall he take down. Oooh, Dirge. Nah, too freaky. Ramjet? Nah, too sexually suggestive of a name. Earthscorch? Not a Seeker. Revenant? Maybe. Sweeps always are fun to shoot down. Ah, but wait? What's this? A Predacon? "Divebomb!" he shouts out in his insanely annoying voice. "Geez, boy! It ain't every day I get to shoot me down a Predacon. Heck, I haven't seen you twits in ages, it seems! C'mon, I'll blast ya again for ol' times sake." The Thunderbolt swoops up into the air, displaying amazing agility for an old Warthog. "Think it's time you got your wings clipped, eh? AND OL' POWERGLIDE IS THE ONE TO DO IT FOR YA!" The minibot zips around to get a perfect shot in against the Predacon, ducking and weaving among the various other weapon fire that slings through the air. "Moonracer!" he calls out. "I hope you're watchin'!" He opens fire with his thermal beam.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> strikes Divebomb with Thermal Beam <Short Burst>.

Ultra Magnus takes a quick shot at Ramjet, while he tries to coordinate the battle.

Ultra Magnus strikes Ramjet with Plasma Rifle <Low Power>.

Moonracer starts targeting the Decepticons on the ground, who are ignoring her arrival. EarthScorch makes himself a rather bulky shape to shoot at-- Easy shot. But easy shots are not what Moonracer is all about. Instead she aims for the balance point of a girder looming over Earthscorch's head. If she does it right, it falls. If not- it pings on the metal. Casually she pulls the trigger, yelling back at Powerglide, "I see ya-- Now see if this doof sees this!"

Moonracer strikes Earthscorch with *ping* Falling IBeam.

Rushing out of the shuttle, a bit after everyone, laser pistol in hand, the femme commander's icy azure optics assess the battlefield for the ennemy's current position and their effectiveness. It didn't look so bad for now, though Elita One seemed still ceptic about this all. Raising her hand up a bit, Elita One makes her way down the shuttle, through the various explosions of the battlefield. "Make sure the our battle do nto lead to any humans casualities, prevent the Decepticons from harming them!" She shouts as she raises her laser pistol up in the air, firing off a few stray shots in the air at a few random seekers to scare them, but in vain, as the shots fade away in the sky, hitting nothing.

Though, there's a little something that catches Elita One's attention... A little something in the sky, one of the only pink Decepticon she used to know. The one and only one, her arch-nemesis, Shockwave. Her optics widen a bit and her head abruptly turns around to face Shockwave. Alas, before she can even react, a few laser shots are already right into her, exploding around her as they hit the ground, but two of them land a hit. One on her shoulder, leaving a noticeable dent, and the other one on her chest, not really penetrating her armor, but leaving a dent nonethless. Staggering backward as she was caught in surprise by the blow, Elita One manages to maintain her balance and smirks slightly.

"So... Shockwave, I would have never expected one such as yourself would lower himself to attack beings so considered inferiors by your kind..."

Divebomb, upon hearing the taunt, shrieks back a challenge. Then he realizes a beam coming right at him, and tries to zig, but he should have zagged. The metallic eagle lets out shrill cry of anger as the beam glances off his wing. His yellow optics flare, "Bring it on Powerglide! I've got something for you too!" and with that challenge, lines up with the A-10 and lets loose a barrage of rockets.

Divebomb strikes A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with Wing-Mounted Rockets.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> dodges to the side and maneuvers around. He does not utter a word, but instead activates his most primal weapon. His fear engines. The sound fills the room as the Decepticon's engines to their work, causing a trickle of fear in everyone around him, organic and robotic alike. Flying in low, Dirge circles around Red Alert uttering like the house in the Simpson's Halloween Special: "They're all against you, Red Alert. Moonracer. Magnus. Even Powerglide. They are all against you." Fear feeding paranoia. Or paranoia feeding fear. One can never be too sure. Dirge then pulls in low, transforming and firing his retros in order to stay aloft. The Fear Engine is here, baby.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> strikes Red Alert with his QUAKE WITH FEAR attack.

Disdainfully ignoring smaller Autobot targets, Shockwave sets off on a direct beeline for Elita One. His icy monotone rings out clearly across the battlefield, "You have been a constant distraction and nuisance for untold millenia, Elita One. Your termination is a priority." He calmly reaches over his shoulder, drawing his monstrous chainsword and flicking the blades to life with a hideous whirr as he advances toward the fragile-looking Femmebot.

Ramjet is stopped in his advance by a far better targeted shot...the plasma blast hits him in the shoulder, sending his body reeling to the side. Since he seems to be having trouble walking and aiming at the same time, he halts where he is. Electing not to take coverhe instead stands out in the middle of the battlefield and tries to return fire. As one shoulder smokes from the damage he took, he raises the missile launcher on his other arm, actualy aiming properly this time. He squints down the sights at Magnus, pretty sure it was him who shot him. In any case, its a nice big target. He braces against the recoil and fires, launching a clusterbomb warhead towards the enemy commander and the cluster of deployed autobots.

Ramjet strikes Ultra Magnus with Cluster missile.

Earthscorch glances over at Moonracer just as she fires. He looks confused, peering over his shoulder, having been certain that there was no-one in the direction... Before he can confirm this thought he is bonked heavily on the head ]with a fallling I-beam. He kind of staggers for a moment, before showing his anger. "What kind of a stupid trick is that? Can't you just shoot me like a normal Autobot?" He lifts his already-out automatic rifle and returns fire.

Earthscorch strikes Moonracer with automatic rifle.

Ramjet clenches his fist in satisfaction as the large target is momentarily obscured behind a pall of smoke and exploding fragmentation. See? aiming does work.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] circles being no clear prey to pick on he decides to go for a Sweep favourite angling steeply he zooms towards his prey aiming at an arm joint a single burst of coruscating energy leaps out towards Ultra Magnus.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] strikes Ultra Magnus with Head-Mounted Laser.

Red Alert hears Dirge's voice and looks around losing perspective of the fight and slowly backing away from the conflict area. The paranoiac Autobot looks at his comrades .oO(They let me get shot up. No one was there to cover me. It's TRUE! I knew it. Magnus knows I am on to his scheme to kill Rodimus then take the Matrix and Elita-1 for himself. Now he wants to get rid of me before I can warn Rodimus.)Oo.

The modified F-15 jet transforms into the fearful form of DIRGE.

"Priority, perhaps," The Femme commander replies, optics narrowing as she settles into a combat stance, awaiting for Shockwave to do his move. "Although, you're not through with me yet... I will live so long as Decepticons will be terrorizing the inhabitants of Cybertron." Elita One extends her right hand, staring firmly at Shockwave as she reaches out for a blade of her own, though this one, much less impressive than Shockwave's one. Holding the sword with both of her hands, Elita One frowns and prepares herself. "You failed to accomplish a task as easy as this one for four millon years, I doubt you shall succeed this time.."

With those words, the femme commander takes a long wide step and then another as she rushes out over to Shockwave, swords clenched tightly to her side as she swings it back to unleash the first strike on him. As soon as she arrives close enough, Elita One leaps in the air and swings down her sword right off on Shockwave.

Ultra Magnus steps foward as his blast strikes Ramjet. Perhaps that was not the most prident maneuver. As soon as he exposes himself two Decepticons unleash a volley of attacks. He staggers back heavily toward the shuttle, the missile taking a big chunk out of his armor. He tries to get himself back into a covered position, but is quickly sniffed out by one of the silmilar looking sweeps. "This is not starting off well." he mutters to himself. Ultra Magnus briefly checks on the other Autobots, but there isn't much he can do for them now. Instead he aims his blaster at Revenant and pulls the trigger, hoping to catch him before he is out of range.

Ultra Magnus strikes Sweepcraft [Revenant] with Plasma Rifle <High Power>.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> is hardly even paying attention to Divebomb. Oh what an insult. He lets out a loud "YAHOO!" as his thermal beam hits the Predacon. He's mostly watching the battle below between Earthscorch and Moonracer. "Nice shot, Moonracer! I'd say it was /almost/ as impressive as mine... you're just up against a more incompetant Decepticon, though! The playin' field ain't even!" He glances back towards Divebomb and executes another few complicated maneuvers just in case Divebomb actually managed to get lucky and land a shot anywhere near him. "Now then, I figure I might as well finish off the Predabirdy on over 'ere, ay?" he grins inwardly and swoops around, passing right by Dirge as he does so. "Whoa! Geezus!" he mutters in shock and annoyance at the engine evil vibes. "I think you need to get one of those quack doctors to take a look at that! It's makin' ol' Powerglide lose his cool, man!" And indeed, Divebomb gets in a shot due to it. The rockets explode against his hull and crack it considerably. "NOW look what you did! You're messin' 'round with the ol' Powerglide Pow!" Ignoring Divebomb, he swoops around and takes a shot at Dirge!

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> strikes Dirge with Thermal Beam <Wide Burst>.

Moonracer very casually aims at Earthscorch, once she picks up her secondary gun from whence it fell when the lucky shot hit her. "If you insist, Decepticon-- although it's hardly a challenge. " She pulls the trigger on her gauss pistol, letting the magnetically propelled metal fly at Earthscorch. Well. Maybe not at Earthscorch directly. More like at his weapon. "Then again, we might have to see what happens when you don't have a weapon..." She gives a quick yell up to Powerglide, wherever he may be. "How about this one?"

Moonracer strikes Earthscorch with Gauss.

Ramjet 's optics narrow as the smoke clears, as expected, magnus is damaged, but not out from the blast he took. He watches Magnus shoot up at one of the aircraft and uses this diversion to continue his advance, moving a little faster as he closes on the Autobot frontline, building momentum untill he's charging headlong towards them and thier shuttle. "Decepticons Forever!"

Sweepcraft [Revenant] feels a rush of excitement as he drops into the Hunt mind and sees the shot strike home on Ultra Magnus ooO(Ahh another chance to make this one suffer, you would think he would learn to stay under cover after being pulled apart last time. Although no one ever said Autobots were smart). Pulling out of the dive he unfoirtunately gives a very nice oval shaped target which Magnus takes advantage of, the blast melting through his armour. Resisting the pain that wracks his system he inverts and allows his autotargeters to take a shot.

Dirge allows a thin smile to cross his face as he watches Red Alert sink into his paranoia. Suddenly, the arcing fire of Powerglide strikes him and he turns towards the A-10. He frowns and shouts to Divebomb, "Either do your job, Divebomb, or I'll send you back to Razorclaw in PIECES." The Decepticon Seeker turns around and opens fire on Red Alert, firing Seeker Laser bolts at him. His internal scans show minimal damage, but a couple more shots like that could do him in.

Dirge strikes Red Alert with Seeker Lasers.

A shower of sparks washes over Shockwave as he whips his blade up to block the descending sword... pushing Elita away with his considerable strength, he calmly intones, "Patience is a virtue," feinting low with the chain-blade before whirling and bringing his gun arm around to try and bash Elita in the face, and mess up her good looks.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] strikes Ultra Magnus with Autocannon turrets.

Earthscorch moves reflexively to avoid the shot, unlikely though that may be, moving his arm in the process. However, the deadly projectile still punches through his forearm, making him drop his rifle. He looks down at it and then quicklyback up. He suddenly flies at Moonracer, with his damaged arm raised as if to strike a powerful blow. More subtley he lets his left hand retract and be replaced by a small gun which attempts a sucker shot at his foe.

Earthscorch strikes Moonracer with disruptor.

Divebomb screeches with joy as the rockets slam into Powerglide. He notices Powerglide fly away and begin to focus on Dirge and yells, "I'm not done with you yet!" With that, the eagle tucks his wings in and goes into a dive towards the A-10. "Beak and talon shall rend you from the skies!"

Divebomb misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with its Razor-like Talon attack.

Ramjet grabs a 40 kilo kirbstone from a pile as he charges across the building site towards the shuttle. He knows the only way to cover the Decepticon mission is to make an even bigger nusance out of Yells at magnus. "Hey! Pipehead! this is a no parking zone...shuttles left here will be vandalised!" With that he skids to a stop right infront of thier ship, hurling the lump of masonary with all his gathered momentum at the flightdeck windows of thier craft.

Red Alert is snapped back to reality by the laser shots from Dirge, the Autobot pulls himself together and flicks the little switch on his rifle. "They are all against me! It's a plot! I need to make it out of here and fast. I need a way out." The security director lines up Dirge and returns fire.

Red Alert misses Dirge with his Particle Beam Rifle <High> attack.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> grins as Dirge gets hit with the Thermal beam. "BOOYAH!" he shouts out. "Take a taste of your OWN medicine, Dirge!" he shouts out with glee as he swoops down underneath the Decepticon Military Officer. "NOBODY messes with the ol' Powerglide Pow and gets away with it!" He pushes his engines harder and starts to come around for another pass on the Seeker as poor Red Alert gets targetted. "Especially not some poor excuse of a dogfighter!" he grins inwardly, pleased that he's once again proven that no Decepticon jet is capable of taking out Powerglide in the air! SOMEHOW, Powerglide is able to keep an eye on Moonracer as well. "Woo! Good one, Moonie! Hey, think I can take on both Dirge and bird-brain here at the same time?" he cackles and looks back at bird-brain. "Whoa! Not so close, Con! I can feel my coolness just slippin' away just by bein' NEAR you, let alone being forced to waste ammunition fryin' yer patheticpansy aft-kissing good-for-nothing-but-scrap ass!" The Thunderbolt suddenly accelerates from his combat speed up to almost 3000 miles per hour, blasting away from Divebomb's talons at an incredible speed. Shuttles wouldn't be ashamed togo this fast. Powerglide swoops around, slowing considerably as he targets the Predacon aerial. "Alright, Divebomb. You say you ain't finished with me? Well that's fine, baby, 'cause Powerglide ain't finished with you either!" He zips towards Divebomb and soars to get up higher than him. Once done, twin concussion bombs drop out towards Divebomb. "I'm dive bombing Divebomb! Ha!"

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> strikes Divebomb with Concussion Bomb.

Ultra Magnus scrambles out away from the shuttle immediatley after striking Revenant. He doesn't seemed as concerned about his saftey this time as Ramjet has taken an interest in beating up there shuttle. "A battle on two fronts." he murmurs to himself, "I guess I'll have to make due." and Ultra Magnus abandons his previous target and turns his attention back to Ramjet. He charges toward the seeker taking fire from the Sweep again, and lowers his shoulder, figuring if anything will keep that shuttle safe, it is firmly planting Ramjet into the ground.

Ultra Magnus strikes Ramjet with strong punch.

Moonracer barely winces at the minor disruptor charge. She was ducking the right hand, by ducking to HER left. Graze. Oddly, she only laughs, "Is that all you've got, Decepticon?" she asks as she rolls to her feet, quickly stepping behind him, using the barrel of her gauss gun as a blunt instrument to the back of his left knee, prepared to dive out of the way if he starts to fall-- even while it's charging, her gauss weapon serves her. "Nice shot-" she calls to Powerglide, "But don't get too cocky, kiddo."

Moonracer strikes Earthscorch with knee joint whacker.

Sparks fly around as the two swords collide with each others, the femme commander's assault being stopped more than easily by Shockwave. Elita One narrows her optics a bit as she tries to put all her weight over both swords and pushes them closer to Shockwave but miserably fail, all of her attempts were in vain, as Shockwave put twice the force Elita One did to maintain her both swords away from him. "However recklessness is not..." She replies to Shockwave. Though seeing how the femme used to survive on Cybertron back then, it sounds more or less a quality that defines her than Shockwave. Her left hand turning into a fist, seeing how Shockwave's busy with her sword, the femme prepares to strike back with a good fist, alas... It seems Shockwave was one step ahead of her, and as she comes to actually throw it off at the bigger robot, Shockwave hurls his gun arm right off into the femme commander's face.

With quick reflexes, changing her strategy, Elita One bends off a bit, the gun arm not actually connecting with her face, but rather with one of her antenna over her helmet. She bends a bit and sweeps her leg around, trying to kick off Shockwave, right down behind one of his knee. As for the antenna, gladly the damages are mostly minor ones, but Shockwave did manage to wreck her beautiful face apart, if you count the antenna as part of her face.

Dirge hovers in the air and quickly fires his jets to cause a mid-air spin, allowing him to easily dodge the attack. Reaching into his subspace pocket, Dirge pulls forth an axe. He narrows his optics at Red Alert's pitiful attempt to stall him and hauls back. With a strong throw, the axe goes spinning through the air, aimed for the missile launcher on the Autobot's shoulder, hoping to either ignite the weapon the weapon or disable it.

Dirge misses Red Alert with his Mr. Hacky, The Decepticon Axe attack.

Earthscorch urgs as he is impacted on the back of the knee, then whirls around, using his accumulated speed to drive his elbow powerfully at her face. But he continues to spin, following up with a mightly double footed kick.

Moonracer evades Earthscorch's smash attack.

Shockwave is soundly kicked behind the knee, and falls onto his back. "I am hardly reckless," he says conversationally, rolling away from Elita to pre-empt her from impaling him with her blades. Pushing himself up on one knee, he brings his gun arm into line with Elita's midsection. "You cannot succeed here. You are inefficient." His weapon muzzle glows, firing an intense X-ray laser beam, a lance of blue-white power that stabs out from his arm like a thrown javelin of light.

Ramjet windscreens the ship and is blindsided for his effort, the full boddy block taking him clean off his feet and slamming him to the ground where he's scrapped along it by the much larger attacker. His shouting is cut off by the force of he impact but as he regains some of his senses he thrashes about, trying to kick Magnus off him, "Yeah! thats more like it!"

Ramjet strikes Ultra Magnus with kick.

Sweepcraft [Revenant] revels in the Hunt so far he hasn't missed although the prey is still far from being badly damaged, transforming he lands a small distance from where Ultra Magnus decided on meeting Ramjet head on. Taking little pleasure from the Seekers unfortunate damage he snarls and leaps towards Magnus lashing out with his razor sharp wings.

The sweepcraft reforms into the imposing figure of Revenant.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Wing Scythe.

Divebomb lets loose a cry of surprise as the Thunderbolt pulls away from him. He curses as he watches his prey circle around out of his reach for another pass. Knowing that an attack is coming, he tries to perform a dodging maneuver when sparks shoot from his wing. Oh the cursing that ensues oO(Damn, that earlier shot did do something)Oo and then the bomb hits Divebomb square on the back. From the ball of smoke, out comes the Predacon in robot mode brandishing weapons. He yellls "Try this Powerglide!" as he levels his rifle at the A-10 overhead.

Divebomb swoops down, and the ominous eagle shifts into his daunting robot form.

Divebomb misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with its Particle-Beam Rifle attack.

Ultra Magnus oomphs as Ramjet connects squarely with his sternum, propelling the Autobot Subcommander back and right into the waiting wings of Revenant. He winces as the wings slice up his armor, but doesn't allow the paint to let him lose his focus. He's seen too many battles to be taken out of a fight this soon.

Ultra Magnus, spins away from the sharp Wings of Revenant and cocks his fist back, trying to knock the Sweep out of his way so he can focus on one Decepticon at a time.

Ultra Magnus misses Revenant with its Massive Fist attack.

Red Alert gasps as he sees the incoming axe and quickly backs out of the way "AAAAAAAhh!!!! Gracious I was almost cleaved in two!" Red Alert gets angry oh yeah he's fuming yet partially soiling himself at the same time but no one notices this sort of things in a firefight. The Autobot charges at Dirge "I will tear you limb from limb!".

Red Alert strikes Dirge with SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> stares down at Moonracer. "What? Me? Cocky? Perish the thought, Moonracer! You wound me! Tsk, it's me! Powerglide! I'm NEVER overconfident! Now admittedly, if I /weren't/ the best flier here and I was /still/ sayin' so, then yes ol' Powerglide would be overconfident. But as it is, I AM the best flier here, so it's not. It's just tellin' the truth, toots!" The A-10 Thunderbolt looks at Divebomb as he vanishes in the puff of smoke and chuckles. "Where are your little taunts NOW, Divebomb? Don't tell me that lil' bomb of mine welded your mouth shut. 'Cause that'd just be a big ol' disappointment! Then I'd miss out as you admit that you ain't worth scrap diddly in the air next to the TRUE master of the skies!" He pauses and thinks to himself aloud. "Maybe for an encore I'll go finish off Dirge. I saw the fear in his eyes as I blasted him, and Red Alert could use the help... Or is that Abominus I hear sqawkin' over there? A shame Starscream ain't still around, 'cause he was always fun to smack six ways from Sunday." But alas, Divebomb isn't done yet. "Whoa! Still got a tongue to spit out your little cranium, eh' bird-brain?" With his remarkable agility, Powerglide swoops out of the way from the rifle blast and comes around for another attack run. "Now be a good lil' Decepticon and fall down without getting back up so ol' Powerglide can go finish off Abominus." He fires rapid bursts from his thermal beam.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> misses Divebomb with its Thermal Beam <Concentrated Burst> attack.

A mighty defense, that one. Moonracer has become something of an expert at that particular art form. She simply isn't there when Earthscorch's fist or feet fly towards the place where she /was/. She continues, using her momentum to swing around behind Earthscorch again. "Awww... the poor Decepticon is a little slow today?" she taunts. "Maybe you should try swinging at me, instead of my shadow." she chuckles, checking her gauss charge. "And maybe you don't need to move any further than this." She aims the gun directly at the previously whacked knee. "I hate being so... crude, but you're just boring me now." She calls up to Powerglide. "That might be more fun than this."

Moonracer strikes Earthscorch with Gauss.

Rolling around a bit as she regains her balance, Elita One gets to her full height after her sucessful kick. Without wasting any further seconds, wanting to take the tactical advantage of Shockwave's lower level compared to her, Elita One swirls around and jumps right up in the air, holding the hilt of her blade with both of her hands and swinging it right down on the ground as she unleashes a terrible slash right into... The air! Unfortunately, where she was expecting Shockwave to be, and where he should have been, the Decepticon was no longer. And instead of shattering his armor, Elita One merely shattered a small little rock.

Confused for a few seconds, the femme commander blinks, though her azure optics quickly find back Shockwave's location. "That's what we'll see..." She mutters half to herself, narrowing her optics a bit. The femme commander charges back right into the purple Decepticon, although, before she can actually make up the distance with him, Shockwave fires up his deadly X-ray gun and this time, unlike many others, Elita One didn't have the chance to avoid it. She evaluated she would have made it and stroke him before he shot, but that wasn't the case. The blast literally sent the femme flying off away a good distance off, her sword dropping down to her side after the long slide she does on the soiled ground. Alas, her armor didn't withstand much of that blast, being fairly frail compared to other Autobots and some pink part actually felt, some other melted and a few dents could be visible. It didn't seem to do her any good, though Elita One is still functional, well, it appears as of sort, as she slowly but surely attempts to raise back to her knees.

Revenant's optics darken, he is starting to enjoy this Hunt immensly as his wings slice into Magnus he skillfully ducks under the counter strike and lashes out with a mighty kick to the back of Magnus hoping to knock him onto whatever attack Ramjet is cooking up.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Kick.

Ramjet looks almost insulted, as magnus turns his back on him to fight with a sweep, "Hey! I'm not done with you yet." Ramjet scrambles to get to his feet, grabbing a steel girder as he does improvised club, but the only way he can attack magnus' head from down here. While the sweep keeps him busy the seeker swings with his new toy, tryin to wrap it around the back of the autobot commander's head.

Ramjet strikes Ultra Magnus with smash.

Earthscorch takes off a bit into the air. "If I go down, I'm not leaving you in any condition to continue interfering with us."

Earthscorch moves into the air, pulling in his arms and legs until they are one with his body. His wings fold forward while his nosecone folds down. Where Earthscorch once stood, there is only a hoverjet.

Divebomb curses, quite loudly and repeatedly (what a foul-mouthed foul...wait...he's an eagle) as his shot flies past Powerglide. Seeing the incoming fire, he deftly dodges. "You think YOU are a master of the skies! I'll rip your wings off for such blasphemy!" And the enraged Predacon again transforms back into his eagle form. Then with a burst of speed he flies headlong at the A-10.

With a leap, Divebomb transforms into a menacing eagle with a gleaming black beak and metallic wings spread wide in the air.

Divebomb misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with its Swoop & Talonstrike attack.

Shockwave watches Elita go head over heels from his laser bolt, rising to his feet like a mechanical avatar of doom. He calmly snaps the sword back onto his back, a low glow beginning to form behind the synthetic diamond panels that cover his angular chest. "Your attempts have been futile, Elita One. Your termination is imminent." Energy is definitely building up in the Decepticon commander's body, stray arcs crackling up and down his limbs as his burning yellow optic stares into Elita's.

Hoverjet's mini-missile launchers twitch upwards and aim at Moonracer. Without another word, a rapid barrage of finger-sized rockets begin pouring forth at her. "Die! Die!" Earthscorch exclaims with gusto.

Moonracer evades Hoverjet's rapid-fire mini-missiles attack.

Ultra Magnus feels as if he is being passed back and forth between the two like a ping pong ball. "Enough is enough" Magnus barks out, turning his attention back to Ramjet. He clutches his hands firmly together and charges once more at the cone-headed seeker, drawing them back and then swinging them up and foward ala Optimus Prime. It may not turn the tide, but maybe it will get Ramjet to think twice about blindsiding him.

Ultra Magnus strikes Ramjet with Twin Fist Attack.

Helping herself with her sword, Elita One finally manages to get back to her feet, though she almost appears a bit unbalanced and like she's about to collapse back to the ground at any moment. Despite her moment of weakness, the femme commander manages to regain a somewhat rigid and firm posture. "I may be old... But I'll function long enough to see you dead." She stamers softly, almost weakly out of her throat. The femme commander raises her icy azure optics up to Shockwave and notices the glow of energy gathering around Shockwave's chest.

It's a blessing she had fought him a bunch of times on Cybertron and knows what this mean. Not wasting a second, narrowing her eyes, Elita One quickly grabs her sword with both of her hands and hurls it up right off at Shockwave with all of her remaining strenght. Hopefully, that'll disturb him, but this attack could have been much sudden than actually taking out any other sort of weaponry.

Red Alert grabs Dirge by the throat and goes berzerk pounding mercilessly like a little girl at the seeker's face "No they have not betrayed me. It was you! You ! You! You! You are the one who messed around with my feelings and perceptions. Well...NO MORE!" Red Alert proceeds to try and land a flurry of girly punches on Dirge.

Red Alert strikes Dirge with Flurry of punches.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> once again proves that he is indeed the master of the skies. "Whoa! Come'n right for ol' Powerglide again! I already told ya, I don't like that sort of thing! It messes up with my jive, baby!" The A-10 Thunderbolt once again accelerates to insane speeds and easily out-paces the Predacon bird. This sort of thing does take its toll on Powerglide, however, and thus the minibot won't be able to keep it up forever, despite his claims to the contrary. Powerglide is winning this battle by keeping his distance. While minibots are indeed badasses, they are generally not so hot in close combat (with a few notable exceptions of course. Recharging his thermal beam and coming around for another attack run, Powerglide takes careful aim, wanting to finally finish this battle before Divebomb gets in a lucky strike against him.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> strikes Divebomb with Thermal Beam <Wide Burst>.

Moonracer does the dodgy thing with the missiles. Just like in the training room. A few of them come close, but she's all about practicing the art of Not Being There. "Man... I hate getting smudged up like that." she calls up towards Powerglide. "He made me dive in the DIRT, 'Glider! I hate getting dirty." she turns back to the hovercraft, laser pistol raised, since her other one is still charging. "Now would you please, just stop irritating me?" she fires at the jets-- she knows the vulnerabilities of hovercraft, being one herself.

Moonracer strikes Hoverjet with laser.

Revenant gives a tight lipped smiles as he and Ramjet catch Magnus in a bash fest, apparently even a seeker can learn to work in tandem, well almost. ooO(Magnus seems confused on who to attack and keeps switching, a good sign from a prey that it is about to fall) Seeing as Magnus is now intent on Ramjet, Revenant draws his weapon and opens fire.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Laser Rifle (Pulse Blasts).

Dirge was still relishing and stuff. Plus the player was out for munchies. Shockwave didn't catch his message. Getting struck by Red Alert, Dirge scowls and looks at his plate. That hurt. That hurt a lot. Dirge narrows his optics and leaps back into the air, taking aim at Red Alert. "...Die," he utters and unleashes a lone concussion missile at the Autobot.

Dirge strikes Red Alert with Concussion Missile.

Ramjet looks pretty pleased with himself as he puts a dent in is girder...the next thing he know's he's upside down and performing a gracefull backflip in mid air as he's hurled bodily away, his head ringing and sizable dent adorning his chin. His club clatters to the ground some distance away and ramjet likewise falls back to earth, his head luckily breaking his fall. His optics are blury with statis but as he gets up, more slowly this time, he glanes around to see glances around to see how the rest of thier operation is going. Back on his feet, he stagers a little dizily and wonders wich of the 2 ultra magni he should attack now.

The hoverjet tilts back, its wings folding upwards at forty-five degree angles. Arms emerge from the aircraft's sides, and a pair of legs seperate from the aircraft's tail end. The nosecone folds back, revealing Earthscorch.

Earthscorch flies back a ways, grimacing. He can't afford to take any more hits at this point. With a growl of anger he swoops down, attempting to at least grab his rifle before he goes.

Divebomb flies right by the A-10. oO(This isn't my day...Razorclaw is gonna chew me out on the subject of efficient attack maneuvers)Oo He reverses direction in mid-air, just in time to see the Thunderbolt come in for another pass. The thermal beam hits him square in the chest, but Divebomb takes the hit. He mutters, "Just a little closer, closer..." and then with a burst of speed charges Powerglide as the sun glints off his black beak and talons.

Divebomb strikes A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with Beak & Talon Shred.

Shockwave looks ready to do -something-, but before he can, Elita's sword nails him low on the left side, right through a primary flight unit. Ouch. A shower of sparks issues from the wound, as Shockwave stumbles back, coolant leaking out from the rent in a thin greenish trickle. Plucking the heavy blade from his flank, he stares at Elita. "You will regret that, Autobot," he intones coldly, letting the sword fall and grinding it under his boot as he fires his boot jets, bringing himself up to a hover.

From there, it's a classic transformation; the arms swinging over his head, legs snugging up against the torso as Shockwave assumes his monstrous gun mode. Zeroed in on Elita, his muzzle glows, then vomits forth a tremendous blast of hellfire at her, intoning almost triumphantly, "Die. Efficiently."

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> grins and looks down at Moonracer. "He's makin' ya get dirty? You had to dive to take down a Decepticon without getting a mark on ya? Maaaan, Moonie, you must be havin' an off day or something! I figured by now you'd have three or four dead Cons at your feet as you wrestle Galvatron away with one hand and ol' Blinky away with the other!" He grins and looks back at Divebomb just in time to see the Predacon speed up and finally catch the little minibot. "Whoop!" he shouts out as the talons rake across his red armour, leaving a scar there that's going to take a whole lot of polishing to get out. "Whoa now! Down, Predacon! Down!" he cries out as he barely manages to speed away once again. Powerglide's getting tired. His max speed is impressive, and makes him virtually impossible to hit, but after a while his endurance simply can't keep up and he's forced to slow down considerably. Fighting desperately to climb up once again, he relies on using his bombs once again. "C'mon... don't fail me now..." he mutters to his engines as he rises up above Divebomb. "And awaaay they go!" he shouts as the bombs drop.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> misses Divebomb with its Concussion Bomb attack.

Red Alert is knocked back a good 20' from the blast "Good heavens, I do not think I can handle much more of this." The Autobot transforms into his sports car mode and retreats from the area. "Sorry to leave you comrades like this but I cannot match this seeker's firepower."

Red Alert folds down into his lamborghini mode.

White Lamborghini <Fire Department> moves the vast distance south to the Northwestern States region of the United States.

Moonracer sees Earthscorch start backing up and going for that gun. That bothers her. "Uh. No." she tells him, aiming- not at him, but at the gun's ammo clip, which is juuuusssst within her sights. "You don't need that." she grins, and pulls the trigger. "Eh.. it's an off day, 'Glider." she calls back to the minibot.

Moonracer strikes Earthscorch with Ammo Explosion.

Ultra Magnus seems sufficuently satisfied that Ramjet is taken care of, at least for a bit. "Lets see if my luck holds up." he speaks to himself, as Magnus does often. Again blasts come in from behind, and again they are curtosey of Revenant. "This doesn't bode well." he yammers as he drops to one knee. "I've got to get this overwith now and get back to the others."

Ultra Magnus taps a button on his missile launchers, sending a large red missile right in Revenant's general direction. "Lets see how he likes that."

Ultra Magnus strikes Revenant with Phoenix Missiles.

Elita One staggers backward slightly, her sword land a hit not exactly where she wanted it to, but the blow was still considerable. The femme commander narrows her optics slightly, remaining silent before Shockwave. Now was the time to play this on the defensive. As of sort, she merely stayed focused on the bigger Decepticon, awaiting for his hail of \laser shots.

The femme commander turns around slightly as the blast comes out slowly out of Shockwave's barrel, and just before it gets out, she actually jumps right off into the air, as far away for cover as possible but... Even if she tried and didn't get hit directly by Shockwave's attack, the explosion was as of sort, that it actually sent the femme commander flying off, making her do a nice uncompleted front flip in the air, which causes her to land right off on her back with a loud *thuds* Well, this time, Elita One wasn't getting back up on her feet right away, looks like that one will be taking her sometime.

Shockwave transforms back, seeing that Elita is more or less incapacitated for a moment. He looks down, inspecting the damage to his flank. Internal self-repair systems inform him that his flight drive will be rerouted in a few minutes, but will only function at 60 percent efficiency. He scans the battlefield with a cold stare, looking for another target, having dismissed Elita for the moment.

Earthscorch's gun pretty much explodes right as he grabs it, effectively losing his right hand in the process. He staggers for a moment, semi-blinded by the near point blank explosion. He manages to shake off the shell shock long enough to grab it with his other hand. One arm and one leg seriously messed up. Yeah, he's seen better days. With that he begins his retreat.

Revenant's smile broadens somewhat he can smell the culmination of the Hunt not too far away now, quickly he advances once more on the prey shunting his weapon into sunspace, still not uttering a single word since starting this Hunt. Revenant's optics widen as he sees the incoming missile and he tries to leap to safety but unfortunately he is too slow and his feet are caught in the blast blowing large chunks of armour free yet still he relentlessly attacks as he flies arms outstretched towards Magnus' head, after all what do you expect from one of those born from the hellfires of Unicron.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Optic Gouge.

Divebomb's yellow optics flare when he hears the screech of rending metal as he passes. He levels out and then makes a quick turn around to see what the Autobot has in store for him. Seeing the bomb coming at him, he zags this time and dodges the attack. "Nice try, but I know that trick." Divebomb smiles and taunts back, "None of your tricks will save you in the end!" Noticing that the A-10 slowed down for this pass, tries once more to catch the evasive Autobot. With a burst from his rocket thrusters, he gains enough altitude to try and rend more metal from his prey.

Divebomb strikes A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with Beak-Strike.

Ramjet watches Earthscourche retreat, re-aligning his jaw with a grating crunch. "Hey! where's he going? The battles still going..." With this in mind he looks around for someone else to attack.

Dirge smirks at Red Alert's retreat, allowing himself to gain a measure of satisfaction. The Seeker then takes off into the air, streaking into the sky. He activates his Fear Engines once more and encircles and flies higher above Powerglide, attacking the mini-bot with waves of fear. But what is Powerglide afraid of?

Leaping into the air, Dirge reconfigures into a modified F-15 jet.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with his QUAKE WITH FEAR attack.

Elita One wouldn't go down so easily. In fact, her damages weren't all that too important. Her chest armor took a bunch of it, but aside from that.. It was mostly because she got roughed up around and fell a few times down and slid on the ground. Her optics going dim for a moment, before they actually readjust back, Elita One rests her hand up over her emple, all of her body hurting for a moment as she slowly rolls around. "Oooh..." She mutters to herself, almost not remembering what happened but... Those little scars of her quickly reminds her what that has been going on, not to forget the various blasts that are going around. Abruptly, Elita One's optics go up for a moment, searching for Shockwave. Just where did he go? Should have tried to finish her off..

Ultra Magnus shakes his head as the Sweep just keeps coming back for more, "Do these new Decepticons never quit?" he asks himself. He takes a moment to check on Shockwave's position, knowing that the danger of his attack still looms, "This cannot continue much longer. I hope Rodimus is having more luck than we are."

"No time to lose focus now, Magnus" he says somewhat out loud. Ultra Magnus narrows his optics and focuses back in on Revenant. He utters "I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this short." as he brings his boot to bear on the Sweep.

Ultra Magnus strikes Revenant with Big boot.

Moonracer twirls her gun, calling up to Powerglide, "Hey! He ran away. I guess I win! That's four you owe me so far!" she starts looking around for some way to help Powerglide from the ground.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> is in serious trouble here. The minibot's starting to run out of steam from this extended dogfight. Why oh why hasn't Divebomb just DIED yet?! "Ah well..." Powerglide says to himself as he continues to try and climb up and above Divebomb. "It just wouldn't as fun if bird-brain died as easily as most Cons do, ay?" His engine struggles as Divebomb catches up to him and rakes him with those claws again. Divebomb's talons are probably a dark red from the metal that's been torn off. "YEOW!" he cries out. "GEEZUS LOUISE, Divebomb! Don't you ever TRIM those things?" he snorts as he halts his climb and soars back down to the ground. "I think you need someone to show you a few things, ay? Show you why you NEVER go in the air with ol' Power- Whoa!" Dirge suddenly blasts up above him. "Ahhhh, calling on another Decepticon ta help ya out, eh Divebomb? Good move. Ol' Powerglide's just too much for ya, I see. I mean... if you /can't/ deal with me one-on-one, then I suppose you need help from ol' freaks over there, eh?" He looks up at Dirge. What does Powerglide fear? NOTHING, BIZNATCH! He can't even /hear/ Dirge's engine over the sound of his own voice, and is thus immune to its power! "Think you need to get that engine checked out, Dirgey! It ain't meant to make noise like that!" Any fear that he does feel is hidden well by his Powerglideness.

"Now then, back to the main course: Predacon." He grins at Divebomb as he tries to line up a concentrated shot with his thermal beam. "Two on one, mmm Divey? Sounds like the odds are still in my favour! Take THIS!" ... nothing happens. "Ahhh geez! The ol' thermal beam's on the fritz! Damnit, Divebomb! Look what you've done!" Glide's still streaking towards the Predacon at an alarming speed. "Do you know how whiney First Aid gets whenever he has to fix me again? I hope you know the pain and sufferin' that ol' Powerglide's going to have to go through due to your inability to keep yer damn claws to yerself!" He's still flying towards Divebomb. "I mean jeez louise, man. Is it so much to ask that you take care of your claws and keep 'em neat?" he's still flying towards Divebomb. He looks down at Moonie. "Bah! Won't be ahead of me for long, Moonie! Ol' Powerglide's about t-" he stares at the rapidly approaching Divebomb. "Oh crap! Watch where yer goin', Div-!"

Revenant is struck dead center of his chest a large dent appearingin the process as he is knocked flying through the air, it seems the prey wasn't as weakened as he had hoped flipping through the air he lands heavily on his already hurt legs and he drops into a crouch. With startling speed his rifle is once more to hand and firing on the big Autobot.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Laser-Rifle.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> growls a little as his engines miss their mark. The Seeker jet pulls around and into the clouds, hovering over Divebomb and Powerglide's aerial battle. Locking and loading his lasers, the Seeker gets a target-lock on Powerglide. He begins to fire his lasers, peppering the aerial marvel from the skies above. Purple death rains down from on high, and Dirge remains hidden in the clouds as he flies back around for another pass.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> strikes A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with Seeker Lasers.

Shockwave doesn't notice Elita coming around. He has to keep an optic on all Decepticon forces, after all; and while he's not exactly the world's greatest father figure, he -does- try and keep the competent ones functional. So when Earthscorch is forced to pull back in the face of Moonracer's assault, he levels his gun arm at the femme from behind, and fires a focused laser bolt at her back. No, Shockwave is NOT too good to shoot enemies in the back; he's read the Evil Overlord's Handbook. Parts of it, anyways.

Earthscorch tells the gumbies to grab what they can and retreat along with him as he flies over them. Most of them have full armloads of girders and such, already. They take to the air and follow Earthscorch into the upper skies.

Divebomb collides with Powerglide head-first. Ouchies. The Autobot and Decepticon sort of flail there for a moment. In the midst of it all Divebomb yells back, "Watch where I'm going! Why you little..." and tries to rake at him with his talons before forcing himself away from his quarry.

Divebomb misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with its Razor-like Talon attack.

Ramjet see's the troops taking off with the metal and moves to protect them, armalsers sweeping the battlefield, ready to blast anyone aiming to interfere in the withdraw.

Ultra Magnus is now visibly frustrated by the persistance of this particular sweep. But while he has some time and space he turns his focus from the battle entirely. Things don't seem to be going well, "Autobots, begin to fall back to the shuttle!" he calls out, hoping those around him can hear, "We need to regroup and focus our efforts!'

Moonracer is pretty much oblivious to Shockwave. Last she saw him, Elita had him pretty well occupied. But this IS a battlefield, and she isn't stupid enough to keep standing in one place. Moonracer isn't directly at the end of that focused laser blast, but she's pretty darned close. Close enough so that it shreds the armor along her left side, spinning her around. "Ow! Heyyyy..." she yelps. "THAT--" she sees who it was that shot at her, and gulps. "Ah... Where's Chromia when you need her?" She raises the right hand gun, and backs away, firing repeatedly at that one blinky optic. "Um... Go away?" She says hopefully.

Earthscorch soars upward to the Sky above Canada.

Pfft. 'Miss their mark'. Sure sure. You just can't accept that Powerglide's extreme coolness factor easily outweighs Dirge's creepness factor. There there, it's ok. I know it can be difficult for the first few times Powerglide makes you look like a complete and utter ass. But it'll hurt less as it happens more and more often. Regardless, Dirge does indeed manage to blast him with the purple laser guns of doom. The lasers slice into his hull and cause the poor Minibot to tilt slightly. Still, overall, Powerglide hasn't slowed down all that much. He's just. that. good. Managing to break away from Divebomb after their little smashing incident, Powerglide accelerates and turns around for another pass, planning to annihilate both the Seeker and the Predacon in one go. Alas, he hears Ultra Magnus's order. "Wha? But Magnus! I'm just about to slaughter two enemies at once!" But Powerglide's not one to disobey a direct order, and thus he tilts his wing, fires off a blast from his thermal beam launcher, and streaks towards the shuttle.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> misses Divebomb with its Thermal Beam <Concentrated Burst> attack.

Raising back to her feet, having had the time to recuperate slightly, Elita One shakes her head a bit, scanning the battlefield quickly with her optics. Those icy azure optics narrow as they spot Shockwave.. It ain't the fact she spots Shockwave, but it was more the fact that he dared to attack himself to one of the femme commander's girl. One mistake he had made, to not finish Elita One off, and it was one that he would regret. And one she was thankful for.

Making her way over to Shockwave, while he's occupied to deal with Moonracer, Elita One rushes over to Shockwave and before he can fire any further, while Moonracer distracts him, Elita One leaps right off on the back of the taller Decepticon, attemping to wrap both of her hands around his chest, trying to get both of his hands along with it and 'paralyze' and enable him from taking any further actions.

"... Moonracer," She calls out, "You've heard Ultra Magnus' orders, don't stay here and withdraw over the shuttle, I'll handle things from here.." Well, hopefully. A tight little smirk makes its way across the femme commander's lips as she whispers a few words to Shockwave.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> flies back around and begins to head towards Powerglide, breaking his cloud cover. "You heard your leader, Mini-Bot. Fall back or face death," he utters. To emphasize his point, Dirge activates his vulcan guns, peppering Powerglide with more firepower as he passes over the quick little bastard. "Divebomb, I want him sent back to Autobot City... deactivated..." utters the Seeker commander.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> misses A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with his Machine Guns attack.

Shockwave looks satisfied with the shot, and is ready to take another when someone barrels into him. As Elita wraps her arms around him like a leech, he staggers from the impact, very nearly falling over from the additional weight. "Your foolishness," he intones, "is only exceeded by your bravado." With that, he begins to pit his own considerable physical might against Elita's... slowing forcing her arms apart as the two struggle against each other.

Revenant snarls and calls out, speaking for the first time in his cold dead solemn voice, "Running already Prey!" standing once more he flicks a switch and taking his time carefully aims, a bolt of purple energy dashes towards Ultra Magnus intent on severing one of his missile launchers, just to add insult to the further injury.

Revenant strikes Ultra Magnus with Laser Rifle (Pulse Blasts).

Divebomb pushes himself away from Powerglide in time to see Dirge's attack. He yells, "You will fall from the sky a broken and beaten 'bot!" as he dodges Powerglide's latest attack, then he realizes that his quarry is retreating. Enraged the Predacon taunts, "Get back here and die by my claws you coward!" Divebomb realizes that he can't catch his prey..."I guess I'll just have to blast him from the sky then..." he mutters and the eagle then cackles maniacally as rockets burst forth towards the fleeing A-10.

Divebomb strikes A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> with Wing-Mounted Rockets.

Ramjet helps the retreat, armlasers opening fire again as he tries to pick off the wounded before they make it back to the relative safety of the shuttle.

Moonracer shakes her head at the order, "And leave you behind again? No- not that." She is forced to make her shots a lot more precise, a lot more aimed as Elita is struggling. "I can't. Don't ask me to." She continues to try and make sure that Shockwave goes down-- at least enough to let Elita get away.

Ultra Magnus sees that this battle is going no where fast and decides to get what troops he still has functioning out of harms way while there is still time, "Autobots! Fall back to the shuttle! We're getting out of here!" he shouts out. Ultra Magnus steps away from the shuttle and transforms, hoping that he can cause enough of a disturbance to aid the other Autobots in getting back safely.

(transforming) Ultra Magnus splits into two distinct forms, one configuring itself as an open aired vehcile carrer. The rest transforms into a tractor trailer. The two halves merge into one large car carrier; Ultra Magnus's alternate form.

Semi with car carrier revs his engine and speeds out into the open, heading straight for Revenant and the other Decepticons. His grill has remained nice and shiny up to this point, but it is about time that he take a few cue's from his former boss and run some Decepticons over. He angles his massiver frame toward the sweep once more, this time looking to make sure his opponent doesn't get back up.

Semi with car carrier strikes Revenant with Gleaming grill of justice.

A-10 Thunderbolt <Powerglide> is hella good. TWO potent Decepticon warriors scrambling like little wieners to take him down. And they STILL haven't done it. Lordy, this is not going to be something that the Decepticons are going ot be bragging about. Regardless, Powerglide has heard the order to retreat, and admittedly he's taken one too many hits. Although he uses his incredible speed to avoid being blasted by the Freak Seeker, but Divebomb's rockets finally hit their mark. Powerglide's tail rudder lights up aflame as he looks down at the other Autobots, and then over to the Decepticons. "Divebomb, ol' chap. We'll have to do this again when you don't have big brother comin' ta bail you out of the ol' Powerglide pow!" he shouts triumphantly. "And Dirge, m'man, get a life." He soars above the Autobots and glares at them all. "GEEZ!" he shouts to his comrades. "Elita is covering for Moonracer, and Moonracer is covering for Elita!" He sighs as he suddenly leaps from 500 mph to 3200 mph within just a few seconds. Lets see Thrust do /that/. "And Ultra Magnus is covering for everyone! THIS IS NOT A GOOD WAY TO RETREAT!" he shouts at them all. Within seconds, Powerglide reaches the shuttle and tries to get his buttocks inside. Because he's the only Autobot here who isn't an idiot.

Narrowing her optics slightly as Shockwave uses his pure force to pull off Elita One off of his back, the femme commander merely doubles her efforts and struggles to hold the bear-hugging. At least that way, Shockwave is as defenseless as a little kitten. Letting out a slight growl from her throat, mostly due to a mix with the physical efforts and her trying to speak, Elita One shouts. "Moonracer! That's an order! Get off to the shuttle!" All of this to protect her, it shouldn't be the other way around.. At least, not in Elita One's mind.

Putting just a bit more of force into her hug, Elita One tries to tighten the bond that holds Shockwave, though eventually, slowly but surely, the Decepticon is freeing himself from it. "At the very least, my foolishness doesn't exceed your incompetence!" She replies to Shockwave, her tight smile remaining on her optics as she stammers her words. "The master tactian... Shockwave, caught into such a disadvantage, what a shame..." She even finds the time to chuckle darkly.. Let's say, there's nothing better than to make fun of your nemesis.. Enjoy it while it lasts..

Semi with car carrier picks up a good head of steam and careens right toward Revenant. His aim could not have been more perfect, as the impact landed squarely where he intented. As he rolls over the Decepticon, his bumbper is torn from the fron of his cab, but it is a small price to pay if the overall maneuver keeps his fellow Autobots safe.

Ramjet frowns, this is'nt part of the plan...they are suposed to be retreating, not Tfing and driving around the place. "Guess he still needs the situation explaining to him..." he takes a few steps towards the truck, then jumps into the air, Tfing as he goes, not wanting to be caught on the ground as well. Heading straight for the truck he lights it up with some laser fire from his internal cannons. "Don't you get it yet? We beat you already!"

Ramjet transforms into a better ramming mode. His chest rotates up and back as delta wings fold round into place. Jets ignite and a modified F-15 speeds away from where he was.

Modified F-15 strikes Semi with car carrier with laser.

Shockwave is not a happy 'Con. Elita is trying to hug him to death, and Moonracer is pinging Happy Little Laser Bolts off his armored hide, leaving ugly divots in his violet frame. "This bores me," he announces -- and with that, fires his boot jets, rocketing into the air as he tries to peel off the clinging femmebot. "Really, Elita," he remarks, deadpan, "You must stop this. People will start to get suspicious." Good God Almighty, did Shockwave just make a JOKE?

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> twists around and watches Powerglide shoot off. Let the little coward run. Dirge dives downward towards, aiming his weapons in the general direction of the Autobot City Commander. "DEATH COMES FROM ABOVE, MAGNUS," shouts Dirge, his deep, ghoul-like voice echoing. Suddenly, Dirge's second and final concussion missile launches at Magnus' car carrier form, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake. GO!

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> strikes Semi with car carrier with Take It All, Biatch.

Revenant looks once at Ultra Magnus as he comes barrelling towards him his instincts to jump clear come just a little too late and the Semi impacts knocking right into his chest, he claws desperately at the front of the vehicle and manages to hold onto the bumper which tears free letting him fall to the floor his fallen body is then run. Standing somewhat shakily with his prize still in on talon he jumps skywards and transforms heading straight up as his engines kick into escape velocity speeds.

Divebomb shrieks in anger at the loss of his prey. He scans the battlefield, and watches Revenant get run over. He tucks into a dive and falls towards Ultra Magnus. In mid-dive he transforms, and brandishing his sword, slashes across the side of his new target as he flies past.

Divebomb swoops down, and the ominous eagle shifts into his daunting robot form.

Divebomb misses Semi with car carrier with its Laser-Guided Sword attack.

Semi with car carrier makes his way back toward the shuttle, not having much more to give to get the Autobots to saftey. He transforms once he is near the shuttle again, but doesn't board immediately. Rather he gives his order one last time, wondering why he is still trying to get anyone on board, "Autobots fall back! We've got to get out of here now!"

Ultra Magnus transmits a message via radio.

(transforming) The cab portion of semi-truck detaches from the carrier area which subsequently reconfigures itself into tremendous armor. The rest of the semi extends into extends and shifts, joining with the armor and becomes the Autobot subcommander, Ultra Magnus.

Obviously torn between her desire to aid Elita, and the instinct to follow orders, Moonracer finally retreats, still, most likely mentally kicking herself for leaving without assuring Elita's safety.

Modified F-15 chases magnus back to the ship, dropping napalm canisters after him, trying to hit magnus, the shuttle...anything!

Modified F-15 misses Ultra Magnus with his fire attack.

Powerglide kicks back inside the shuttle and opens up an ener-brewski.

Ultra Magnus receives a radio transmission.

Oh~huh, now both of them were going sky high.. Though the only problem is this is that Elita One does not possess flying capabilities. However so long as she'll hold on tight on Shockwave she's going to be alright. Her icy azure optics turn around and stare at the ground as it begins to flicker off and disappear. "Giving me a ride...?" She says to the Decepticon, her gripe slightly tightening as if she as afraid of falling down. Things didn't seem to go too well, if she didn't find a way to get back to the shuttle, chances were she was about to miss the boat...

"Obviously you're right, darlin', if I continue to hold on your back tightly like that, in such a position, guess people will get suspicious.." Elita One though, quickly considering the various possibilities only see one way out of that one... And it's to let off go from Shockwave before he's too high in the sky and try to run out for it! And that's exactly what she does.

Falling down in the air, Elita One transforms into hr pink techcar and as soon as she louds with a loud thud, bouncing off a bit on the ground, Elita One's tires skid a bit and she finally bursts off right off toward the shuttle.. Of course, wasn't the best idea, but was the only one.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> flies after Magnus and unleases another barrage of sweet death. This time he flies in low, and aims his seeker lasers, the classic wepaons of Dirge at Ultra Magnus as he retreats. "No one leaves," he utters, trailing after Magnus in his much faster form and peppering him with more purple death.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> strikes Ultra Magnus with Seeker Lasers.

Elita One begins retreating, leaving herself vulnerable to parting shots from Shockwave, Sweepcraft [Revenant], Moonracer, Ultra Magnus, Autobot Shuttle <Golden Age>, Modified F-15, Advanced F-15 <Dirge>.

Divebomb slows down and hits the ground and looks at Magnus. oO(You've got to be kidding, I missed?!?)Oo Seething with anger over his inefficiency, the Predacon levels his sword, pointing at Ultra Magnus. A pulse of red energy flies from the point towards the Autobot commander.

Divebomb misses Ultra Magnus with its Sword-Laser attack.

Shockwave watches Elita plummet... due to his damaged flight units, he couldn't get enough velocity in time to make any drop a dangerous one for the Autobot. Hovering in midair, he turns to watch the Decepticons repelling the other 'Bots, with Magnus taking the brunt of the assault. Just to add his own comment to the ensuing argument, he raises his gun arm and fires off a microwave barrage at the Autobot commander as well. Shockwave strikes Ultra Magnus with Microwave Beam.

Powerglide gets plastered from within the shuttle. Ahhhh, another victory. Well, it counts as a victory for holding out against such odds for so long.

Ultra Magnus's hand grips the hydraulics that control the ramp to the shuttle. His ability to stand has been taken by the last couple of rounds that struck his frame. But his warrior spirit doesn't let him fall quite yet. He finds the strength to get back to his feet one last time. In a last ditch effort to get on the shuttle, he turns his back to the battle and Shockwave makes him pay dearly for it. The cannon's blast strikes him squarely in the back propelling him, not only into the shuttle, but hard into the opposite wall. His body reels from the impact and slides down the wall, laying face first on the floor of the shuttle.

Time to roll off over to the shuttle! Hopefully Shockwave won't manage to hit her on her way back but... No, he doesn't even try, instead he attacks himself to the biggest, slowest and weakest one right now of the gang! That was totally unfair! The femme commander rolls out nonethless, transforming up into her robot mode. Following after Ultra Magnus has just flew by, Elita One transforms into her robot mode and races up to the shuttle, walking over the ppanel behind her, knowing she was the last one... Gladly -she- was the last one outside.

Advanced F-15 <Dirge> watches the Autobots retreat. He makes a radio to the other Decepticons still in the area and then begins to head back to the materials area. Landing on the ground and transforming, he gathers as many materials as he can.

You climb into the Golden Age...

Moonracer catches it. One handed. "Thanks." she mutters, plonking herself in a seat next to him. Yeah one arm is torn up. Yeah she's a little singed, and a lot dirty. "Oh..." she looks at Powerglide with a half grin. "Toldja I'd win."

What an exhausting encounter.. Striding -over- Ultra Magnus as he lays there half unconscious because of the battle, not really being in too much of the best mood right now, Elita One remains silent as she heads for the shuttle's console quickly and prepares for the shuttle's liftoff. If Ultra Magnus was out of it, she had to haul everyone's ass out of here. "Everyone's in here?" She asks, just to make sure as she begins to press the various buttons around to start the shuttle. "Does anybody possess first aid abilities that they could apply to Ultra Magnus, or simply... Put him into a proper position before we lift off, or else he's going to bounce around..."

Powerglide smirks at Moonracer and kicks back, taking a chug from his own. He lets his feet rest on the chair in front of him. "Ay, well, while you were messin' around with your Con, /I/ had to deal with two warriors. The Predacon elite hunter Aerial fella and the guy that's in charge of their entire military operation." he flashes oe of his smiles. He looks at Magnus and shrugs. "Hey, Magnus. A word of advice?"

Magnus, inertly sparkles on the ground at Powerglide's words. What else can his inaminated form do?

Moonracer shakes hear head at Powerglide, "Uh huh. Sure." she says, setting the drink in the seat, and going to see what exactly she can do for Ultra Magnus. Probably not much, but she can at least try to make sure he doesn't slide around and get any more banged up.

Powerglide leans in even though Magnus probably can't hear him. "When you call for a retreat, make sure that people actually, y'know, /do/ so." He eyes everyone else in the room and takes another chug. "That goes for you folks as well, eh?" Geez, you're being lectured by POWERGLIDE on how to follow orders. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

"His responsability as a leader," Elita One says as she pushes a few buttons, glancing over her shoulder at Powerglide, narrowing her optics a bit. "Is to stay upon the battlefield until every single one of his man have retreated.. Perhaps our speed to retreat was not the greatest, but different factors come in play for this that we can't blame ourselves for, Powerglide.." She returns her optics in front of her and heaves a sigh. "We're taking off..." She says, as she pushes the switch.

Moonracer would feel ashamed of herself... if she had any shame left. She mutters something very unintelligable, bracing the larger commander. "Hush, 'Glider. He was doing the best he could."

Powerglide looks at Elita and is about to say 'that doesn't excuse you, toots', but then thinks better of it. He shrugs and nods. "Anyway, we did well. That damn Predacon'll think twice before messin' round with ol' Powerglide. And freak-boy as well."

<Outside>, Landing Pad <AC>

Fast Forward magic, after a nice landing, Elita One stands up from her seat and stares at the wreck that is Ultra Magnus, staring at everyone around. "Didn't anybody tried to administrate first aid to Ultra Magnus...?"

Moonracer looks up from where she's been sitting for the entire trip. Right next to Ultra Magnus, trying to at least make sure he didn't get banged about. "You want him alive, right?" she gives Elita a bit of a narrow look, then hops up, and heads out the shuttle door, easily passing the gumby types who are there to take the wounded to the bay.

The femme commander can't help it but blink at Moonracer's words. What sort of comment was that, as she no respect for her superior officiers? Yeah, maybe he was Ultra Magnus but -still-. The femme commander narrows her optics a bit, though she doesn't say anything to Moonracer as she disembarks, preferring to supervize the work of the gummie here for the moment.

You disembark from the Golden Age for the Landing Pad <AC>...

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