Omega Supreme
Name Omega Supreme
Faction Autobot
Function Defense Base
Alt Mode Rocket / Defense Base
Type FC


"Unyeilding resolve has no conqueror."

The ultimate defensive force. Great strength, and even greater courage. Serious, even grim - sees himself as the last line of Autobot defense. Protects Autobot territory and all else vital to his cause. As robot, can shatter a mountainside, lift 300,000 tons with his clawed arm, or blast through 12" steel plate with his plasma blaster arm. Has head-mounted laser cannon. Can transform to laser cannon tank and launching pad with rocket. As rocket, is capable of interplanetary travel.



  • Omega is pretty much out of the war now, and just guards Crystal City, the reconstruction of which was built with his promise of inaction.
  • Omega now protects Iacon because, surprise surprise, the Decepticons can't be trusted to honor a deal.
  • Sarcasm... unappreciated.


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  • Independence Day - In a show of togetherness, the Decepticons hold a celebration of Cybertronian Independence from the Quintessions. What could go wrong?
  • Backfire and the Date of DOOM! - Having bested Torque in one on one combat, Backfire has arranged for their date in Iacon's own Maccadam's Old Oil House!! Attempting to woo her onto the Decepticon side, the Seeker simpleton fails and attempts to poison her instead. Special guest appearance of a Wrecker AND lots of Autobot channel chatter.


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