Name Parasite
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Neo-Gothic F-22
Type OC


"The sweetest energon is in the pumps of the enemy."


When the sun sets, PARASITE emerges from the shadows to stalk his Autobot prey! Uses hypnotic glare to subdue enemies so that he can get close enough for his diamond-tipped fang-drills to pierce their fuel lines and drain them of energon. Equipped with hypnographic projectors to terrify and confuse opponents. Despite his morbid and mystic nature, is suave and persuasive to ally and opponent alike. Transforms into an F-22 Raptor; capable of high-speed thrust-vectoring maneuvers and supersonic cruise. Avoids bright light; particularly vulnerable to photonic attack.

Skills: Charm, Energon Extraction, Intimidation


Parasite was created as a Decepticon Jet, a mass-produced Decepticon air warrior to be used as a foot soldier in the cybertronian civil war. He was assigned to the Decepticons' resource acquisition division, specializing in energon pumps and extraction methods. After pioneering a method of quickly piercing a Transformer's fuel lines and pumping their energon into the offending Transformers' own reserves, he elected to have the drillbits and pumps installed in himself. After testing it out in the field, he discovered he liked it. He really, really, REALLY liked it. He began deviating further from his main mission as an Air Warrior, becoming averse to operating in brightly lit areas of Cybertron where others were likely to see him indulging in his ghastly pleasures. He was later modified to include holographic projection systems for psychological warfare purposes, and took to using these with enthusiasm. He was not among the crew of the Nemesis when they went to Earth, and continued to fight the remaining Autobots on Cybertron under Shockwave's command. When contact was made with the Decepticons on Earth in 1984, he eventually transferred to the Earth Forces, where his specialty in resource acquisition was to be put to use. To aid in his mission on Earth, his altmode was modified into an F-22 fighter jet - America's main air superiority fighter at the time. He continues to serve the Decepticons as an air warrior, specializing in nocturnal strikes against the Autobots, all the while pursuing his own bizarre desires.

Parasite is now the Mayhem Attack Squad's most elusive and shadowy member.


  • The bats have left the bell tower.
  • The victims have been bled.
  • Red velvet lines the black box.
  • Bela Lugosi's dead.
  • tick tick tick tock tock tock
  • tick tick tick tick




  • David: Then, now, forever und ever.

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