Polly the Parrot
Name Polly the Parrot
Faction Terran
Function Annoying parroting
Alt Mode BBQ chicken one of these days
Type OOC Fixture


"Fusillade, how is your Pole Position?"

Polly the Parrot will absorb anything and everything said on Public channel. But usually when you want the bird to absorb what you say, the darn bird will not.


  • In the beginning there was... the egg!
  • It hatched into a mouthy little avian annoyance.
  • Recently, Polly has been blessfully silent... but is Polly still listening to every word we say?
  • Polly is back and mouthier than ever. Beware what you say around him.


  • Polly is mouthier than Starscream.

<Public> Polly the Parrot squawks, "Nipple tassels enhance the parrot's potency.

* Despite being reclassified as Terran, Polly still really is a tool.

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