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Name Prism
Faction Autobot
Function Military Strategist
Alt Mode Datsun Z/Fairlady
Type OFC


"A good battle strategy opens up a rainbow of opportunity."

Logical, level-headed - excellent battle strategist. However, overrates her abilities due to her arrogant tendancies. This vain side tends to taint her judgement in critical situations on occasion. Nevertheless, her high intelligence more than makes up for any shortcomings caused by her conceit. In vehicle mode, a Datsun Fairlady, can reach speeds of up to 260 mph. Has a barium ray rifle in robot mode, which severely damages electronic components in its target. In car mode, has twin electron turrets in her headlights.



  • Was listed on the "FEMMES FC LISTING", making her a part of the actual "Femme" subgroup (rather than just being a random female Autobot).
  • Available for application in May of 1996. As an OFC, created sometime before then.



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