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JLU - 29/03/08

MUSH advert text

Use this for advertising on other MUSHes. Forums will need a more general introduction to what a mush is, copy and paste another forum post for that.

The year 2005 was merely the beginning. The Death of Unicron saw the rise of Galvatron and the Unicron-Born, and now the Autobots find themselves in a war more desperate than ever. However, the Decepticons are not the only threat; the Quintessons have time and time again menaced Decepticon and Autobot alike.

Transformers 2005 MUSH -- now set 23 years after the events of Transformers the Movie -- is the oldest and longest-running Transformers MUSH in existance and is going stronger than ever more than 13 years later! With the recent block-buster movie, there's never a better time to apply. The Autobots, led by Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Elita One, struggle against the immense power of Galvatron, Cyclonus and the Decepticon army. The Junkions seem content to entertain the masses, and help the Autobots when the times become desperate. The courageous humans of Earth Defence Command struggle to adapt to new Cybertronian technology while battling both the Decepticons and a rotating cast of criminals bent on world domination.

Transformers 2005 MUSH presents you with the opportunity to take up the role of a heroic Autobot, evil Decepticon, brave EDC trooper, and more! Join a Combiner team to form an almost undefeatable super warrior. Join the ranks of the Seeker corp, specialize in healing or science to upgrade and repair your comrades, join Blaster or Soundwave as a cassette... the possibilities are endless. Come see what the future has to offer!

TRANSFORMERS: 2005 MUSH // 5555 //


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