Punch - Counterpunch
Name Punch - Counterpunch
Faction Autobot
Function Secret Agent
Alt Mode Counterpunch / Car
Type FC


"In my business, there are no friends, only suspects."

Punch is an Autobot secret agent. He is an infiltration expert, and has been known to pose as a Decepticon behind enemy lines for days at a time. Always calm and cool-headed, Punch is a robot of few words, prefering to let his actions speak for him. He reveals little of his true self to anyone, and secretly worries that he is becoming too comfortable with his Decepticon disguises. As a car, maximum speed is 160mph. In robot mode, is armed with twin mortar launchers and a photon cannon. A veteran in the Autobot ranks, Punch is generally unwilling to work with rookies, afraid they will blow his cover.



You can trust me!


  • Punch uses +convert/p and +convert/cp to switch back forth between sides. Instead of a normal DESC_1, he sets DESC_P and DESC_CP.

    You can also trust me!


Trust me!


Donnie Brasco.

Logs of Punch (expand below)

Punch's Logs

LogGrabber - 43 page(s) found in 0.247 sec. (2017/07/22 13:07:49)
  • Rebuilding Lines - After getting her old experimental cannon torn off by Swindle, Zipline goes to some of Autobots weaponsmiths for a new one! With some alterations, of course.
  • Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon - A quiet, personal discussion between Arcee and Springer doesn't quite go as planned, and serves as the catalyst to an epic bar brawl which will surely go down in history as one of the Steel Balloon's most epic throwdowns!
  • Epic Bar Brawl: Autobot Aftermath - Following the Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon, Arcee visits Springer at the hospital, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of counterintelligence with Punch, then speaks with Jazz briefly as other patients come and go for their routine checkups and repairs.
  • Gone to Ground - The Autobots get tricky with the evil Nebulan Zavos!
  • Kord Overthrown - Kord has lost all support from the Council of Peers, but Overlord's going to make sure that the entire planet pays the price for it!
  • Raid on Tyrest - Shockwave orders an attack on Tyrest but what are his objectives?
  • Through Slag - Punch, Sunny and Shiftlock mingle in the barracks. Sunny manages to express gratitude.
  • Marble Valley Assault - Enraged by the death of one of their city-state's leaders, a neighboring neutral settlement swears vengeance on the Decepticons, who show up a bit early to the party. Good thing the Autobots are so gracious.
  • The Sweeps Shall Inherit The Earth - Scourge leads an attack on a "random" facility on Earth. Things either go exactly as planned or completely opposite as planned. You Decide.
  • Hanging out and a weird broadcast - The Autobots are hanging out in the lounge when a weird broadcast is intercepted and things are set in motion.
  • Punch gets a mission - Following the weird broadcast that was intercepted, Prowl wants to know more and briefs one of his best about the situation.
  • Typical Day for Prowl - Typical day for Prowl. Resource management, secret reports, plotting. The works
  • Prowl and Punch follow up - Prowl calls on Punch to figure out what to do next.
  • 2035 Olympics - Med Team - Blast Off and Arcee vs Imager and Wrath - 
  • Autobot Intel Meeting - Prowl summons his fellow Autobots to discuss what to do about Tarn
  • Punch Defcon and Prowl discuss Tarn - Prowl is tired of having the whole Tarn thing popping up on his to-do list and finally decides to do something about it. He runs a couple of ideas past his comrades Punch and Defcon.
  • Punch, Prowl and Arcee meeting at the ARC HQ - Little meeting to discuss events and in the background the mysterious Ignition broadcasts some Anti-Autobot stuff in Tarn.
  • Chilling at Maccadam's - Prowl stops for a quick drink before another shift and runs into Chromia and Punch. Prowl gets on Chromia's nerves but too daft to notice why.
  • Punch wants more out of ife - Punch wants more out of life than playing Decepticon
  • Prowl gets an assistant - Prowl gets a visit from Chromia who is looking to help with Tarn. Punch joins them and before you know it....
  • Blast Off delivery service - Punch intercepts Blast Off bringing ammo and propaganda into Tarn. Things get out of hand.
  • What's in the drop box? - Prowl investigate a subspace drop box used by a suspicious cop
  • Debrief about Trefoil - Punch and Swoop have managed to ambush Trefoil and capture her. He stops bu the office to give Prowl his report. Guest appearances by Arcee and Sandstorm!
  • Little Chat - Shiftlock's spying has given Autobot Intel enough information to allow for an ambush on one of Tarn's dirty cops.

Logs of Counterpunch (expand below)

Logs of Counterpunch

LogGrabber - 16 page(s) found in 0.137 sec. (2017/07/22 13:07:49)
  • The View - Catechism and Reflector go scouting with the most egregious use of the +scout command perhaps ever, and Catechism later wanders off to observe some card games.
  • Decepticon Free For All 2029 - Decepticon FFA!!
  • Sharpshooting 2029 - 
  • Book Quest: Prologue - Catechism keeps Mesa company in the dungeon and comes to be entrusted with a special mission by Megatron.
  • The Decepticon Deception - This is what happens when Decepticons don't have something to kill.
  • Decepticon War Council - Galvatron returns and calls his command team to Castle Decepticon to explain their failures during his absence (i.e. beg for mercy).
  • Church - Cyclonus organizes church services for the Decepticons. HAIL GALVATRON
  • Blitzwing- Bounty Hunter - Blitzwing confronts Blast Off at the Steel Balloon, the place they used to be (sort of) drinking buddies. Now Blitzwing wants to collect the bounty on the Combaticon's head.
  • Showdown With Overlord - The Decepticons confront the DJD and Overlord on Nebulos, but what has the mad usurper really been trying to do the entire time?
  • Astracius encounters Counterpunch - Counterpunch approaches Astracius with an interesting offer.


October '13 - AriTheMusical

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