Name Ratchet
Faction Autobot
Function Medic
Alt Mode Ambulance


"You break it, I'll remake it."

Ratchet was the best tool-and-die man on Cybertron. In his workbay he could make anything from a pin to a missile. Repaired injured Autobots, given the right parts. Liked to party, give backtalk, but did any job as well as anyone. Had laser scalpels, arc-welders, electron microscopes, circuit sensors, fluid dispensers at his disposal. Sometimes his having a good time interfered with his effectiveness.



No hypocratic oath on Cybertron.

Ratchet was a member of the crew of the ill-fated Ark mission that brought the Transformers to Earth. In 2005, while on a shuttle run to Earth, he was killed by Megatron, Starscream, and the Constructicons in the course of their ambush of the shuttle, directly leading to the Battle of Autobot City.


  • Ratchet is dead, but Peacekeeper is known to cosplay as him.
  • Ratchet has a sister, apparently. We're so, so sorry


No sorry he is dead.

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