Name Razorwing
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker / Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OFC


"Better to follow somebody else's plan than to make your own."

Very duty-oriented by necessity... neither very innovative or even very bright. Brutish, slow, but the best pure warrior of the Sweeps. Provides fire support for missions... not especially skilled at any other part of the hunt. Extremely tough, probably the most sturdy of the Sweeps. As sweepcraft, has subspatial sonar scanners, faster-than-light capabilites, a particle-beam turret, twin acid-ray guns, and thin razor-sharp winglike strips of metal along his side. As robot, has laser rifle. Winglike protrusions are fragile... lack of intelligence makes him fairly useless without supervision.



  • A former OFC (Original Feature Character) who apparently no longer exists, so probably dead.



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