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Name Rider
Faction Decepticon
Function SOULJAH
Alt Mode
Type OC


"Mecha please."

Rider is a true playa for real -- at least, he thinks so. Built to be Hook's finest moment, he turned out as less than impressive, spending years amongst the terrans in Washington, DC, thinking that he was a talking car, before finally being convinced that he was a Decepticon. Now that he's back in the fold he's willing and eager to join the fight, assuming his comrades can decipher what he's talking about.

In robot mode, he's known for his acumen with a transformer-sized switchblade, as well as his plasma pistol, which he refers to as his "nine." As a 2007 Cadillac Escalade SUV, he uses his size, as well as his tricked-out soundsystem, to his advantage. Rider truly believes in the G Code, and looks out for those who look out for him; his history, however, leaves him lacking certain inter-personal skills, and ironically, his street smarts can often be found lacking.


Rider was created as a project of Hook back in the year 2007. Hook had decided to copy a recent model of Autobot, one that used a terran-based altmode of an SUV. Of course, nothing simple like an understated Outback would do for a Decepticon, so a top-of-the-line Escalade was requisitioned for the purpose. After hooking up (punny!) a freshly-made laser core, Rider was created; while on his first mission, a simple recon, he found himself in the middle of a riot outside a Phil Collins Farewell Tour concert, and was tipped over, knocking him out briefly. When he came to, he had forgotten his transformer nature -- such are the flaws inherant in a non-Vector Sigma creation. He was able, however, to realize he was in a chop shop, and screamed.

Well, the thought of a talking Escalade was too enticing to his would-be choppers, and so he spent the next few years running snow up and down the streets of DC, not realizing that he was more than just a talking SUV. Years later, while on a raid, Hook caught a glimpse of his former creation, and after some convincing, Rider re-joined the Decepticon ranks, although he brought most of the terran culture he'd learned with him.



  • Rider is a true playa fo' real.




  • Aquaphobia - Rider is mentioned! (Note: He's not in this scene.)



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