Name Roadbuster
Faction Autobot
Function Ground Assault
Alt Mode Jeep
Type FC


"War is a dirty business... and I'm as dirty as they come."

Likes to pass the time "demolishing Decepticons". Not happy if not fighting, bores easily, quietest of the Autobots when not in battle. When in combat, Roadbuster is charismatic, and inspiring to fellow warriors, a natural leader. Can traverse most terrains in his rugged jeep mode, 600 mile range. Carries turret-mounted linear blaster gun that can blow a hole in 2-foot thick concrete. As a robot, armed with a laser rifle and shrapnel-missile launcher.


Nobody steps on a church in my town!



  • Roadbuster possesses a medal for Autobot Highest Scientific Achievement after his proposal to use napalm on alien villages to somehow create energon won a competition
  • Roadbuster is not allowed to join the Autobots on invitations to speak at the United Nations after the "Charlie's in the trees!" incident.
  • Roadbuster would mop the floor with He-Man.
Roadbuster Loves Guns

Something this badass *deserves* a name!

  • Roadbuster loves guns. And apparently likes naming them too. Say hello to 'Velocitas Eradico' linear cannon, 'Bombshock' explosive launcher, and 'Mugen Calibre' Rapid-Fire Automatic Assault Rifle.
  • Anyone that gets those references above gets a free can of energex.

You know it's bad if ROADBUSTER is calling for help.


LogGrabber - 35 page(s) found in 0.179 sec. (2017/07/21 04:44:44)
  • Unfettered: Mayhem in Mexico - I accidentally a campaign! Bots and Cons both investigate reports of Insecticon havoc!
  • The Great Train - With the walls of Retoris under siege, the Autobots attempt to disrupt a Decepticon convoy in order to slow their assault on the city.
  • Loose Ends - Did...did Overlord say something about Unicron being rebuilt? Huh, better check that out.
  • Typical Day for Prowl - Typical day for Prowl. Resource management, secret reports, plotting. The works
  • Planting Seeds of Doubt - Near the end of the titan Olympic bout between Defcon and Roadbuster, a couple of Decepticons see a golden opportunity to plant some seeds of doubt into one of the most stalwart freedom fighters the Autobots have.
  • 2035 Olympics - Heavy Full - Defcon vs Roadbuster - SO MUCH GUN! There is no other way to sum up a fight between one gunslinger space bounty hunter and the Wreckers' own titanic walking armory.
  • Autobot Intel Meeting - Prowl summons his fellow Autobots to discuss what to do about Tarn
  • Something Rotten - Autobots are sent to investigate the ranks of the Tarn Police Department and find the officers rather reticent, to say nothing of their chief in denial.
  • Final assault on Retoris - Soundwave launches his final attack on Retoris
  • On Wrecking And Ruling - It's an ugly planet. A BUG planet! And that means just one thing, time to send in the Wreckers!
  • Shiftlock is having doubts - Shiftlock is having a small crisis of faith
  • 2035 Olympics - Autobot FFA - The traditional Autobot only Free For All, featuring a bunch of Autobots and an exploding referee. And some Bots and a Con have a chat afterwards in which Blast Off is renamed Fancypants McBoosterrockets.
  • I've Been Working In The Magnetic Dampener Fields, All The Livelong Cycle - Trailbreaker sets out to accomplish the task given to him by Ultra Magnus after being drunk in public, Roadbuster advises the Femme fatale on Shockwave, and Arcee arrives to make sure her top two agents are on the case.. and girl talk.
  • Danger: Storm Warning - Time for a little building action. Mind the electro-rain!


No caption neccesary



Don't need no mouth to enjoy a cold one!

8-10-2014 - Spindrift

6-25-2010 - Redshift

12-3-2009 - Ryan

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