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Name Rook
Faction Decepticon
Function Defensive Engineering
Alt Mode Construction vehicle
Type OFC


"If it can keep out scrags, it'll keep out Autobots."

In robot mode can lift up to 45 tons of materials, and toss them up to a mile away without much strain. Uses her welding torch for close range defense, her cutting laser for ranged attacks. In construction vehicle mode can create a number of tools for whatever task is at hand: auger, saw, crane, back-hoe, shovel, etc. Has secondary module that serves as a small refinery for creating molten metal and melting down scrap into usable materials. Speed: 60mph. Range: 500 miles. Rook's greatest weakness is her slowness, for she is too bulky to effectively dodge most attacks. Her heavily armored hide makes up for this weakness, but she still has problems extracting herself when the defenses are breached and the retreat is on.



  • What are "scrags," anyhow?
  • Active around 1996. As an OFC, may have been created before then.



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