Just a simple, working-class mech. Emphasis on 'simple'.

Name Rumble
Faction Decepticon
Function Demolitions
Alt Mode Cassette
Type FC


"Destroy what's below, and what's above will follow."

Rumble is your basic street punk. Small, but always acting tough. Quick temper and mean disposition toward enemies, though he follows his superiors' orders eagerly. Transmits immense low frequency groundwaves to create powerful earthquakes. His small size limits his physical strength, but his ability to shatter the ground makes him difficult to approach in a fight.


Rumble was the first tape the Decepticons reactivated on Earth and apart from Laserbeak, the only one they bothered to. This is because Rumble is a tiny combat monster.

Seriously, don't let him piledrive you in the teeth, because he will. He's the self-proclaimed 'King of the Tapes' for being the first activated and most used.





Stop! Hammer time!


Get that nerd!

  • Rumble has a definite hierarchy of mechs he respects and defends. At the top is Soundwave and/or anyone ranked high enough to call 'boss'; and then his brothers Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak and Ravage. All the other tapes are considered 'cousins'.
  • Much as his namesake indicates, Rumble loves to fight. He'll fight whoever wants to take him on. Violence seems to motivate him on a very primal level. He loves violent entertainment, violent (punk/deathcore) music, and so on. He partakes in all sorts of vices as well, having many contacts in the underworld. While he's not as savvy as Swindle, he has his own racket going on.
  • He really likes going to bars and getting his drink on. He's been known to outdrink much, much larger mechs in 'Sink or Swim' competitions.
  • Rumble loves 6 Laser's rollercoasters, but got a lifetime ban for pulvercrushing one for having a 'You must be THIS TALL to ride' sign. As 6 Lasers didn't expect him to live this long, the ban is now revoked, the sign now has the addendum, "Or be able to turn into a cassette".
  • Rumble won Gold in 2034's Olympic Dance Competition. Both Blaster and Jazz were at a loss.
  • In 2035, Rumble decided there would be a benefit into forging an alliance of sorts with Blast Off. As different as the two are personality-wise, they have in fact formed an odd friendship. They were in the process of opening a fine enerwine shop in Nova Cronum, when Swindle found a way to take over the business for himself.
  • Also in 2035, Rumble decided to get in even better with Blast Off by becoming an 'official' enerwine expert. Using threats, extortion, blackmail, and a few of his seedy friends from Darkmount, Rumble registered for the Enerwine Sommelier program at the prestigious Kaon Enerwine Academy. He has since graduated with a certificate proclaiming him to be an official Enerwine Sommelier. He still has problems pronouncing those big words, but he's pretty darned proud to have that degree.
  • "If your body matches what your eyes can do / You'll probably move right through me on my way to you." - Finger Eleven, Paralyzer. Rumble does not have a good track record with the femmes. All in all, they're not particularly impressed with his foul mouth, mean disposition, short stature, and cringe-inducing pickup lines. It doesn't stop him from trying, however.


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  • Fall Of Darkmount- The Avatar and Galvatron duel for leadership over the Decepticons -- destroying Darkmount in the process.
  • Palmdale Raid-
  • Hephaestus: The Hijacking- To acquire resources for Fusillade's pet project (The Decepticon Airbase Argosy!), the Decepticons start by hijacking the UNS Supertanker Hephaestus, miles long and full of crude oil. The EDC is first to respond, but are forced to withdraw in the face of overwhelming Decepticon air power. The Autobots are next, with similar results.
  • Candygram-
  • KNUJ Debate-
  • Disappearing Act- Rewind encounters Rumble, who has decided to conduct a little side "business" in San Francisco.
  • Satellite of Love- What is he building in there anyway?
  • Spotlight: Amber MacKenzie- The cease-fire between Autobots and Decepticons on Nebulos seems to be going well for the moment, but Amber MacKenzie is about to stumble upon a shocking secret that may change the fate of this world!
  • Space Pirates- Blast Off, Rumble and Misfire set out to steal a space ship...
  • Fires You Didn't Know You Had- If you're a Decepticon, and you come within firing range of Metroplex...
  • Scorponok Gets Trashed- Scorponok bites off more than he can chew on Cambria!
  • Emperor of Confusion- The Decepticons uncover a device that apparently causes all of their computer systems to recognize them as the leader, and disaster ensues (of course)!
  • Punk Rocked-
  • WWF:Nova Cronum- Weekly Wednesday Fight
  • The Return of Airlift- Blast Off and Sky Lynx both pick up a signal in space- marking the return of Airlift after a very long absence.
  • Determination- Blast Off provides a lesson in combat to Airlift- and both seek to provide a lesson in pride. Rumble and Buzzsaw observe and ask questions.
  • Rise of Silas- Scorponok's ready to take over the Decepticons again, but it seems that someone is trying to beat him to it!
  • Rise of Silas - Decepticon Aftermath- After retreating from the captured Trypticon, the beleaguered Decepticons return to Darkmount and lick their wounds.
  • Rust Seas Rampage - Epilogue- After the battle in the Rust Sea, Airlift and Blast Off are in need of significant repair. Thankfully, Carjack is there to see to it, with the tape's making an appearance for good measure! Follows the events of Prelude to a Rampage and Rust Seas Rampage.
  • Just Some Fine Tuning- Airlift both harasses the Combaticon duo over recent drone matters, and helps a bit too.
  • Spoils of War:The Scheme- Soundwave tells his plan about how to destroy the Autobots THIS week.
  • Between Two Minds- The Decepticons decide to snap Scorponok out of a comatose state induced by Silas--it's the only thing that'll make his loyalists shut up!
  • Operation: Kamek- Soundwave's second plan starts here.
  • Prelude to Judgment- A Decepticon patrol is slaughtered on Nebulos by mysterious assailants, ending the uneasy truce between the Autobots and Decepticons on this world!
  • Combaticon Hunt- Jazz and Solstice head in for a "Combaticon Hunt", seeking to capture Blast Off and run a scan in order to learn how the Combaticons are controlling the drone army. Things may not go according to plan, however.
  • Who's Afraid of the DJD?- Who's afraid of the DJD, you ask? Well, it turns out, if you aren't already scared, you should be.
  • Death to Blast Off- Blast Off has been drawing the ire of a lot of 'bots lately, for a lot of reasons. Air Raid's rallying has them in the heart of Decepticon territory to try and kill him off, and it's a very, very bad idea.
  • One Night at the Bar- Autobots and Decepticons drink, Rumble showcases his sommelier skills, and there is talk of culture and many other things.
  • Bad Night at the Bar- Blast Off has another really bad day as an ex and his current "girlfriend" show up at the Steel Balloon. Shiftlock and Scorn do not get along- with him or each other. Plus, his datapad goes mysteriously missing...
  • Breaking Lines- Autobots are hunting down a Decepticon supply line that's using the energies of the Cobalt Plains and clever camouflage to go undetected. All hell breaks loose when Soundwave starts confusing everyone!
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Gentrify Part 2: Mysterious Mysteries- The Autobots explore the ruins they saved from the Decepticons...
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Gentrify Part 3: We Have The Technology- Decepticon Science Ace Konjecture holds a meeting of the minds that could change the course of the war forever.
  • Decepticon War Council- Galvatron returns and calls his command team to Castle Decepticon to explain their failures during his absence (i.e. beg for mercy).
  • Overlord Revealed!- The true master of the DJD reveals himself!
  • Church- Cyclonus organizes church services for the Decepticons. HAIL GALVATRON
  • Kowentide Assist- The Autobots attempt to free a neutral transport from the tangles of the cable jungle before the Insecticons become a problem.
  • Blitzwing- Bounty Hunter- Blitzwing confronts Blast Off at the Steel Balloon, the place they used to be (sort of) drinking buddies. Now Blitzwing wants to collect the bounty on the Combaticon's head.
  • Showdown With Overlord- The Decepticons confront the DJD and Overlord on Nebulos, but what has the mad usurper really been trying to do the entire time?
  • Final assault on Retoris- Soundwave launches his final attack on Retoris
  • 2035 Olympics Tape Slobberknocker- It's the Olympics, and they wouldn't be complete without a beat down, drag out by the hair and stomp on your enemy cassette match up led by the two Tape guardians. This year it's in an actual wrestling ring, but everyone gets to play dirty.
  • How Backfire Got His 'Groove' Back- Begrudgingly answering a house call to check in on Firebase 1172-A, the Seeker simpleton engages a Technobot who he mistakes for a Protectobot.. hilarity ensues.
  • What's up Trypticon?- Shockwave leads a team into Trypticon to find out more about the disappearance of nearly all Decepticons

Just a simple, working-class mech. Emphasis on 'simple'.


2012 Zero

2014 user:Doomflower


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