Name Sam
Faction Terran
Function Engineer
Alt Mode Unknown
Type OC


"No past, future unknowable. Am now, will always be now."

A man with a very ambiguous past, known only as Samuel (or Sam, for short). Seems to be very adept at mathematics, physics, and engineering, though has no obvious source of training. Though he has no accent, he speaks like a foreigner of unknown nationality. He is socially maladjusted, and appears to have no clear grasp on how to properly interact with other people. Prone to erratic behavior when confronted.


Sam is a memory-less, past-less Azraelian clone-body briefly occupied by Soundwave. In his non-possessed incarnation, he appeared at the conclusion of the Great Humanizing Event of 2029, living in the park. He was 'rescued' by Andi Lassiter and removed to Autobot City to figure out what to do with him. After a period of observation, he absconded to the Earth Defense Command headquarters in Alameda, where he was given a chance by Spike Witwicky to become a technical specialist for the EDC.

As of March 2030, Sam has proved himself an asset on several occasions. His natural aptitude for all things technical plus general competence at the controls of the common EDC exo-suits has already advanced him to the rank of Corporal. Originally highly reticent about his origins, Sam was also extremely apprehensive of giant scary robots. Experience with fellow EDC members and Transformers in the field have made him considerably more at ease. Unfamiliar environments and people can still daunt him.


  • Sam is not Soundwave, nor does he share many (if any) character traits with him. His background is just an interesting plot device.
  • Sam is not crazy, nor is he stupid. He is patient, clever, observant, and highly intelligent. However, he lacks experience with other humans. He may one moment appear to be insightful, and in another moment be unsure whether or not a fudgecicle is some sort of explosive device.
  • Sam has the dubious honour of being a Junkion ally. This is all Dee-Kal's fault.




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