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Name Scalpel
Faction Decepticon
Function Medic
Alt Mode Helicopter
Type OC


"Would you mind if I open you up, and see what makes you tick?"

Quiet as most Decepticons go, Scalpel has dedicated his life to his studies of both psychology and medicine. The scenes of the war raging on around him keep him interested, as he knows that there will always be work waiting for him. However, his social skills aren't exactly honed to a point. He speaks only when spoken to, keeping his responses short and to the point, until he knows that he can trust them. Dedicated to the Decepticon cause, Scalpel waits in the shadows, for the perfect moment to strike.



  • Often found inside of the Hot Tub, which in turn is found inside of Club Con.
  • Finally decided to go back IC after 5 or so years.
  • Eats kittens for fun.



A non-descript Decepticon stands in front of you, his optics glowing softly from beneath his helmet. The black paint that covers his armor has been streaked with various substances over the centuries, actually hardening and becoming one with the paint. The Decepticon sigil covers a good chunk of his chest plate, the sigil seems to be the only part that gets cleaned on a regular basis.

His hands show dedication to his craft, both as a medic and a psychologist. There are indentations from where he has sat for hours with his hands laced together, along with the indentations at the tips of his fingers from utilizing his namesake.

The lower half of his body is covered in what looks to be a vinyl apron, covered in various fluids and excretions from his work as a medic. One can only imagine the scars and various oddities flowing through his neural circutry.

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