"Violence is an art we are all capable of executing. I just use infinitely cooler art supplies."

If heroism could be identified by a color, then it would be pale, pale white. Shaun makes movie-star Powder seem like he was latino. When villainy calls, Shaun kicks ass and makes the bad-guys pay for the charges. Known throughout the galaxy for his suicidal and hardcore wrestling tactics. Whoever steps in the ring with him usually leaves on a stretcher. Shaun has only been defeated once, and that's only because he ran out of cigarettes. Sometimes, he will team up with the Spacey Jew, Twin Twist, for tag-team style beatdowns. If his Equalizer Facebuster or Gut-Wrench DDT can't beat a foe into submission, then his wry wit and penchant for smirking certainly will.



  • We'll miss you, Shaun.


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