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Name Sidearm
Faction Decepticon
Function Weapons Expert
Alt Mode Gun
Type OC


"Power is in the tools you use and how you use them."

SIDEARM enjoys working with weapons, she loves all kinds of ranged and melee ones. Usually trying to improve them, she's always tinkering with a pistol or rifle of some sort and sometimes on herself. She has such a strong passion for weapons that she practically is one. One of her noted achievements is the experimental ion cannon mounted on her left arm, it connects to a power magnifier that emits a strong ionic blast. Mostly a loner, she leads a distant life among her fellow Decepticons. Not one of their most trusted members, still she's loyal to their cause. Sidearm's not very strong or heavily armored, but makes up for it with her sophisticated targeting and evasion systems. Prefers ranged over melee, yet feels hand to hand to be a valuable method of fighting.



  • One of the few OCs to have the level 10 attack "Cannon".
  • Apparently the first original character User:Monzo ever +icfinger'd as a guest, according to a vintage 1996 log.



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