Name Smokescreen
Faction Autobot
Function Diversionary Tactician
Alt Mode Stock Car
Type FC

Ante Up

"A look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal."

His job is to lead the enemy astray. Whether engaged in raging battle or friendly conversation, an ulterior motive usually exists. Sneaky, but charming and affable ... roots out the deepest concerns of comrades at Rodimus Prime's request. In car mode, emits thick smoke from tailpipe, which is attracted to metal. In robot mode, shoots missiles which wreak havoc on enemy aircraft's radar and guidance systems ... electro-disruptor rifle shorts out electrical targets.

Tactical Advantage: Combat Driving, Tactical Advantage: Diversionary Tactics, Strategic Advantage: Psychology, Creative Advantage: Urinating On Fires

Stacking The Deck

  • Smokescreen is a cheater.
  • Smokescreen is proud of this.
  • Smokescreen credits himself as the Autobot who 'discovered' the casino-planet of Monacus.
  • Smokescreen knows when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, and when to walk away.
  • Smokescreen bets you that he doesn't have a gambling problem.
  • Smokescreen may or may not be the Autobot equivalent to Danny Ocean.
  • Smokescreen made you look.
  • Smokescreen always has something up his non-existant sleeves.
  • Smokescreen may or may not be an Ex-Con. (See What I Did There?)
  • Smokescreen may or may not be the Autobot equivalent to Neal Caffrey.
  • Smokescreen is always In The Black.
  • Smokescreen makes his own luck.
  • Smokescreen may or may not be the Autobot equivalent to Gambit.
  • Smokescreen speaks fluent Gambili. (The Ancient Language of Cybertronian Gamblers.)

Made You Look

All In




  • Behemoth Remains - Smokescreen plays 'Look At Me' with Piranacon to help the Autobots retrieve Decepticon property from the depths.

Dealer's Hand

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