Name Snapdragon
Faction Decepticon
Function Interceptor
Alt Mode Tyrannosaurus-Rex / Sr-71 Blackbird
Type FC


"If it doesn't get you dirty, it's not worth doing."

When Snapdragon is at rest, he likes to stay at rest. He's unrepentantly lazy and his messy unkempt living quarters are considered off limits by any Decepticons who don't want to wade through its layers of grime to get to Snapdragon. Unfortunately, they often have to; Snapdragon rarely heeds the alarm calling him to battle, forcing someone to retrieve him physically. Interrupting Snapdragon's "relaxation time" fills him with rage, which is the only thing that can effectively motivate him to do anything. Once he gets angry about something, there's little that can hold Snapdragon back. In jet mode, his maximum speed is 8,800 mph, and he is armed with two gyro-guns that negate their targets' balance centers. As a dinosaur, his carbon-steel fangs and claws are capable of penetrating most armor plating.



  • Snapdragon and Grimlock once fought on Dinobot Island. Grimlock won. Apparently he really is King.
  • The best way to get Snapdragon to fight Autobots is to carry him over them on an aircraft of some kind and then push him out.
  • Snapdragon is one of the filthiest things in the known universe. Nobody has ever dared to enter his cargo bay.





TNF 1/30/08 - Dinobot Island - Grimlock vs Snapdragon!

  • Russian Risk - Snapdragon was a key player in several of the battles for Russian territory, often holding off several smaller Autobots at once.


  • Friday the 13th - Snapdragon joins other Decepticons in searching for omens of bad luck.


  • Medical Malpractice - Among others, Snapdragon is bonded to a Nebulan to become... a HEADMASTER.
  • Snoozedragon vs Snorlanche - Scorponok pits his bodyguard, the beastly but lazy Snapdragon, against one of Galvatron's loyal troops... The Horrorcon Avalanche.

Get in Mah Belly!


Most formerly Redshift, who also played him once twice before(summer 08, spring 09)