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Name Solicitus
Faction Quintesson
Function Observer
Alt Mode None
Type OC


"Nemo Malus Felix (No Peace for The Wicked)"

SOLICITUS serves as one of Quintessa's most revered officials. Both a feared judge and respected diplomat. An expert on the art and archaeology of virtually every known galactic civilization, Solicitus uses this knowledge to study any given subject and determine how he/she/it will react...a skill useful both in the courts and in the diplomatic field. Can speak nearly one million different languages and quote from any historical text created within the last Billion years. Oftentimes confounded if those he deals with suddenly stray from the path of behavior he has predicted for them. This frightens him, and gives him strange feelings of inadequacy. Has hidden his emotions so many times that he isn't really sure what feelings are real anymore. Protected by a cohort of Sharkticon warriors. Carries energy sword for defense. (A "Gentleman's" weapon)



  • Active as of at least 1996.



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