Spike Witwicky
Name Spike Witwicky
Faction Terran
Function Military Operations
Alt Mode N/A
Type FC


"Prepare for war, but strive for peace."

Although Spike Witwicky has grown older, his desire to help the Autobots has not diminished. Having survived Megatron's attempts to destroy the Autobots and being devoured by Unicron, Spike assumed to role of Earth Ambassador to Cybertron. Spike has married his first love, Carly and has a son - Daniel, now grown and off at college. Spike's ultimate goal is to rid the world of the Decepticon's evil. Though he tries to be a devoted father, Spike oftentimes finds himself wrapped up in his work to the exclusion of his family: a fact that vexes him to no end.


Spike Witwicky is the first human to encounter the Cybertronians on Earth after being re-awakened in 1984. Because of this he's considered to be one of the Autobots' closest friends and allies. He married Carly sometime after the end of Season 2 and the Movie and fathered Daniel, something that most people still hold against him. Now, so many years removed from his encounter with Unicron, his life has taken many turns. He served as Ambassador to Cybertron, accepted two separate nominations to Secretary General of the United Nations, and a Captain in the EDC. Even now, he doesn't let his advancing years slow him down. As far as he's concerned, he's just getting started.


"It isn't even dented? Oh shit, what are we going to do now?"


  • Spike at one point was the Secretary General of the United Nations.
  • Then he quit to become Command of Military Operations in the EDC.
  • Then the United Nations decided to nominate him for Secretary General. Again.
  • Spike decided to leave the fighting to Briar and his boys, so he accepted the nomination.
  • Spike cries into his waffles.
  • Assuming Spike was born circa 1970 (he's pulled over by a cop for being too young to drive in Season 2), he would be around 35 during the events of the movie. The IC year is currently 2035, which would make him about 75 years old.


LogGrabber - 50 page(s) found in 0.233 sec. (2017/08/22 03:33:12)
  • Behemoth Remains - Autobots attempt to hijack the Decepticon recovery of their sunken carrier.
  • Bug Juice - The EDC has discovered a strange new power source. Shrapnel wants it for himself. There are complications.
  • Swordfish Salvage - The EDC and Autobots are sent to investigate when the Olympic ship The Swordfish goes dark...
  • I Think They're Serious - The EDC pick up a new recruit... from space jail. Hopefully his galactic experience makes him worth all the trouble he'll cause!
  • Mini Reunion - A family reunion, a pop quiz, and a few white lies...
  • 2035 Olympics - Light Team - Battltrap & Scorn vs Daniel & Spike Witwicky - The Witwickys team up to compete in the 2035 Olympics against Scorn and Battletrap. Alas someone cheats, and it's not who you would have thought...
  • Rush Gets Out Of Jail! Again! - Rush is let out of a prison cell for the second time in two weeks!
  • Bugs In Space - The Insecticons plan to rescue Shrapnel, but the EDC has other plans. Also, a mysterious new player in town has plans for their other plans...
  • TARN-ations - The second meeting with Lightsinger goes.. well just a tad bit better than the first. A defensive strategy is formulated, angst is settled, and Trailbreaker learns about sarcasm.


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