Name Spoiler
Faction Decepticon
Function Aerospace Fighter
Alt Mode Aerofighter
Type OC


"The mind makes a twisted, sorta odd looking weapon."

Regarded as a troublemaker, only reason Decepticons haven’t dismantled him is because he is good at what he does: cause destruction, mayhem and general confusion wherever he goes. As a robot, has two arm mounted machine-guns that fire armor piercing bullets. As an aerospace fighter, can fly at speeds around mach 5, and carries specially modified missiles capable of high altitude combat. Greatest weakness is his lack of intelligence. Once mocked Scourge to his face. Would have been killed if it wasn’t for the intervention of one of his buddies. Only redeeming quality is his loyalty to the Decepticons.


When Straxus requested that Vector Sigma make new Decepticon warriors, he had no idea that Spoiler would come clattering off of the assembly line like a budget version of the otherwise daunting seeker corps. He was a troublemaker, always doing something that annoyed someone. Yet, Straxus put up with him. Once Megatron took command of the Decepticons, he wasn't as tolerant of Spoiler as Straxus, but Spoiler still constituted an acceptable risk versus his value as fodder and penchant for destruction. Later, when the Autobots left for earth in the Ark, Megatron reluctantly let Spoiler come along with the Decepticon group that was to follow them. Despite his rather reckless personality, he proved to be an excellent soldier. The Autobots seemed to have a difficult time countering his weird tactics, he never attacked the same way twice. Not even his Decepticon commanders knew for sure what he was going to do. When the Autobots saw him coming, they didn't know whether he would fire missiles, use himself as a missile, or simply be out of ammunition altogether.


  • Spoiler is possibly the only OC to have a stat (intelligence) reduced at the request of his player.
  • Spoiler is quite likely the dumbest character on the MUSH.
  • Spoiler is perhaps best known for his epic battle with a vending machine during the opening ceremonies at the Monacus Olympics.
  • Spoiler is technically the first (and pointedly flawed) prototype of what would become the G2 Cyberjets.
  • Spoiler is the only Decepticon whose neural network still contains a cortex bomb, installed by order of the former DCI commander, Gridlock.
  • Spoiler is equipped with a malfunctioning cerebral enhancement device that allows him to experience flashes of actual intelligence.
  • <Public> Red Alert says, "Is Spoiler retarded?" <Public> Earthscorch says, "... Is this a trick question?"



Spoiler is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Matthew Walton, who also played Side Kick and Ian Sharp.

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