Name Stalker
Faction Autobot
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Panther
Type OC


"Catch me if you can."

Stalker was made a robot panther from the start. He is a ferocious warrior to his enemies and a friend to turn to for his comrades and companions. He has a 'pop up' grappling hook in his left arm that can stun a foe when shot at, and an electricity gun in his right arm. He uses an axe and his hands and feet in robot mode. His panther mode is equipped with eye lasers and a back mounted grenade launcher. He is skilled in martial arts and hunting after training on Earth for a time when connections were reestablished between the Ark's crew and Cybertron.



  • Active around 1996.
  • Idled more than any other character in history except possibly Omega Supreme.
  • Favorite pose: "Stalker is bored." (followed by more idling)



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