Name Static
Faction Decepticon
Function Electronic Warfare
Alt Mode Satellite Link
Type OC


"Nothing may be taken for granted, until you understand it completely."

An emotionless, heartless machine. Views enemy Cybertronians as laboratory subjects and humans as pests. Takes things apart in his spare time, radio waves, devices, sentients, you name it... even if he can't always put them back together. This makes him distracted at times. Performs his function with effeciency, and performs well as a group leader. Galvatron keeps his loyalty by keeping his curiousity satisfied. In robot mode, carries an electrostatic cannon. When in satellite link mode, he can send and receive radio waves, cut them off, and employ electronic-countermeasures. His main weaknesses are his immobility and lack of defenses in his other mode.



  • Active around 1996.



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