Ts rodimus prime
Statistics (or stats for short) are a set of prominent attributes assigned numeric values to help define a character's personality, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Stat Alias Summary
Accuracy ACC Hand-eye coordination and physical skill.
Agility AGL Reflexes and short-range movement speed.
Armor ARM Relative ability to absorb damage; mode dependent.
Courage COU How brave you are in dangerous situations.
Endurance END Capacity to take damage before losing function.
Firepower FRP The power of your ranged weaponry.
Intelligence INT Pure mental capacity. Ability to draw conclusions.
Leadership LDR Charisma, persuasive power, and command ability.
Size SIZ How big you are.
Strength STR Raw musclepower. Base damage for melee attacks.
Technical TECH Mechanical/technical aptitude. Ability to use tools.
Velocity Stat VEL Speed of travel; mode dependent.

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