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Name Sunrunner
Faction Autobot
Function Fast Transport
Alt Mode Transport
Type OFC


"You have to run fast to catch me. Faster still to beat me."

Sunrunner, though lacking major offensive weaponry, can easily avoid damage with her energy shielding and the several layers of thick armor that protect both her, and her cargo while in hover transport mode. Her high speed (once clocked at 325mph over rough ground!) also helps in this. In robot mode, she is slower, but still hard to hit and armed with an acid pellet rifle. She can carry up to fifty tons of cargo in her storage bay without severely hampering her mobility, but too much more than this causes her serious problems. Sunrunner's main weakness is her lack of built-in weaponry, but other than that has no real weaknesses, save energon goodies, which she cannot resist.



  • Was listed on the "FEMMES FC LISTING", making her a part of the actual "Femme" subgroup (rather than just being a random female Autobot).
  • Active around 1996. As an OFC, probably created sometime before then.



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