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Name Switchblade
Faction Decepticon
Function Aerial Scout
Alt Mode Lockheed X-29
Type OC


"There is always the calm before the storm, I bring the storm."

Switchblade is at heart, a deceiver. He will do anything to get what he wants, when he wants it. Yet he has no ambition to rise up the Decepticon ladder of power. He doesn't see the point in it, since he enjoys his station as a simple scout for the time, over being a leader of a group. He just loves to cause disarray amongst his enemies, and further the Decepticons towards total victory over them. He is also charming to a fault, knowing that having allies is much better than having enemies. In his robot mode, he sports just a single simple pistol, wanting to keep his load light. Yet when he transforms into the Lockheed X-29 Bird of Prey, he becomes just a mere flash. Sporting a ballistic railgun, and a deadly laser rifle upon his fuselage. Yet, like most scouts, he can get very overconfident and sometimes fail misersably in his missions, usually ending him up in a dire situations.

Skills:Diplomacy, Psychology, Acrobatics



Switchblade has been called the new Starscream by Galvatron, many times now.



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