Dinobot Island - Cons 4, Dinos 0!

Who: Breakdown, Americon, Scrapper, Snapdragon, Soundwave, Galvatron, Grimlock, Snarl, Swoop, Sludge
IC Year: 2029
Location: Dinobot Island!


Summary: Tuesday Night Fights presents the nigh-legendary assault of Dinobot Island by Galvatron and the Decepticons. The Dinobots, wanting nothing more than to peacefully fish and enjoy the unique ecosystem of Dinobot Island, suddenly have to fight for their lives! Autobot reinforcements arrive - too late! Will the Dinobots ever be the same?... (yes :) ).

Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler

The interior of the shuttle is very roomy. There is a highly technical cockpit that seats numerous bots at various stations, and a huge cargo area for additional troops or equipment.

Snapdragon transforms into his greasy robot mode.

"Soundwave's problem Scrapper, is that he has no imagination" Thunderwing loudly emits. "He has no time for anything that does not come from his own limited mind." He stands from his chair to turn to Galvatron, optics smirking. "I can handle myself sire. If the troops will deny the use of a powerful weapon, and get crushed as the result, then that is another lesson they have learnt."

Outside, Snarl slowly walks off to his own little corner of the beach, keeping some distance from all the others. At the moment, he's just plopped down on the warm sand, letting his solar collectors recharge him. He looks like he's sleeping.

Outside, Grimlock yanks his head out of the sand, jaws full of a giant, prehistoric crab monster. "RAAARRR! CRAB NO FIGHTTT!"

Outside, Sludge paddles about in the water, because that is what brontosauri do. At least, that is what brontosauri WOULD do if they had ever existed. Which they didn't. So, basically what we're saying here is that Sludge's behaviour is about as indicative of the behaviour of a non-existant animal as you're going to get, so just give it a rest already.

The happy Dinobot splashes through the surf, neck-deep in water and totally oblivious to any approaching danger.

Scrapper nods with Thunderwing. And you have too much arrogance, Scrapper thinks but does not say out loud. "Soundwave does good work," Scrapper says, even though it doesn't really respond to the point Thunderwing made. Still, he agrees that Soundwave is perhaps jealous about this, though. Standing, he says, "Well only one way to find out for sure how these things work. Strap me in, mechs, I'm going in!" He jogs to the Octopoid armour.

Scrapper enters the Octopoid Armor <Scavenger>.

Galvatron pulls the door crank, zips up the back of the octopus and slaps it on the shoulder to tell Scrapper he's good to go. "Decepticons... ATTACK!"

Outside, A huge burst of flame from deep in Grimlock's throat cooks the crab monster in a flash. Grimlock messily devours it, chiunks of flesh scattering in the sand. "Mmmmm! Tasty crab!"

Outside, mechanisms rearranging, Snarl falls down into his Stegosaurus mode.

Outside, Swoop circles overhead, spying the Decepticon shuttle alongside Ol' Rusty and the burnt slag of the Golden Age. "Hrrrn. Him Grimlock must have sent out for lunch."

You leave the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.


It starts to get rocky just after the plains again. Just before it starts to rize up above the plains is a beach with trees and palm trees. The waves crash up on the ocean and the ocean spray is cool is it hits you. Seagulls fly around the air and flock on the beach. A shipwreck of many many years ago is on the beach rotted out, on the side S.S. Min..something it has been a long time since anyone really cared about the wreck. It is now a home for some of the animal life on the island.

Room Contents: Galvatron Swoop Snarl Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> Grimlock Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty Flock of Chicks

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> leaves the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler. Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> has arrived.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, "FOR THE EMPIRE!" Is all Mesa states as he jumps out and flies over head. He transforms into his AH-64 Longbow mode and links up with all Availible Decepticons sending them tactical readouts and enemy positions. As he overs high overhead the sound of some sort of music can be heard playing but unfortunately the rotors drown out most of the noise.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Thunderwing scowls at Soundwave. "It takes a very special 'genius' to be clever, and yet produce nothing of note." He turns to the door and follows Galvatron outside, hovering in the air as he does so. "Decepticons, burn this island to the GROUND. Leave nothing ALIVE! Come Mesa, we will see if your words match your abilities!"

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Soundwave perks up. "Lord Galvatron. I would not use these suits myself, as I do not believe they are safe for members of High Command to use. However... I have a different proposal." He depresses the button on his shoulder, declaring, "Americon, eject! Operation: Pretender." And so the red, white, and blue tape flies out, transforms into robot mode, and stares about blankly.

"Wait a minute, what am I doing here? This is NOT America!" Americon says.

"Silence, fool!" Soundwave booms. "Say these simple words..." He leans in and whispers something at the little tape.

"Oh, I see," Americon says. "Shell, ON! In Americ--aAAAAAGHGHGH!!"


Galvatron leaps out of the Decepticon shuttle with his troops in tow: a mad scientist, Bizarro Grimlock, Pretender Scrapper, Pretender Americon, and a musical helicopter. Can they take down the awesome might of King Grimlock and the Dinobots?

                       *commercial break*

Galvatron lands on the beach. "Grimlock, I would have words with you... if you were capable of civilized speech! Instead I only have this to give you!" He raises his cannon and fires off a blast at poor Grimlock who was really just hunting for crab-monster.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> turns around and lets Galvatron zip him up, similar to a woman needing someone to help zip up the back of her dress. Scrapper, from inside, is fascinated by what he's seeing. "Remarkable," Scrapper makes the Octopoid say. His normally gruff voice is mingled with a light Seaspray-esque bubbly sound. Scrapper takes a few experimental steps with it. The slimey tentacles grip the trident weapon with remarkable efficiency, given they aren't hands. "They seem pretty safe so far," comes the bubbling deep voice replying to Soundwave. He likes the idea of Soundwave sending in one of his Cassettes to take care of a job that might be too dangerous for himself, though. With Scrapper's typical cautiousness, the Octopoid steps outside the shuttle and hits the beach right behind Galvatron. Scrapper marvels that he's now taller than the Decepticon leader.

Galvatron strikes Grimlock with Fusion Cannon (low output).


Galvatron levels an imperious finger at the Dinobots. Yes, this was technically Thunderwing's mission but once he gets into it he tends to forget whose idea it was. At least until/unless it fails. "Mesa, incendiaries along the treeline! Pretenders, to the front!"

Breakdown has arrived.

Breakdown transforms and races out of the shuttle into the crisp air, flying down towards the lumber robotic dinosaurs. "Here I come Dinobutts!"

As he falls down, Breakdown transforms into a white Lambourghini Countach.

Americon ROARS beastially as he, clad in the massive reptile Pretender suit, clambers out of the shutter, claws swiping at the air, frothing at the mouth--oh, crap, he's losing control of himself in a fit of reptilian rage! "MRRUUOOOOOAAAAGHHH!" he cries, totally knocking over a palm tree. "I SMELL THE FLESH OF DEAD AUTOBOTSSSSSS!" The reptile's eyes narrow. "IN AMERICA!!!" And then, the beast makes an ungainly charge towards the Dinobots, limbs flailing in every direction. "HAVE SSSSOME EYE LASERZ! THEY'RE ON THUNDERWING'SSS TAB!" And yes, he shoots his eye beams at Sludge.

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Eye Lasers.

Snapdragon glares at the Dinos with a baleful look. "Dinobots," he begins in greeting. But once Galvatron starts shooting, Snapdragon realizes belatedly that the time for talking is already over! He realizes quickly that he'd best keep far away from Galvatron's cannon, so he leaps into the air, instead fixating on Swoop. "Galvatron, I DEMAND the pleasure of CRUSHING one of these cretins myself!!" He fires a few quick blasts to get Swoop's attention.

You strike Swoop with laser.


Grimlock is in the middle of swallowing tender, delicious prehistoric crab monster when a freaking cannon blast sends him head over heels in the drink,.

Snarl brings an optic online as laser fire seems to come up out of nowhere. Slowly rousing from the sand, Snarl narrows his optics. "Me Snarl...SMOOSH CONS!" He roars, and begins to trudge along the beach. The robot Stegosaurus looks energon hungry, but what else would you expect from Snarl. Though since he was so far away to begin with, it's gonna take some time for the Dinobot to get anywhere near the action itself. *no attack*

Sputtering, Grimlock drags himself out of the water. "WHAT? Who big jerk shoot, me Grimlock?" And then he notices the gang of Decepticons. "Ooo, what you Deceptijerks doing on me island? DINOBOT ISLAND NOT FOR YOU. FOR DINOBOTS. That why called DINO. BOT. IS. LAND." He punctuates each word with a puff of flame at Galvatron, and in place of a period, one giant house-sized blast of flame.

Grimlock turns into a big metal T-Rex.

Grimlock misses Galvatron with its Blow It Out Your... uh... Cannon attack.

Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> paddles serently in the water even as the Decepticons arrive. The Dumbest Dinobot plunges his head under the water, searching for fish, and as such is distracted while Grimlock is getting shot in the face. "NAM NAM NAM!" he bubbles, chewing on a rather large fish. The blood in the water obscures his vision just long enough to cause him to panic. "AAAH ME SLUDGE NO CAN SEE!"

The sauropod of dubious scientific origins bursts out of the water... just in time for Americon's eye lasers to scorch his tiny golden head. The benemoth blinks, fish guts dripping from his inexplicably serrated maw, and slowly turns his head to regard the lizard armor thing. A long moment passes. "You... ugly," he says, sounding almost sad. "You so... /so/ ugly." He's actually frowning now, as much as his mono-hinged jaw allows a frown. "That make me Sludge sad." He opens his mouth, and a stream of flames streaks out, charring the fish guts as it heads in the general direction of Americon.

Sludge strikes Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> with Sludge FLAME!.

Swoop's lazy circles in the sky come to an adrupt end when he receives a laser blast to one of his wings, free of charge. Screeching like hell on high water, his optics narrow into two cold blue slits and he decides to return the favor to Snapdragon... with a incinderary missile.

You evade Swoop's missile attack.


"Yes Sir." Mesa radios and his Gatlings switch to incendinaries and he proceeds to start torching the forest areas. All animals were hurt in the process of flaming. Mesa keeps an Optic (as it's his only one) on the sensors as he flitters around burning what he can and feeding data to the rest of the Decepticons. As the occasional bird or something flies up, he shoots them back down without hesitation.@%

Thunderwing slowly sets himself down on the ground, feet crunching on the sand as the Decepticon attack begins to rage around him. Above his head comes the ancient cries of strange birds, that he notes with interest. He raises a gauntleted hand, glowering at Snarl. "Abase yourselves before me, you insects, you grovelling WORMS. I hold your actions responsible for the PERVERSION of my glorious scientific achievements, and as such I, Thunderwing have sentenced you and your island to DEATH!" At that growl, a blinding white energy bolt blasts from his forehead towards the nearest target, namely Snarl. "I am Thunderwing. Where I tread I leave only dust and darkness. And I find that GOOD!"

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with drain.

Thunderwing drains energon from Snarl.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> waddles around on the beach for a second. Scrapper turns the Pretender Shell around and considers going after Sludge for a water-on-water battle, but it looks like Americon's already gotten to him. "Take him out, Americon!" The Octopoid Pretender cheers him on. Turning around once again, Scrapper finally gets to the task at hand regarding trying to take the beach. The Shell trudges through the sand even as Snarl wakes up and begins a long and slow charge. Hmm, this is where having some offensive ability has some use, Scrapper muses. "Now lets see... how do I get the trident to work?" He fumbles around a bit. The Octopoid grips the trident with two tentacles, aiming in the direction of the approaching stegasauribot. Energy crackles around the three bladed tips. Scrapper hasn't quite got the hang of it yet, and the electrical blast that shoots out of the Pretender Shell is going to narrowly miss Snarl.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> misses Snarl with its Trident Blast <Low Power> attack.

"Request GRANTED, Snapdragon!" replies Galvatron, leaping sideways into the water to let the torrent of flame wash over him harmlessly. He emerges, dripping but unharmed- Galvatron is watertight. "In fact, I've a yen to see you humble Grimlock! Allow me to deal with that pest Swoop." He draws his electrolaser out of wherever he keeps it and fires a beam up towards Swoop, closely followed by a shocking blast of electricity which travels down the plasma stream.

Galvatron strikes Swoop with Electrolaser.

From Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, Amerilizard's jaw drops as Sludge fires back at him. "Oh, Primus, I'm gonna die! Soundwave helllpppp meeeeee!" the tape cries as he holds his arms up in front of himself, protectively. The flames wash over the lizard's scaly skin, sizzling it somewhat, but.... to Americon's utter astonishment once he lowers his arms... he's fine! "WOO! I'M OK! WOOHOO!" Americon shouts, somehow making the lizard suit smile with glee. "I survived A DINOBOT! I AM AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED... IN AMERICA!" And so Americon has the lizard execute an odd, Jar Jar-ish dance, its ungainly limbs going this way and that, possibly smacking Sludge in the process.

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Dance Dance OH CRAP WATCH OUT.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> says, "Slag it, Thunderwing, can the speeches! You're just distracting me!"

Americon says, "...What'd you say, Scrapper?"

Snapdragon transforms into his greasy jet mode.

SN-9 Dragon flies higher into the air as Swoop's missile approaches. He has to transform into his jet mode for greater speed. Engines flaring mightily, one last, sudden burst of speed lets him stay just ahead of the missile. Then Snapdragon banks and comes screaming back in for his own attack run. This time he tries to box the Dino in with a series of generic energy blasts.

You strike Swoop with disruptor.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> says, "I said- oh nevermind. Keep fighting the Dinobot!"

Breakdown lands on the sandy beach, throwing up a cloud of sand, and adding to it further by spinning his wheels before zooming off towards snarl, the large Stegosaurus. Breakdown veers slightly form side to side, not so much trying to dodge any incoming attacks as his car mode not being made for traveling on sand.. He powers his cannon up as he gets closer to the dinobot, taking a few shots while he can.

Breakdown strikes Snarl with its Smooth Operator Engine Vibrator Stun Attack attack.


Snarl just continues to charge along, even as the white bolt of energy hit him. Snarl just shrugs off the tiny amount of damage it does, though...he feels just a wee bit drained. Though he just roars in anger as he is struck. "Me Snarl no like him...white lightning Cawn!" Though through the forces that only Primus could give a Dinobot, Snarl jumps back and to the side of Scrapper's trident attack. "Stoopid squid ting! Me Snarl Crush you in second!" Though, how predicatable it is for the Dino to stop and talk...only to be hit by a ray that causes him to slow down. "Me move!? WHY ME SNARL NO MOVE!" Plump, right down into the sand he goes.

Swoop sizzles and crackles as Galvatron's electricity courses through him, and another shot from Snapdragon connects. This is not a happy Dinobot anymore, by Primus, not at all. He screechs down and bombards the area with satchel explosives, making sure to target those who have done him wrong!

Swoop unleashes its area_ranged attack on Thunderwing and Galvatron, striking Galvatron.

Sludge watches in mute fascination as the bizarre lizard-like creature approaches him. He just stands there, in the water, so entranced by its strange movements that he is completely unprepared for the smack it gives him. Not that he's big on dodging in the first place. Sludge looks surprised as the blow actually DENTS his armor, and he turns back to stare at the lizard with even more astonishment.

"You so ugly, but you strong!" he announces. He still looks sad, though. "But you scare away fish. So, me Sludge smash quick. Can me Sludge do less?" The sauropod REARS out of the ocean, water streaming off of his rotund metallic hide in a very dramatic fashion... and comes DOWN towards the Reptilian Armor, hoping to get it out of the way quickly. After all, there are still fish to eat. Maybe.

Sludge strikes Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> with Sludge SMASH!.

Metal T-Rex [to +ooc]: :is so spammed hang on like two secnods.

Metal T-Rex does not give Snapdragon a chance to attack him. "Hey, it EVIL Dinobot! Me remember you from CHINESETOWN." Grimlock leaps into the air and jaws splayed wide, serious chewing on his mind.

Metal T-Rex strikes you with Chomp for 10 points of damage.


Breakdown is pleased as his beam finds it's target, zooming past the dinobot and the performing a 180 degree turn, he drives away from the stunned stegosauras and heads toward Grimlock

Galvatron sprays laser up into the sky after Swoop, stalking out of the water and up the beach as he fires. "Keep them contained, Decepticons! Do not let yourselves be overwhelmed- switch off with an ally if you are forced into a disadvantage!"

Galvatron strikes Swoop with Ultraviolet Laser.

"It's an OCTOPUS, you reject spawn of Wheeljack!" Scrapper snorts back at Snarl. It doesn't sound quite as menacing as Scrapper normally does thanks to the bubble effect. The Octopoid continues to waddles around on the beach. Scrapper has a somewhat difficult time with the footing, as the Shell keeps sinking into the sand with each step that he takes. For a construction vehicle like Scrapper, he's not used to having difficulty in sandy places.

Drawing closer to the temporarily immobilized Dinobot, the Octopoid holds the trident with one tentacle while Scrapper concentrates on controlling the eight arms on the thing's back. They lash out at Snarl, slashing at the mech. Eight loud whipcracks can be heard as they try to strip his armour.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Snarl with Eight Armed Whipping.

SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon> gets one wing chomped in two (they weren't kidding about Grimlock's jaws folks). He tumbles out of control towards the ground, but then manages to transform into his OWN Dino mode. "You...! Time to pay for your arrogance!" He immediately tilts his head back and roars! Then belches a huge ball of flame at Grimlock. But while Grimlock's is pure and yellow, Snapdragon's fire is purple and sickly looking.

Snapdragon transforms into his oily Dinocon mode.

You strike Metal T-Rex with fire.

Thunderwing walks through the wall of fire Swoop erects, flames licking around his torso. "Wonderful" he intones. "Liquid fire dancing in symphony to my ambitions." Fist clenched, he raises it. "Decepticons, press the attack. Destroy this accursed place. Annhiliate it! Salt the earth and render it barren!" Taking out a blaster, he shoots a tiny reptile that has poked its way out of the undergrowth. "After this day is done, none shall live here, it will be a land of bitter ashes and remembrance. And THEN Dinobots, and THEN what will you do? Every act against the Decepticon Empire, every /thought/ you have of interfering with my plans will be met with such vengeance!" He raises his personal cyclone cannon, unleashing a pressurised burst at Snarl, intent on hurting the Dinobot further

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with Cyclone Cannon.

Mesa continues to burn the island and it's surrounding areas. The trees and foliage burn nicely, and there seems to be dead animals of all sorts everywhere. Mesa begins to saturate the area to make sure nothing grows there again. After that is complete he goes off to other areas that have yet to be affected, keeping mind to stay away from the Dinobot battle. After all he /was/ ordered to do this. Purple Haze erupts from Mesa's speakers as he flitters about causing genocide. Hey he's happy when he works.

Americon is still dancing about happily in his huge lizard suit, splashing about in the water, at least, until Sludge's feet land on his tail, squishing it good. In fact, a very loud CRACK can be heard as bones break inside the tail. "WWAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!" Americon cries. Panicking, he unholsters the giant flamethrower from his back and begins to spray it about EVERYWHERE, all over the island, and potentially burning everyone! Well, except Galvatron. Americon has just enough sense to cut the fuel right as the flames begin to lick at his leader's feet. "Eheheh, didn't mean to, uh, scorch you, sir... IN AMERICA!"

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> unleashes its Flamethrower attack on Snarl, Swoop, Sludge, Breakdown, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> and Thunderwing, striking Swoop, Snarl, Sludge, Breakdown, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> and Thunderwing.


Snarl takes 8 nasty, slimy tentacles as well as a compressed air strike. Which just causes the Dinobot to seethe inwardly even more, though after that moment of taking the weak attacks, Snarl gets back up and roars. You could swear the area is shaking from the intensity of his angry bellow. "ME SNARL CRUSH YOU BOTH!!!" He says, and begins to slams his feet about, his tail swinging wildly at the pretender and Thunderwing. "Me Snarl rip you shreds!" He continues, as he rampages about the battlefield. "You Septi-cons go smoosh now!!"

Snarl unleashes his area_melee attack on Thunderwing and Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, striking Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> and Thunderwing.

<Decepticon> Geo says, "You must be talking about Americon."

"Ugly lizard thing stop flaming!" Sludge complains, as the fire adds a new scorch mark to his hide. "FINE THEN! ME SLUDGE STOP YOU ME SLUDGE SELF!" he cries, whirling in the water. As he whirls, his shiny metal tail (completely with the new lump of melted-on Golden Age hull) swings swiftly towards Americon's armor. Water also sprays everywhere, because Sludge is big.

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Clearly the organic components, with their primitive instincts and hormone-based emotions, are influencing his mind and making him more erratic."

Sludge strikes Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> with Sludge SWAT!.

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Thunderwing, make a note to look into that later."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Plus it's Americon."

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Yes Galvatron my lord. I will of course need to /dissect/ the tape in question, in order to full investigate this unique malfunction"

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "That's a matter between you and Soundwave, it does not concern me."

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "*I* will examine him later on, Thunderwing. You tend to your malfunctioning suits."

<O-Decepticon> Hail Galvatron says, "(scientist fight)"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Hah! Did you see that? Struck square-on by a Dinobot tail and I'm still standing!"

Swoop is getting madder and madder, frustrated that he's taking far more damage than he's dealing out. Suddenly, in response to a radio command, Swoop zeros in on Mesa and his little 'scorched earth' policy. "YOU DOING IT WRONG!" he screams, as he gets Mesa's attention with an air-to-air missile.

Swoop strikes AH-64D Apache Longbow with missile.

<Decepticon> Mesa says, "Destruction of secondary target 57% complete."

The metal T-Rex flips and changes into Grimlock!

Grimlock gets a mouth full of wing and is just starting to chew when the plane goes down and turns into another dinosaur, shooting its own brand of flame at Grimlock.

Grimlock catches the flame right in the face, which inexplicably sets his head on fire. Some of that fish oil or something? He runs into the water to literally soak his head. And then, he just disappears underwater. Hmm. What happened to Grimlock? Tense moments pass and he suddenly surfaces in robot mode like a commando. He throws his sword at Snapdragon, submerging again.

Grimlock strikes you with Commando Knife Attack for 12 points of damage.


Galvatron gives Pretender Americon a warning glance, looks down at his feet, waits. The fire licks closer... but doesn't touch him. Galvatron continues about his business, disaster (for Americon, and by extension Soundwave) averted. "Mesa, incoming... well, you know about it now." He shades his eyes and squints into the distance, through the pall of smoke rising over the island. If he doesn't take down that Dinobot it's going to make shrapnel out of Mesa, which means he will have to task someone ELSE to burn the island, which means fewer Autobots fighting Dinobots, which could mean a mission failure. So he knows what to do.

Galvatron transforms into his artillery mode, to bring his heavy weapons to bear.

Galvatron strikes Swoop with Fusion Cannon (high output).

Er, fewer Decepticons fighting Dinobots.

"'Salt the e-...'" Scrapper echoes in his newly bubble-gruff tone. "What, are the Dinobots now farmers or something on this island?" The more time Scrapper spends with Thunderwing, the more he finds himself getting irritated with the mech. The grandiose prose and speeches about killing remind him vaguely of Scourge at times. As much as Scrapper's instincts tell him to flee from Snarl and engage him from afar, the Constructicon resists the urge. He has to constantly remind himself that the Pretender Shell is immensely strong, and -is- capable of going toe-to-toe with a Dinobot. At least that's what the specs say. The Shell registers a slight burning sensation as something hits it from above, but Scrapper hasn't time to deal with it right now. Instead he has to deal with a massive tail smashing into the gut of the Octopoid. "Oof!" he exclaims. Amazingly, the Shell doesn't fall, but instead almost manages to /catch/ the flying tail. "Hah! Did you see that?" he calls out to the other Decepticons. "Struck square-on by a Dinobot tail and I'm still standing! Oooooh I'm beginning to like this," Scrapper sneers, turning his attention back to Snarl. "I'm beginning to like this a lot! Come on, Dinobot! This is one Constructicon that has nothing to fear from you now!" The Octopoid cuts loose with the rapid-fire cannons from very close range.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Snarl with Rapid-fire Cannon.

Breakdown is closing quickly on the large metal T-rex, his large inposing form coming into view as he hears the battle behind him fade into the distance. "Got out of there just in time!" He turns his wheel and jumps a conviently placed sand dune, sending him flying through the air just under grimlock. He lands in the ocean, spinning his wheels inpatiently as he starts to sink and then transforming. He suddenly hears a large spalsh and swims towards it, pulling his blaser out and firing towards the ripples in the water, hoping his pistol works and he hits something..anything..

Breakdown's components shift around until he finally changes into his robot mode.

Breakdown strikes Grimlock with disruptor.

Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon> jerks back in shock as Grimlock's sword flies straight at him, sticking in his chest. "AARRGH!!" Snapdragon reaches out with his small forearms and tugs it free. "GAAH! Your technique is PRIMITIVE! Hardly WORTHY of your reputation. But I think you will need THIS back!!" He reverses the sword, still held in his tiny arms, and runs out into the water himself, stabbing it blindly down in an attempt to skewer Grimlock.

You strike Grimlock with here, you dropped this.

The blast knocks Mesa right out of the sky. He spirals down into the trees he DIDN'T burn. But a few seconds later Mesa rockets out of the trees in Robot Mode with blade in hand. He makes a vallient attempt to slice one of Swoops wings off. But since these Dinobots are built tough, he doesn't invest much stock in this helping or hurting. Rock music seems to flare up as he lunges in.

Mesa's rotor blades instantly stop as the various parts begin to form into his robot mode, followed by the low audible sound of a drum and bass tune.

Mesa strikes Swoop with Rotor Blade.

Amerilizard smiles sheepishly at his leader. "Ehhhh sorry, I was WWUUUUGGHHHHKKK!!!" There's a loud CRACK as Sludge's tail impacts on the side of the lizard suit's head, and it lolls about on his shoulders as if dazed. "Duurrrrr.... where'd he gooo...." he mumbles, stumbling back onto the beach. Suddenly, he trips over a fallen palm tree, his jaw snapping shut on his tongue, and biting it clean off! "Nunnngh! Nie bit nie nongue! Nyyuuuuuhhh!" Scrambling about, he holds his mouth in pain, legs pumping up and down, tail thrashing about--and quite possibly smacking Sludge! (It's a long tail.)

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Tailwhip.

"Death, Scrapper" Thunderwing growls. "Out of their many faults, the Autobots love nature. It causes them an obscene pleasure. Thus the total and absolute annihilation of their homestead will wound them more than any physical damage." Shaking his fist, he turns to his fellows. "Press the attack, they are few, and they are losing!" With that, he leaps to the air, into his spacecraft mode, blasting fire over the island, and heading straight for snarl...

Thunderwing transforms into a jet.

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with ram.


<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Hm. Machines do not have tongues to bite off, Thunderwing. Another apparent design flaw."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Why don't you two just fight it out in the arena and get it over with so the rest of us can be spared your bickering?"

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "That would be an amusing diversion, wouldn't it."

Snarl turns his head around, to see that his tail has actually been caught by the octo armored Scrapper. His optics narrowing in fury at the constructicon. "Me Snarl never get tail caught!" He yells back at the Decepticon. "Me Snarl teach you lesson!" Though his words are cut short, as while Scrapper holds his tail...he's unable to escape the descending jet...which rams into his form. Even his thick armor collapses under the incredibly tough strike. "OW!!!" Snarl roars in a rather comedic fashion. Though, now Snarl's just on the brink of ripping everything in sight to pieces.

"ME SNARL SAY LET GO!!" You notice that his back scales begin to take in solar power. Thank goodness the entire attack is taking place on a sunny beach. Regardless, all the golden armor upon the behemoth begins to shine with power. That's when Snarl throws his tail to the side, trying to dislodge Scrapper. Should he succeed, Snarl will let loose his rage upon the pretender shell, with all the excess energy he has built up.

Snarl strikes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> with SOLAR POWER TAIL!!!.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "An excellent suggestion Scrapper"

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Hnnnh."

Sludge is minding his own business, battling ABOMINATIONS OF SCIENCE, when he suddenly notices... DINOBOT ISLAND IS ON FIRE! "NOOOOOO!" Sludge cries, the despair in his voice causing even battle-scared Space 'Nam veterans to burst into tears. The Dumbest Dinobot watches, helpless, as the flames creep across the island... and consume something that looks like it might be a shrine to a cat, if a 2 year-old made a shrine to a cat out of driftwood and rocks. As the flames consume the shrine, Sludge





The ocean seems to do his bidding, rising in response to his enraged thrashings. A tsunami that blots out even the moon SURGES towards the island.

Sludge unleashes his TIDAL WAVE! attack on Breakdown, Thunderwing, Mesa, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, Snapdragon, Galvatron, Swoop and Snarl, striking Snarl, Breakdown, Galvatron, Mesa and Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>.

Grimlock turns into a big metal T-Rex.

Swoop misses Mesa with its grasp attack.

  • Ping* *Ping* *Ping* Grimlock sees the shots coming in slow motion, but he's so bulky and slow he can't twist away from them in time and several shots hit him, leaving mini bubble explosions and pock marks on Grimlock's gray armor.

Then to add insult to injury, Snapdragon's random stabbing with Grimlock's own sword manages to hit paydirt, someone getting Grimlock in the optic. He roars in pain and anger, erupting from the water and transforming into dinosaur mode. Caught up in an incoherent fury, Grimlock thrashes around without reason or target.

Grimlock strikes you with T-Rex Tantrum for 10 points of damage.

Grimlock unleashes its T-Rex Tantrum attack on Breakdown and Snapdragon, striking Breakdown and Snapdragon.

<Decepticon> Mesa says, "DECEPTICONS! FL--- *The sound of what sounds like water fills the airways.*"

Swoop manages to brush off the sword slash off his right wing, but rather than put distance apart between the two of them he suddenly veers and barrel rolls into his robot mode. He tries to make a grab at Mesa's arm and misses, which is for the best because the sword slash he was making behind it was aiming to take off Mesa's arm.

Swoop does a small hop, flips, and transforms into his ugly yet strangely personable robot mode.

Swoop strikes Mesa with energy_sword.


"Still," the Octopoid replies to Thunderwing, though the scientist has a good point. The Autobots would be pretty ticked off if they salted the Earth. Scrapper hmms and thinks about it. He still needs a good science fair project idea, and that might be it. But then there's also the laser idea he's been mulling around in his he- Scrapper pays for having his thoughts drift away from the battle. Snarl's tail begins thrashing about, and the entire Octopoid Pretender Shell is lifted up into the air. "Argh!" Scrapper emits as he's sent flying back and forth, still barely able to cling onto the wagging tail. With one last jerk, the Octopoid loses its grip and lands in the sand. The tail comes around for another pass and slams against the armoured head-structure of the Octopoid. The spikes on Snarl's tail gouge through the head, ripping off large chunks of purple and pink armour. The Octopoid flails its tentacles around as it lays on the beach. The Constructicon tries desperately to regain control of the Pretender Shell, furious that the Dinobot has hurt him so. Seeing that the trident is still amazingly held by one of the tentacles, Scrapper takes a quick blast at Snarl - before the Octopoid and others are swept away by rushing water.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Snarl with Trident Blast <Low Power>.

Galvatron rises into his mighty robot mode.

Breakdown doesn't realize he's actually struck anything except for the bubble explosions as he bobs his head out of the water. He looks at grimlock first in victory..then notices a large shadow forming over him. He turns, seeing the incoming tidal wave, the terror forming on his face. "Mommy.." as he is then overcome by the wall of water and washed ashore

"Scrapper," Thunderwing roars as the jet spirals into the sky to avoid the water. "You talk to much. Words require actions to back them up, actions such as /this/" The spacecraft circles back, targetting systems focussing on Snarl as a barrage of missiles streak from his wings, towards the Dinobot and the assorted greenery. "Each speck of organic life we destroy is unique, irrepairable. Destroy as much as you can, crush their simple hopes and dreams underfoot until all is charred cinders!"

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with missile.

Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon> grunts in pain as sections of his armor are battered or torn completely free. He's not even sure what to make of Grimlock's 'technique' any more. "You THRASH and FLAIL like a wounded ANIMAL!! So be an animal, I will put you out of your MISERY!!" Snapdragon lunges closwer, opening his own jaws wide at the last moment and trying to fix them around Grimlock's neck.

You strike Metal T-Rex with go for the jugular!.

Galvatron transforms as the tsunami washes over him and carries him up the beach, where he eventually washes up on a mountainside. When the water recedes, Galvatron is left sitting on the slope, in a landscape of ash and sand. He pulls a starfish off of his cheek and slings it back over the beach and into the ocean with a flick of his wrist and a small scowl. "Congratulations, Sludge," he mutters, rising to his feet and raising his right arm with him. "You officially have my attention."

Galvatron strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Fusion Cannon (low output).

Americon screams as his already broken tail smacks into Sludge, and he SCREAMS! "NAAAHHHHHGGH! NAT NURT!!! NIN NANERINA!" He hops and bops about the beach, wailing, even using his jet thrusters to launch himself up high on some of his jumps. "NAAAAAHHHHH!" Coincidentally, he manages to jump RIGHT over the tidal wave. However, his descent brings him down... right on top of Snarl's head!

Meanwhile, Soundwave watches the proceedings from the safety of the shuttle, laughing evilly to himself as Americon stumbles about like an idiot. "Excellent. Good."

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Snarl with Landing Pad.

Mesa is rather haggard. Which is to be expected since he /is/ fighting a Dinobot. "Lord Galvatron. This unit is unable to continue combat. Withdrawing." However Mesa removes a large object from subspace as he retreats and quickly tosses it into the fresh trees below. Suddenly a large explosion takes place, rumbling the ground a bit. While the trees in the area of the explosion are gone, the combatants are plenty safe. "Fuel Air Bomb deployed. Mission complete."

Mesa begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, Thunderjet, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon>, Galvatron, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.


<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Pathetic. Galvatron, I would suggest a troop rotation. I know of many small asteroids some of the current Earthbound Decepticon crew could be guarding"

Snarl succeeds in grasping Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, throwing it off-balance.

Grimlock succeeds in grasping Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon>, throwing it off-balance.

<Decepticon> Mesa says, "Unfortunatly Thunderwing I am not designed for heavy combat. I am a light combat specialist. I apologize if this displeases you."

Swoop cries out as he watches the island catch fire anew, as if he's seeing it for the first time. In fact, he'd been so angry at being hit so much, he hadn't even noticed the damage being done to the island... now, he turns the brunt of his anger on the retreating Mesa, the Firebringer, with a burst of fire of his own. "YOU PAY FOR THIS!" he screams!

Swoop strikes Mesa with Laser.

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Your expectations are mistaken, Thunderwing. I do not rotate troops OUT. Only in."

Another metal T-Rex has his teeth clamped onto the flailing Grimlock, digging in deep. "You think me animal, but you biting me neck?" Grimlock pinches his wimpy hands into Snapdragon, holding onto the other dinosaur. Then, putting all his weight on his opponent, Grimlock lifts his feet up and tries to wedge his toes in between Snapdragon's jaws. His goal is to use the great strength of his legs to force the other T-Rex's jaws apart, maybe even rip off the lower jaw if he is lucky. "ME GRIMLOCK THINK YOU BAD DINOBOT NO SO SMART AS THINK! You. As think you? As you think!"

Metal T-Rex strikes you with Jawbreaker for 18 points of damage.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "That Mesa, is why you were invited to use one of my combat exoshells. I trust that you have learnt your lesson in humility. If not, I will happy reteach it to you later"

Snarl finally breaks his mental limit of being able to hold himself back...WHAT WAS HE THEN TILL NOW?! Though missiles strike his armor, tearing it up even more, leaving deep gashes within in. Though Scrapper adds even more fuel to the fire, as he actually is able to fire into the bare circuitry, causing a large amount of pain to surge through the Dinobot. Plus, he just had a pretender land right on the top of his head. Oh yea, he's had enough of this crap! "Hrrhhhhh ME SNARL NO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!" That's when Snarl transforms, and brings both his fists up, his battlecry ringing all over Dinobot island. This probably causes a stampede somewhere on the island. Even the flock of chicks retreats from his fury!! Though, Snarl then throws Americon off of him. "RRRAAAWWRG!!!!" He bellows, and turns towards Scrapper. His hands grasping at one of the tentacles. Then heaving the gigantic pretender over his shoulder, he tries to take Thunderwing out of the sky with his own comrade. Yet, he then unspaces his gigantic energo sword. "ME SNARL KILL YOU ALL!!!" He says, and tromps after the two Decepticons.

Spinning and twisting, Snarl transforms into his robot mode.

Snarl misses Thunderjet with his Pretender toss! attack.

<Decepticon> Mesa says, "And I stated my reasons for my inability to use your machine. And I have nothing to be humiliated about. I completed my mission. And I really think you should concentrate on the battle at hand instead of trying to berate me for doing my job. I will continue to give status reports from the shuttle."

The storm passes and the seas subside, leaving Dinobot Island fire-free but drenched. The Dinobot WMD slowly winds down from his epic rage, optics refocusing... and he gasps, taking in the destruction. "What... what me Sludge /do/?" he asks quietly. But he doesn't have time for introspection, because GALVATRON shoots him in the FACE!

"Owww!" Sludge complains, glowering at the Decepticon Dictator. "That HURT! You mean! LOOK WHAT YOU MAKE ME SLUDGE DO!" The Dumbest Dinobot desperately dashes to the dastardly Decepticon Dictator, deciding DESTRUCTION is due!

Sludge strikes Galvatron with Sludge CHOMP!.


"*I* talk too much?!" Scrapper-Octopoid roars back at Thunderwing. "*I* talk too much?!" Having been nailed by the massive amounts of water, the bubble-like modification to Scrapper's voice is even more pronounced now. As the water seeps back into the ocean, the Octopoid is deposited on the beach. Sand clings to the wet Pretender Shell as it gets back up onto its feet. Eying the damage reports as they come in, Scrapper wonders if Snarl is going to be able to keep up this sort of pressure. Surely between him and Thunderwing, they must be wearing him down. Still annoyed at Thunderwing's comments, both here and on the Decepticon broadband, the Constructicon uses the Shell's manual-targetting systems and lets the crosshairs float over Snarl before transferring it over to Thunderwing. Scrapper lets it linger there. Ooooh it is tempting, Scrapper muses. Little targetting accident. Could even blame it on Thunderwing himself. Scrapper is not one to be prone to jealousy over what might very well be a superior scientist and engineer, but he -is- prone to someone being *Primus-damn irritating*. "Just give us a reason, Thunderwing," Scrapper mutters to himself under his vocalizer. But no, Scrapper doesn't give into temptation. He has a job to do and that job is to kill Dinobots. As Snarl rants and raves against the Autobots, Scrapper has the Octopoid back up. Between Thunderwing and the newly arrived Americon/Reptilian, they should have him covered. Instead, Scrapper moves the targetting cursor over towards the water-bound Dinobot known as Sludge and lets loose with a potent blast of electricity from the tips of the trident, trying to help out his fearless leader.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Trident Blast <High>.

"I'll make you do worse, you cretin," snarls Galvatron, who takes advantage of Sludge's biting to try to grab his poor brainless head and slam it down onto his rising knee in a brutal jawbreaker!

Galvatron strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with CRUSH you with my BARE HANDS.

Breakdown spits up some seawater, having been deposited further inland, and starts to crawl toward the shuttle.

Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon>'s jaws are stretched far beyond the point they were meant to open. "nnnnNNNAAAAAGH!!!" He groans, "W-WHAT...ARE YOU..." Sounds of metal straining can be heard, and sure enough, the lower jaw is wrenched free of Snapdragon's mouth. The force Grimlock's applying to the upper jaw suddenly encounters no resistance, sending Snapdragon tumbling off of his feet to the beach. "NNnnngggaaaah", he moans, unable to even speak coherently. He thrashes to his feet, then turns and starts to wade back ashore, turning to fire beams of energy from his optics in an effort to keep Grimlock from following.

You strike Metal T-Rex with laser-eyes.

Thunderwing transforms into a robot.

Amerilizard yells as Snarl seems to effortlessly toss him off, sending the giant lizard flying.... at Galvatron!? Gulping loudly, Americon realizes that he must act fast to avoid certain doom, and activates his thrusters to steer him out of the way just in time. His flight path brings him directly over Sludge, too, so he decides to hose him down with the flamethrower while he's there. "Naaaah nave nome NAMES, Nudge! Nin Nanerina!" Americon cries out as he issues forth the blast of flames. Then... Americon keeps flying off. Becoming smaller. Smaller. A tiny little speck...

Soundwave leans into his monitor, glaring. "What is that fool doing? He is supposed to FAIL and bumble around, not do anything worthwhile!"

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Flamethrower.

Thunderwing flies out of the range of Snarl's latest attack, transforming into robot mode to hover in the air. "I back up my words with actions Scrapper, you need not doubt the evidence of your own optics. My power is that which will help elevate empires. I am not a simple worker, slaving away on the pathetic ambitions of others. I am a visionary, and I envision this planet devastated. The Autobots shall reap the whirlwind and this world will die!" He blasts down towards Snarl, a fixed grin on his face. "Watch Dinobot, watch as your precious island is destroyed. All because of /you/ and your fellow Autobots." That said, he lashes out at the Dinobot, concentrating his energy at a transformation line in Snarl's armour

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with Metallikato Chop.


Cyclonus has arrived.

Metal T-Rex yells with the exertion of ripping off Snapdragon's lower jaw and as soon as the tension gives, he flops into the water. He is just getting up when Snapdragon nails him with a laser, hitting him right in one of his dino mode eyes. "ARGGHHHH!" he yells. "WHAT YOU GOT AGAINST ME EYES?! Come back here so me can rip off more body parts!"Grimlock picks up Snapdragon's severed jaw and throws it at him.

Metal T-Rex strikes you with Jawsome for 10 points of damage.

Snarl just roars alloud, his senses given into his anger now. "Me Snarl say shut up!" His sword is raises above his head, and ready to be brought down on the jet. Though, Thunderwing strikes a very vulnerable spot, causing the Dinobot to halt slightly and look at the wound. "Me Snarl will crush you, Septi-con!" Though, that tinge of pain seems to bring the Stego-bot back to his senses. Grasping his energo-sword with both his hands, Snarl tries to cleave the Decepticon in half.

Snarl strikes Thunderwing with Breakneck clubbing!.

Galvatron registers two of his troops retreating- and no Dinobots succumbed, yet. "Cyclonus, come to me!" he calls into his radio.

Suddenly there is a roar of wind and a roar of engines as Cyclonus transforms into his massive spaceship mode and flies upward.

Cyclonus was already in the air as the order went out from Galvatron, his engine cowls opening to their full width, before he takes off and blazes across the ocean toward Dinoboat island. He radios back to Galvatron as he rockets up toward the cloud layer before levelling out. *I am en route, My Lord. Priortiy target?*

Galvatron, for Cyclonus' benefit, is wrestling with Sludge, who is biting Galvatron while Galvatron knees him in the chin. "This fetid beast, Cyclonus! Unleash your power!"

Sludge is pelted from all sides. Galvatron's jawbreaker smash crushes his mouth flat, giving scientists everywhere a headache, because NOW it doesn't look like a Casmasaurus skull any more, NOW it looks like a HADROSAUR skull! GEEZE! The Octopoid Armor's pitchfork blast runs up Sludge's tail, causing it to jitter slightly, then down his leg into the ground. Amerilizard's flames scorch the Dinobot. Sludge is not happy.

"You all JERKS!" he roars, the sound coming out of his head even though he can't move his jaw. "You come to Dinobot Island! You burn! You destroy me Sludge best friend grave! WHY YOU SO MEAN?!" He rears back, head waving this way and that, and attempts to land on the Decepticon leader.

Sludge strikes Galvatron with Sludge SMASH!.


Too slow to catch Mesa, Swoop's mood goes from mad to crazy. He's battle torn, gouged, and he sports a Galavatron beam induced 'owie' on about 68% of his body. He makes a rush at the closest Decepticon, who happens to be preoccupied with long speeches and Snarl. "ME SWOOP HATE YOU TOO!" he yells, discarding words for a smash of two fists to the middle of Thunderwing's back.

Swoop misses Thunderwing with its smash attack.


  • Acknowledged, My Lord* responds Cyclonus as he starts to dive lower as the rugged shape of Dinobot island appears on his radar map. His descent is sharply angled, the freezing air wipping over his wings, before he breaks through the clouds and the ocean stretches out in front of him. He angles out, his long steel tipped nose pointed directly at Dinobot Island, as he fixes on Galvatron's position. <ETA 30 seconds. Be prepared, My Lord.> His weapons are switched to active as he aims his HUD at Sludge and looks on before sending numerous beams of laser energy directly toward the Dinobot.

Cyclonus strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Laser.

Evil Metal T-Rex <Snapdragon> just makes it back to the shore when he gets clobbered in the back of the head by his own lower jaw. He leans forward to snatch it up with his small hands. "hhuuank hhou," he mumbles grudgingly. Then Snapdragon tries to force it back into place in his mouth. Somehow it stays attached, although it's set slightly askew. But now that he's pulled himself back together somewhat, Snapdragon leaps into the air and transforms into his jet mode. He's a little wobbly with only one wing, but then his wings are pretty small anyway, and usually just the sheer thrust from his engines is enough to keep him airborne. Snapdragon immediately comes around for an attack run at Grimlock. "Most...HRN...impressive. But I still have...many more MY arsenal!"

Snapdragon transforms into his greasy jet mode.

You strike Metal T-Rex with missile.

Thunderwing is knocked back by Snarl's sword, a large scar glowing across his chest, but his resolve has not been beaten, not by a long way. "Why are we doing this?" he cries, mostly for the benefit of Sludge. "You simple minded fools! This is a punishment on high for your attack on New Crystal City and the THEFT of my exo-shells. For that, we will destroy everything you love, we will hound you until the day you die. May you never have a day of happiness again, for we will always be at your back, in the shadows, waiting." He quickly ducks to the side as Swoop flies past him. "Pathetic!" he croons. "I will deal with you later, first, I will kill your friend!" Taking a blade from his side, he flares it into life, a glowing pulse of energy from it as he thrusts it at Snarl

Thunderwing strikes Snarl with Wrist Blades.

Scrapper watches with some satisfaction as Sludge gets ganged up on. That'll teach him to make waves. Hrm. Probably not, Scrapper reminds himself. Dinobots aren't easy to teach. The Octopoid hooks the trident onto a holster slung over its back as Scrapper plans on getting back into the thick of the action. He knows how lasers work, but he wants to take advantage of this unique chance to go toe-to-toe with a Dinobot in close combat and be the one walking away. Trudging through the wet sand back towards Snarl, Scrapper allows himself a bit of show by waving a tentacle tauntingly at the stegasauribot. "Quit messing around with Thunderwing, Snarl. Pick on someone your own size!" The Octopoid rears back before lashing out with its tentacles, trying to hack Snarl to pieces and get him off balance.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Snarl with Eight Armed Whipping.

Soundwave watches on the monitor as Amerilizard comes back around for another pass. "What is he doing? He is supposed to be an incompetent!" He muses about what's happening for a moment. Yes... "Perhaps Americon's thirst for battle was increased by merging with the Pretender? An interesting side-effect of combining with organics, then, and potentially useful... and all the more reason to contaminate the data so that the real truth remains hidden." Putting a hand to the side of his head, he begins to transmit something to Americon, something so horrible it would sap the will of even Ultra Magnus...

...who writhes in pain as his radio is besieged by the Lucky Star opening theme! "NAAAAAGGHHHH!" Americon screams, his Pretender suit's clawed hands clamped futilely over the lizard's "ears." "Noundnave!!? Ny nu nu nonure NEEEEE??!?" Still blazing towards the battlefield, he launches missiles at... Swoop? Well, they seem to be headed in his general direction. Then again, with Americon in the state that he's in, he just might miss...

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> misses Swoop with its Anti-Personnel Rockets attack.

Breakdown is considering retreat when he spots Galvatron battling with the large metallic sauropod in the distance, and decides it might be better to help then get blasted. Thou somehow he thinks, he's going to get blasted either way. He pushes himself up onto his feet, and runs towards the brawl, firing his disruptor in the general area of the large Dinobot as he closes on them.

Breakdown strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with disruptor.

Galvatron, trapped under Sludge's vast weight, turns his head aside and jams the barrel of his cannon into the Dumbest Dinobot's ample belly. "Feel my displeasure, beast!"

Galvatron strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Fusion Cannon (standard output).

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Decepticons, carve the Decepticon insignia into this pathetic patch of land"


Snarl misses Thunderwing with his grasp attack.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Your orders, Lord Galvatron?"

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Get this thing off of me!"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "I mean about the insignia carving, my Lord."

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "If we chase off the Dinobots you and your Constructicons can carve an insignia visible from orbit! But for now, focus on the more IMMEDIATE concerns of a pack of Dinobots."

Snarl glares at the smaller 'Con and just shakes his head. "Me Snarl no like you..." He says quietly, even as the axe sinks deep into his shoulder strut. Though the Dinobot winces in pain, his hand slowly moves to grasp the Decepticon's wrist. Yet his hand isn't able to grasp Thunderwing, simply because the fact he's being whipped with those 8 tentacles again. "Dat it!" Snarls roars, and just runs past Thunderwing. "Me Snarl tired of you, and your stoopid sticky tings!!!" With that, Snarl actually tries to backhand the pretender shell. "Me Snarl say learn place, Glitch!"

Snarl strikes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> with Know your place!.

<Decepticon> Scrapper clearly didn't want to obey Thunderwing's orders. "Yes Commander!"

Metal T-Rex nods, self-satisfied. He laughs at the Decepticon's wobbly, one winged flight, but looks confused when a missile zooms towards him. "Uh oh, me Grimlock forget about thaaaatttt!" The missile impacts him in the chest and sends him head over heels. He is launched into the air and lands upside down in a massive palm tree. He struggle and the sudden shift of weight makes the half burned tree collapse under him. He lands on his back. "Ow. That hurt. Where stupid jet?" He tracks Snapdragon and then backs up, takes a running start and leaps int the air, with his foot out. What is he doing? Is he... trying... to jumpkick... a jet? Yes. That's what he is trying to do.

Metal T-Rex strikes you with Jumpkick for 9 points of damage.

"STOP HITTING ME SLUDGE!" the sauropod roars, just before Cyclonus' laser strikes sparks off his back and Galvatron's cannon ruptures his belly, sending him FLYING several feet across the beach before he SLAMS into the ground. It takes a long time for him to get back to his feet, rolling about in the sand with his robo-guts hanging out of his ruined stomach. But, finally, he rolls onto his four stubby feet, and GLARES at the gathering of Cyclonus, Galvatron and Breakdown. One foot comes up.

Then DOWN. The other foot comes up.

Then DOWN.

The ground erupts in a jagged line, heading towards the Decepticon trio. Sand, stones and driftwood fly all over the place as the ground literally rips itself apart.

Sludge unleashes his Sludge QUAKE! attack on Galvatron, Cyclonus and Breakdown, striking Cyclonus.


Swoop turns around, furious he missed Thunderwing! "You not kill him Snarl before me Swoop do!" He lunges at Thunderwing, fists a'swinging!

Swoop strikes Thunderwing with smash.


Galvatron leaps away from the approaching crevasse, landing on the opposite side of the widening crack in the island in a tuck and roll. He comes up with laser drawn so that he can keep up the fire while his cannon cools. "Cyclonus, we will defeat this beast together! Follow my laser!"

Galvatron strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Ultraviolet Laser.

Sky Lynx has arrived.

SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon> sees the jumping T-Rex fly straight at him, and does some quick mental calculations. Grimlock is HUGE, and Snapdragon's jet mode has always favored speed over maneuverability - not to mention he's down one wing which makes any sort of aerobatics even harder. Finally Snapdragon arrives at a fateful decision...rather than *avoid* the flying Dinosaur, he heads *straight for him*, routing full power to his engines. Even as the T-Rex's foot smashes into him, Snapdragon tries to spear Grimlock with his own nosecone.

Metal T-Rex evades your ram attack.

Breakdown frowns at the incoming quake line. " I should have saw this coming.." He quickly jumps to the side, just clearing the newly formed crack in the earth and then continues running over to Galvatron. He salutes his large purple commander. "Sir, what do you need..anything you want.. I mean..anything I can do?!"

Galvatron points at Sludge for Breakdown's benefit. "Take it down!"

Thunderwing is knocked back by Swoops, landing hard in the ground and leaving a skid in the sand. "Heh... very well Autobot, if it is a challenge you want, I shall rend you limb from limb for daring to strike me!" He launches himself into the air, transforming to spacecraft mode as he does so, twirling through the air, twisting in the direction of Swoop and aimed straight at him. "Time to die!"

Thunderwing transforms into a jet.

Thunderwing strikes Swoop with ram.

Grimlock succeeds in grasping SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon>, throwing it off-balance.

With a smooth and fluid movement Cyclonus transforms into his looming robot mode.

Moriagarii morisagarii

Koishitarii mada naisho ni shi to ite rinrii

Amaenbouu youjinbouu

Tsuushinboo chooshi koite gyokusai

"NAAAHHHGHGHH!!" cries Americon in his Pretender suit, still under the relentless assault of the Lucky Star theme. The song is used as a form of torture by the Decepticons for good reason--it's off-key, shrill, and just damned annoying all around. Even a Decepticon with a lot of exposure to human culture, like Americon, is not safe from its terrible effects. And so, Americon, after missing Swoop, plows into the burnt island head first, and rolls around, thrashing about madly... and spraying flames in every direction once again, though he misses everyone in the air.

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> unleashes its Flamethrower attack on Breakdown, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, Swoop, Snarl and Cyclonus, striking Swoop, Snarl, Breakdown, Cyclonus and Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>.

Cyclonus blazes by over Sludge but, unfortunately, the ground shaking that Sludge stages causes a large rock to bound up into the air before coming crashing down onto his left wing. This sends him spinning end over end before happily landing rightside up and spinning around to face Sludge. He transforms, dented but little worse for wear otherwise, before nodding to Galvatron and firing his own weapon at the Dinobot.

Cyclonus strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Fire.

"Place?" Scrapper scoffs, infuriated at Snarl's continued bravado. The Octopoid is backhanded across the helmet, but it hardly flinches. "The place of ANY Decepticon is standing on the rusted out corpse of an Autobot!" he shouts angrily. The engineer has the Octopoid pivot even as he peers at the suit's energon reserves. The Pretender Shell reaches behind it with one of its arms and grabs onto the trident, passing it forward for the tentacles to grip. Twisting the shaft of the weapon around defensively, Scrapper tries to wave Thunderwing away with one of the hands. "What are you going to do now, Snarl? We Decepticons have one-upped your brute strength!" Scrapper raises the trident up over his head, with the three-pronged blade angling downward. "This is for every Constructicon who had to engage you in battle, Dinobot! This is for every Constructicon who dared not stray near this Island without first assembling the entire team!" Electricty crackles over the weapon's shaft, shooting down to the three pointed blades. It's clear that Snarl is wounded, and Scrapper hopes to capitalize on this with the coup de grace. "This is for every Decepticon that's met you since your wretched creation!" Scrapper brings the trident downwards, aiming for the blades to impact with Snarl's face.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Snarl with 45 Years of Constructicon on Dinobot Action.

Snarl falls to the ground unconscious.


Snarl falls to the ground, as his body collapses under the huge amount of damage by the Pretender shell.

The sound of thrusters in the air can be heard, then approuches down from the clouds above, a large white shuttle, which can only be one thing! Sky Lynx!! Yes, the giant autobot himself once more seems to arrive at the nick of time, or in this case, seemed to chime in when needed. Weather this was good timing, or bad, is hard to say. "Hang on!! Sky Lynx is on the way!" He roars downward as he transforms into his draconic form and swoops over the fray below, examining on what is going on and whom to attack. Gears can be heard turning, and mechanisms unlocking and relocking as parts attach and detach. Soon rises with large draconic neck upward highly and proud, looking before what surrounds him, and the stance stating true authority over his domain.

Yeah. Spearing Grimlock doesn't go so well. Either Snapdragon's aim is off or Grimlock has moved slightly, but the nosecone just misses and the jumpkick connects with the jet. Grimlock, trying a daring aerial maneuver, grabs onto the jet with his weak dinosaur arms. "YOU NO ECK-SCAPE ME, evil Dinobot! Why you betray us, Dinobots? Why you attack Dinobot Island? Evil Dinobot so sad it make me, Grimlock, angry!" He opens his jaws and lets loose with fire. Maybe it will launch Grimlock in the air away from his prey, or maybe, just maybe, it will put an end to this battle.

Metal T-Rex strikes you with airplane con carne for 5 points of damage.

You are very conscious that your life is in serious danger in this battle.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "There, now do you doubt my shells are powerful enough to take on the dinobots? With these devices, even the most inept Decepticon warrior can be as powerful as one of these 'Dinobots'"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "You had me convinced when I saw /Blueshift/ fight /Rodimus Prime/ and do reasonably well."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Did Americon not die? DAMN."

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Patience Geo"

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Don't count the corpses of your enemies until they're at your feet, Thunderwing. That's only one out of four."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Have the shells been pitted against, say, Computron or Superionso far?"

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Negative, but the suit appears to be causing him to suffer a mental breakdown."

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Soundwave, were I constructed by you and forced to live in your chest, /I/ would have a mental breakdown"

<Decepticon> Snapdragon says, "Grrnnnh! Systems failing...I cannot continue!"

Swoop takes a spacecraft to the midsection, which doesn't really do his internals any service... he hits the ground hard. He coughs up a wad of energon and his optics dim a bit, but he manages to get to his feet. A glance to the right confirms Snarl has fallen... Swoop just unleashes a missile at Thunderwing as his spirits begin to fall.

Swoop misses Thunderjet with its missile attack.

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "You would not suffer long, Thunderwing."

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Return to base, Snapdragon. You have done your part."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "I take a bit of resentment to that, Thundrewing."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "In my opinion they cannot compare to Combiner technology in terms of brute force, but they are nonetheless well worth investing in."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Especially given the hit-and-miss (usually miss) nature of Gestalt creation."

Sludge rocks from side to side, trailing robo-entrails as he turns slowly in a circle, trying to get a fix on one of his attackers. It is during these sad, laboured cycles that he sees Snarl go down. He stops and stares. Just stares. "That... that not something you see ever day," he grunts. The Dinobot isn't quite sure to make of it, never having actually SEEN a Dinobot fall before.

Finally, he makes up his mind. Ignoring the Decepticon Commander and sub-Commander despite their insistent assault, Sludge lumbers into motion, making a beeline for Scrapper and his fancy armor. "YOU KILL SNARL!" he bellows. "NOW ME SLUDGE CRUSH!"

Sludge strikes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> with Sludge SWAT!.


Mesa is still sending tacticle data, although the occasional letter character is corrpupted, could be that he is beat the frak up...

Thunderwing rocks from side to side as he loops in the sky to avoid Swoop's missile attack. "Is that everything you have, Dinobot?" he purrs. "I am Thunderwing, I am your death. You have brought this doom upon yourself the moment you decided to take a stand against me. Now I will take from you everything, and leave you NOTHING. I have some missiles to return, I think!" That said, he launches his own missiles at Swoop, in an imitation of the dinobot's own attack

Thunderwing strikes Swoop with missile.

Swoop falls to the ground unconscious.

Breakdown somewhat reluctantly runs towards the dinobot sludge, gun blasting as he seems to ignore the small stunticon. Gee, maybe he won't notice me and stomp me into the ground..

Breakdown strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with disruptor.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "There, I have evened the odds for you"

Galvatron backs away from Sludge's wrathful charge towards Pretender Scrapper, taking this breathing room to move up the beach towards the splintered and burned treeline while he lays down fire on Sludge with his electrolaser set to power-saver mode.

"Cyclonus, stop Grimlock from disabling Snapdragon! Pretender Americon and Breakdown, assist Pretender Scrapper with Sludge!"

Galvatron strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Ultraviolet Laser.

SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon> can't contain a pained bellow as Grimlock's flames wash over him. "grrraaah!" The fire slips through the many chips and cracks in his armor, burning at delicate internal systems. Thick black smoke begins pouring out from his jets and seeping out from the inside the cockpit. "You win this round...PRIMITIVE!...but I will have my REVENGE! I will see you ALL destroyed! But YOU...YOU I will save for LAST!!" He pulls away and fires his engines, quickly going supersonic.

Snapdragon begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Thunderjet, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> raises its tentacles and arms over its head. The bloodied trident is grasped in one tentacle, slightly bent from having ripped through Snarl's ultra-hard armour. "Victory!" comes the gurgling yet still deep and macho voice of Scrapper. Snarl has fallen, and it is a great day to be functioning. Scrapper wonders if he should pinch himself to make sure he isn't actually in a recharge cycle or something. Looking down at the prone Autobot, Scrapper gets the idea of going for some art supplies. Lowering the Trident again, this time like a surgical scalpel rather than a dagger.

"The Decepticon Ministry of Music and Arts appreciates your donation, Dinobot," he sneers. But before Scrapper can excise any armour off the mech, Sludge roars. "Huh?" Scrapper turns about to face the charging Sludge. Forced to abandon the armour retrieval, Scrapper holds the trident out in front of the Octopoid with two tentacles in a defensive manner, but Sludge is able to smack him to the ground nonetheless. The Octopoid falls, and sand flies in all directions. From the ground, Scrapper works the Pretender's controls as quick as he can, lashing out with one of the powerful kicks. He's quite vulnerable here, though.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Octopus Kick.

Cyclonus nods again at Galvatron's order, smoothly sliding his sword from it's subspace sheath, before leaping up into tha air and flying toward the Dinobot commander. He flies up behind Grimlock, sword held out in front of him, before putting out an extra burst of speed as he aims to stick the sword into the Dinobot's upper back.

Cyclonus strikes Metal T-Rex with Quick, clean, and neat.

Finally, Soundwave relents, and the Lucky Star theme fades from Americon's radio receiver. "Nuuuuuuh. Nat nus norrible. Nin Nanerina." The lizard suit stands up, looking around, scratching himself. He looks about the area. Hm. There's Sludge, getting beat up on. Swoop just got crushed. Snarl isn't moving. Ooh, there's Grimlock! He doesn't look too bad off. Bouncing happily over to him, Americon smiles happily as he's about to open up on the Dinobot leader when... he gets contradictory orders from Galvatron! Spinning on one heel, Americon salutes Galvatron with a clawed hand. "Nyes nir I'll NAAAAAHGHGH!" Unfortunately, as he was saluting, Americon accidentally jabbed himself in the eye with a claw. Closing it shut, Americon just grumbles as he turns his attention towards Sludge, beginning to pepper him with machine gun fire.

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal Brontosaurus <Sludge> with Shoulder-Mounted Machineguns.


Swoop simply falls forward on his knees, then falls down on his face. Swoop done here.

Sky Lynx succeeds in grasping Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, throwing it off-balance.

Sky Lynx takes note of the tenticles-- really, it reminded him of Quints.. he hates quints.. he /really/ hated quints. So, Target number one, spotted... Sky Lynx swooped down and snatched the Octopoid armor in his claws, growling lowly, "Enough of this!" he hissed before rolling himself over several times getting speed and chucking 'scrapper' into the air, before banking around hard and then blasting up flames toward the decepticon. Cooked octopie anyone?

Sky Lynx strikes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> with Flame attack.

"STOP KILLING DINOBOTS!" Sludge roars, tail swishing in every direction. "Sludge NEVER forgive!" Seeing Sky Lynx swoop in, though, Sludge returns his attention to the most pressing matter: Galvatron. "This YOU Gravytrain fault! Sludge HATE GRAVYTRAIN!"

And at last, the Dinobot Jungle Warrior transforms. Comma-shaped shoulders flexing and gentle blue optics burning... with rage. The Dinobot pulls out a blade, which ignites and burns RED. Red like /rage/. His mighty legs tense... then LAUNCH him through the air towards the Decepticon Dictator, sword slashing downwards as he flies. Actually flies, of course. Being a Dinobot, he can do that!

Sludge lets out an earth-shattering roar as he rears up into his robot mode.

Sludge strikes Galvatron with Thermal Blade.

Grimlock misses Cyclonus with its grasp attack.

Grimlock burns Snapdragon good. The fleeing Decepticon kicks in his jets and tosses Grimlock off. Before he can crash to the ground, Cyclonus zooms at him and nails him with his sword. "Arghhh me get rid of one stupid 'con and one more attack!"

Grimlock tries to pulls himself off of Cyclonus' sword, but fails. Realizing he cannot get away without more leverage, Grimlock opens his jaws wide and just tries to bite Cyclonus' face.

Grimlock strikes Cyclonus with Face Eater.


So far the plan had been going fine, the sword has sliced through the metal armor of the Dinobot's back just like it should've, but there was the problem of Grimlock's teeth filled mouth snapping at his face and tearing away a substantial piece of the metal covering his right cheek and jaw. His right hand lets go of the sword hilt, reaching up to touch the damaged area, before his face twists into a snarl and his hand lashes out in a fierce backhand across Grimlock's face. "You fool! You dare damage our perfection!"

Cyclonus strikes Metal T-Rex with Turnabout is Fair Play.

As Sky Lynx streaks down with his massive claws, Scrapper has the Octopoid Pretender Shell cover itself up with its tentacles in an attempt to defend itself. But laying on the ground doesn't give him much in the way of a defendable position. The talons dig deep in the armour and Scrapper glares as warning lights begin to go off. Dealing with Snarl took almost everything the Shell had. Scrapper isn't confident about being able to deal with /Sky Lynx/ also now. At least he's no-where near Sludge now. Flung into the air, the Octopoid is bathed in fire. Worse, Scrapper is deprived of a weapon as the trident slips from the tentacle's grasp and falls to the sea below. Temperature gauges rise from within the Shell, and Scrapper activates the Shell's flight systems, causing the Octopoid to hover in the air. No sense in taking even /more/ damage from hitting the ground, the Constructicon considers. "It isn't enough until we say it's enough," comes Scrapper's bubbly-modified voice. Bullets fly at the Autobot lieutenant commander.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> strikes Sky Lynx with Rapid-fire Cannon <Low>.

Thunderwing does not celebrate his victory, there is still work to do. Transforming into robot mode, he hovers high in the air, a smirk spreading across his face as he sees the flames that engulf the battlefield. "Ah, a beautiful symphony of destruction. And I, the conductor!" he muses, optics fixing on Grimlock. "Decepticons!" he cries. "There are but two now! Take them down before more Autobots show, make them feel FEAR. Make them think twice against standing against us!" Taking careful aim with his cyclone cannon, the hovering Decepticon shoots off a blast at the Dinobot leader

Thunderwing transforms into a robot.

Thunderwing strikes Metal T-Rex with Cyclone Cannon.

Breakdown watches sludge looking rather ticked, transform into his HUGE robot mode and fly right past him. Letting out an audible sigh, he chases after him, then leaps, trying to grab the large Dinobot's legs before his sword can reach galvatron. This can't possibly end well.

Breakdown succeeds in grasping Sludge, throwing him off-balance.

Amerilizard leans forward, and huge missile racks snap forward, aiming at Sludge. "Ok, now to finish you--hey! My tongue grew back!" Americon sticks his tongue out and feels it with a scaly hand. "Cool! I can speak normally again! Now I just hope I can grow my eye back... IN AMERICA!" He smiles happily at the thought, the Pretender just standing there for several moments. Then Galvatron gets sliced up by the guy he was supposed to shooting. "Oh, right." FWOOSH! Both missiles streak forward, spiralling together, streaming towards the brutally damaged Dinobot. Is this the end for Sludge?

Although data is feeding to all Decepticons in the area, it briefly goes away for a moment then returns. In the Shuttle, Mesa is doing his best to stay functioning. He has even plugged himself into the shuttle itself. However, his systems are failing pretty steadily now. His HUD keep warning him of shut down. But still he continues. That is his job after all, and if he expires doing it, so be it.

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Sludge with Tank-Busting Missiles.

"Forgive?" scoffs Galvatron, cannon pulsing orange. "Why would I need you to forgive me? I only ask that you SUBMIT." He raises his left arm to catch Sludge's energy sword across his forearm, the gash an accepted exchange for the return fire from his left arm, a blazing purple beam that lances out towards Sludge's injured midsection!

Galvatron strikes Sludge with Fusion Cannon (standard output).

Sludge falls to the ground unconscious.


Sky Lynx gets hit, but only seems to stun him, he then comes back around, his visor flared brightly, "You /will/ leave now!" Then opens his jaws to take a hard bite out of the decepticon. He will do what he can to help Grimlock and the others-- however, in the back of his mind, he knows this is a loosing battle-- but he has to try.. for them.. Sky Lynx strikes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> with Breaking Chomp!.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Sir, Octopoid Pretender Shell is reaching critical status."

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Return it to the shuttle and redeploy without it."

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "I want these Dinobots dropped into the ocean where they can never hinder us again."

Whirligig has arrived.

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Perhaps that's not the best course of action? What if we could harness them, turn them into Decepticons?"

Mesa enters the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Soundwave, one of your creatures is questioning my judgement."

Metal T-Rex rips a chunk out of Cyclonus' head, so it doesn't bother him too much when he gets backhanded away. It was worth it. Grimlock is dropping through the air like a rock, which makes him a pretty easy target for Thunderwing's. *Ping* *Pang* *Pingping* More pieces of Grimlock get dented and battered. He's missing an eye, nearly every part of him is dead or cracked, and /something/ is oozing out of several wounds. He impacts on the shore with a *PFUMP* He looks around and sees all his Dinobots brutalized. "Me Grimlock see it coming to end. Sky Lynx, me and you in for rough time." Grimlock works his teeth around huge rock, and then peels it out of the terrain and throws it with his jaws at Thunderwing. "Me have had enough! GET OFF ME ISLAND!"

Grimlock strikes Thunderwing with Rock Me, Amadeus.

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Unlikely, and even if we were successful, they may cause just as much damage being our allies as they would being our enemies."

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Thank you, Soundwave."

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "...yes, Lord, I am... educating her."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "I did not mean to question, my Lord. Merely considering out loud. My deepest apologies, mighty Galvatron."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Yes mighty Galvatron!"


Sludge gets grabbed. He gets missiled. He's been battered and beaten and blasted by forces almost beyond mortal ken. And then... Galvatron shoots him with his Cannon. Again. Right in the most damaged part of his robot body.

The usually-kind face of Sludge is contorted in rage, pain and confusion. The blast tears right through his midsection, opening a hole measuring across most of his torso. Fire erupts inside the hole, sparks and smoke billowing up into the stratosphere. The sword falls from his slackening grip. And Sludge... takes a step. His hands reach out towards Galvatron, crooked, ruined fingers clawing for the purple tyrant. Another step. And another. "Hrrrn..." he growls, fluids leaking everywhere. "Me Sludge... not... give up!" he coughs, spattering the area with liquid energon. "ME SLUDGE... NEVER... GIVE U--*SKKZZZSHHH*"

And, finally... the behemoth falls.

Galvatron steps aside deftly as Sludge crashes to the ground like a mighty tree, sand and ash blowing up in a cloud from his impact and dusting Galvatron's legs. He permits himself a smile. "Decepticons, you have done well, but there is more to do! Concentrate your fire on Grimlock! The Dinobots will rue this day and RUE IT HARD."

Breakdown can't stop running in time and trips over the fallen dinobot, right at glavatrons feet. Spitting out some sand, he looks up at his leader "Anythign else you'd like oh mighty Galvatron?"

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> hovers even as Scrapper begins diverting power to the tentacles. Without the trident he has little choice but to move in on Sky Lynx, however daunting of a task that may be. "We'll leave when we're good and ready, Sky Lynx!" Scrapper retorts. The Octopoid begins slowly moving in on the quicker Autobot, but Sky Lynx gets in the first strike. Sky Lynx's powerful jaws tear into the Octopoid's hide and rip off a massive section of the rear armour, taking with it several arms and a tentacle. Losing power, the Octopoid begins slowly falling towards the water. "Blast blast blast," Scrapper mutters. "Alright," he commands the Pretender Shell to emit. "I'm good and ready." SPLASH. The Shell hits the water and vanishes. To nobody's surprise however, it maneuvers beautifully under the waves, and Scrapper quickly reemerges near the beach, plodding for the Decepticon shuttle.

Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Whirligig, Sky Lynx, Cyclonus, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon>, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

<Decepticon> Galvatron says, "Thunderwing, I must admit that I am more than satisfied with your work. As distasteful as their aesthetic may be, and as energy-inefficient as it may prove, your work has shown its value. I very much look forward to delivery of your... magnum opus."

Cyclonus keeps up the assualt as Grimlock flies, the steel of his sword beginning to glow with power, before he raises his sword and tries to slam it right down into Grimlock's chest.

Cyclonus strikes Metal T-Rex with Rabbity Stabbity Attack.

Thunderwing is smashed in the head by the gigantic rock, as he dazedly clutches it in pain. "Nnnnn foolish Dinobot, my mind is my greatest asset, do not /dare/ to seek to harm it. I will show you the true meaning of power! Know today that this is but a taste of the vengeance the Decepticon Empire will wreak on you for helping your Autobot colleagues attack us!" He dives to the ground, hefting his own rock and throwing it back at Grimlock. "I too have power. But the /mind/ with which to use it!"

Thunderwing strikes Metal T-Rex with Giant Rock!.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "Thank you my liege. I trust that you will be more than impressed by it"

Americon, in his lizard suit, watches as Sludge falls over, and shrugs. "Oh, well," he remarks. "As a fellow American, he fought about as well as I would've expected him to... IN AMERICA." He begins to hum Taps until Galvatron starts barking orders again. "Urk! Yes, Lord! Sir! Leader!" he blurts out, snapping to abruptly. Turning his suit about, Americon squints at Grimlock with his remaining good eye. "Ah ha! Grimlock! You yet to face the wrath of a REAL AMERICAN DECEPTICON! Well! You're about to!" he says, stomping suit over to the Dinobot leader. "As soon as I..." The lizard's steps seem increasingly sluggish. "I... get to you!..." He raises both arms above his head, about to smash Grimlock with them... then.. as his fists come down... the whole suit comes down with it! And the lizard flops onto the ground, out like a light!

Reptilian Armor <Soundwave> strikes Metal T-Rex with I'll crush youuuuurrurgh....

Peacekeeper has arrived.

Quickswitch has arrived.

<Decepticon> Commander Soundwave says, "Hm. Rather inefficient fuel usage, it would seem."

Galvatron fires his electrolaser pistol rapidly on Grimlock as he advances behind the other Decepticons. "Fall, Grimlock! Fall!"

Galvatron strikes Metal T-Rex with Ultraviolet Laser.


'Great,' Whirligig is tihnking as she comes in high over the island, 'This place is swarming. What a nice way to say "Hey, it's time for you to get your aft kicked across the galaxy." Speeeeectacular...' But still the Autobot comes, her propellers kicking up sand and ash, smoke whipping around her from the movement of the mighty props. She's a sitting duck, she realizes, but... what can she /do/? This, she understands, is going to suck. Time to touch down... and see what they can do. She touches down carefully, opening her bay door. "We need to hurry."

Sky Lynx watches the decepticons head for the sbuttle and growls, new tactical plan, he turns himself around and heads right for the shuttle, "I said leave this ISLAND!!!" He roars loudly. It could be seen as odd that Sky Lynx, who refuses to admit to his primative nature, argued with the dinobots for hours, is now here to save them, and even more correctly there home. Why? One may ask-- simple the answer really is. They are fellow autobots and as far has Sky Lynx is concerned, that gives him all the reason to attack.

As Sky Lynx gets closer to the shuttle, he opens his mouth and blasts out hot flames, hopeing to ground the shuttle if all possible. He would make them pay-- every... single.. one.. of.. them...

Sky Lynx strikes Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler with Plasma Flame.

Stab. Crush. Smash. Zap. First it's a knife in his gut, then it's a boulder on his head, and then it's a Pretender's full weight on him. Then it's a laser from the strongest Decepticon around. Grimlock is badly damaged, half-blind and leaking everywhere. He shoves off the boulder, kicks the deactivated Pretender off of himself, and picks it up in his mouth. He roars, beyond words and leaps up into the air, both trying to avoid his many attackers, and trying to get one in particular: Thunderwing. With the Pretender still in his jaws he tries to slam its dead weight into the jet, using the body as a club. "RAAAARRRGHHGHGHGHGH!" Grimlock yells, lost in pain and grief.

Grimlock strikes Thunderwing with Beat you with a dead Pretender..

M997A2 <<Peacekeeper>> is not a happy medic. In fact, she's in full Nurse Ratchet mode by now. It's not as if she was sitting around doing nothing. Oh no, she still has a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess left by Soundwave's prank concerning /her/ med-bay. But, she is nothing if not a medic, and when the call went out, she responded--not as if she had a choice. Her headlights flare to life as Whirligig's boarding ramp lowers and her engine roars as she bursts out of the cargo-hold, making an 180-turn and charging right towards the fight. >>Try to avoid attacting fire. We're here as medics, not combatants,<< She sends to Whirligig tensely. >>And we have three criticals to deal with.<<


Octopoid Armor <Scrapper> climbs into the shuttle, damaged but still functional. The Pretender Shell takes several stomps inward before collapsing and opening up, revealing the Constructicon Commander! Rising again and holding his head, Scrapper glances about. "Well that was fun. What's next?" he asks with a chuckle. He takes another look out of the shuttle's hatchway, but doesn't risk going back out there again. The feedback that those shells inflict on the pilot is murder. Plus, he's spied another Decepticon that apparently needs his surgical help. Having not forgotten about Mesa, Scrapper grabs for his toolbox.

Scrapper leaves the Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>.

Scrapper has arrived.

Breakdown runs towards Grimlock as he takes off and then stops. "Why do they always run off.." He pats the barrel of his pistol against his head in frustration, then follows grimlock, leaping up in the air and trying to grab the Dinobot leaders tail as Grimlock hurls the large pretender out of his mouth.

Breakdown succeeds in grasping Metal T-Rex, throwing it off-balance.

Cyclonus leaps off Grimlock as he pulls the blade out with him, leaping back a fair distance away, before he raises his pistol again and levels it at Grimlock. A hum begins to eminate from the barrel as a white light starts to glow before becoming a bright pulsing light just as Cyclonus pulls the trigger and sends a beam of plasma energy at the Dinobot's chest.

Cyclonus strikes Metal T-Rex with Plasma.

Thunderwing grunts as he is rather ironically hit with one of his own creations. "Vandals!" he cries. "Luddites. But you will remember this day Grimlock, for today is the day that the Dinobots fell, and the Autobots simply /laughed/ at your pain and destruction. Do NOT cross me again, or such vengeance will be visited upon you tenfold! And now, I shall watch this carnage from afar, I wish to take a... full view of it all!" Laughing a full, rich laugh, Thunderwing takes to the air, transforming and heading straight up

Thunderwing transforms into a jet.

Thunderwing begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon>, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

Amerilizard flops about like a dead chicken as he is used to bash Thunderwing.


Galvatron levels his right arm at poor raging Grimlock, summoning up the last ergs of his weapons power to finish off the Dinobot King in a blinding flare of power that shifts Galvatron several inches back through the sand. "Kneel, Grimlock! Kneel to your master!"

Galvatron strikes Metal T-Rex with Fusion Cannon (standard output).

Grimlock falls to the ground unconscious.

Galvatron raises his fists into the air in triumph, laughing uproariously. "Excellent! The Dinobots lie humbled at my feet! With even their most powerful warriors laid low, who now will dare to stop me? Ha ha! HA! BWA HAHAHA!" Lightning would strike behind him if it was not the middle of a clear and sunny day.

Sky Lynx comes back around to see Grimlock fall, "NOOO!" The draconic mech yells, and practicly roars at the same time. The large draconic mech lands down and charges for Galvatron at full speed, "You will now fall to me GALVATRON!! I will revenge him!!" Then the white and blue beast slashes out with his claws.

Sky Lynx strikes Galvatron with Say hello to my big claws.

<Decepticon> Thunderwing says, "I trust no-one will feel the need to doubt me again? The Dinobots have all fallen, hail the empire!"

Metal T-Rex is too dumb to quit and too slow to dodge the last few shots. Finally, Galvatron's massive burst of energy catches him in the leg, burning off of completely and sending the still airborn Dinobot spinning. He swings out of control, erratic and unpredictable, and somehow ends up in a small crater on the Decepticon shuttle, smoking, and ruined. His jaw clenches and unclenches several times, his collapsing mind desperately trying to order his mangled body to fight on, but it just isn't happening. With the crackle of a single spark, the jaw stops moving completely and Grimlock is still.

M997A2 <<Peacekeeper>> roars towards the field, surveying the scene while audibly cursing up a storm. She transforms and sprints the rest of the way to where the Dinobots had fallen. She stops next to Swoop and focuses on patching up the worst of his injuries, enough that there would be no risk of him completely terminating.

The M997A2 pitches forwards, back bumper over nose, and splits apart, twisting in midair before Peacekeeper lands on her feet, now in robot mode.

Peacekeeper pulls out a medical scanner and runs a check on Swoop.

Peacekeeper jury-rigs Swoop, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.

Though not at all happy, the engineer femme transforms, heading immediately for the nearest Dinobot to her, her propellers stiff and trembling on her back. Whirligig isn't very happy... this destruction, this /devastation/... she drops to her knees near Sludge, optics dimmed slightly, tail twitching. This just isn't good... no, not good at all.

A flip of a part here, a twist of a part there, and Whirligig's big ol' round, chunky V22 Osprey alt transforms into the big ol' round, chunky femme.

Whirligig jury-rigs Sludge, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.


Soundwave has arrived.

Galvatron turns from Grimlock, clenching his fist with a last cackle of triumph, and suddenly catches a giant claw in the back- it slings him across the beach and into the side of the shuttle with a loud clang, where he lies still- apparently he had used up so much energy in this bid to eliminate the Dinobots that Sky Lynx, stooping like a falcon, knocked him out of commission. "Ngh! Soundwave! Help me... to get aboard... the ship."

The concept of vengeance hasn't pierced the cloud of confusion in the Six Changer's mind as he emerged in feral assault-beast form descending from above. Could those transorganic suits--he shuddered all the way down his haunches thinking about them--have caused that much damage. Surely a miscommunication somewhere? But then he sees them, the crumpled forms of the Dinobots laying on the ground. No... Not pie-loving Snarl, Sludge, Swoop or even Grimlock, incredulous as he watches him fall. Something twinges in his central processor and he suppresses a wince, his form giving over quickly to a small, floating object aimed right at the one who did it. Purple and Grey, Orange cannon. Identifiers go off. It's one of the Unicronians. THE Unicronian Leader of their army. Galvatron. He looked as hideously majestic in person as in dossier files. A harsh guttural noise as he sights down his barrel and fires in Galvatron's direction. Anything to get them out of here, anything to blow off steam. He would dog the Decepticon leader all the way back to NCC if he could.

Quickswitch shrinks down into his seriously pistol mode.

Quickswitch misses Galvatron with its Photon Blaster attack.

Breakdown digs himself out of under grimlock's tail in time to see Skylynx strike Galvatron. He leaps out of the crater, running towards Galvatron and firing in the air at Skylynx. "Damn giant autobot bird thing!"

Breakdown misses Sky Lynx with its Compressed_air attack.

Soundwave sees Galvatron fall, hears his cry for help--and is frozen as he recalls that horrible, horrible day.

"Soundwave... don't leave me..."


Why didn't he help him? Sure, he managed to get him on board Astrotrain, but then he just stood there like a retard while Starscream chucked him out! Well, it wasn't the right time to help him, yet! Yeah, that's it! "I hear and obey, my Lord!!!" Soundwave cries as he charges out of the shuttle, running for Galvatron as fast as he can.

Galvatron clasps a hand on Soundwave's arm appreciatively, rising unsteadily- he doesn't seem too badly damaged, but he's obviously drained beyond his limits by the sheer power output required to destroy Dinobots. "You are... a faithful soldier, Soundwave," he mutters, trying to stand as close to upright as he can as he staggers back aboard the shuttle on Soundwave's arm.

Galvatron begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Laser Pistol <Quickswitch>, Sky Lynx, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon>, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

Breakdown runs up next to Galvatron, stil ltaking pot shots at the giant flying monster, trying to protect his even scarier leader

Scrapper, once he has worked on Mesa, is back at the hatchway, helping other Decepticons in. As he glances out at the island, he marvels at the destruction they wrought here today. The Dinobots are going to remember this, he knows, and he suspects that terrifying retribution will be heading their way as a result.

Peacekeeper glares daggers at Soundwave as the oversized tapedeck makes his appearance. Oh, she will make him pay for the damage caused to her med-bay and comrades--but not now. Not here. She has a job to do, and she is not here as a combatant this time. She quickly moves on to Grimlock, repeating the same process to stabilize the Dinobot commander, yet leaving him in stasis lock for now.

Peacekeeper pulls out a medical scanner and runs a check on Metal T-Rex.

Peacekeeper jury-rigs Grimlock, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.

Sludge lies on his face with a big hole through his chest. Fortunately his laser core seems to be intact, housed, as it is, in his tail. Who knows why. Well, who other than Wheeljack.

Sky Lynx watches Galvatron get swatted away and he snorts angerly, however notices due to his attack he managed to actually save Galvatron from being smacked again by Quickswitch. However as he returnes his gaze about, in his sheer anger and getting ready to head for Grimlock to snatch him up, he hisses as the shot blasts past him, "...Primus-- I will take you all back to the days of can-openers and toasters!" He bellows before charging for the decepticon as well and blasting out flames from his mouth right for Breakdown!

Sky Lynx strikes Breakdown with Flame attack.

Breakdown wasn't really paying attention to whether his shots hit or not, but is suddenly engulfed in flames and drops his gun, running around in circles and screaming. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Laser Pistol <Quickswitch> is TOO ANGRY TO AIM DAMMIT! The Six Changer STARES after the retreating Decepticons, "One of you is gonna PAY for this!" he roars, expanding outward with a series of rapid twists and lands square on the ground with booted feet wide apart, "And I don't care which one!" He stares down his scope and fires at the nearest being with a purple symbol. BANG.

Quickswitch springs up into his massive robot mode.

Quickswitch strikes Breakdown with Photon Blaster <High>.

Breakdown falls to the ground unconscious.

Quickswitch aims for the bright wildly running, flaming target! DAMMIT!

Soundwave feels pretty good about being able to help Galvatron in his weakened condition--especially wihout any damnable Starscream around to mess things up. Perhaps he can get small measure of redemption for that day? At any rate, he supports Galvatron with his arm and shoulder, helping ease him up the hatch. "Of course, Lord Galvatron. I am always ready to assist you." Any nasty looks by the Autobots go unnoticed by him, but he's listening to their movements just in case they come after him...

Soundwave begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Scrapper, Quickswitch, Peacekeeper, Sky Lynx, Breakdown, Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>, Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>, SR-71 Interceptor <Snapdragon>, Galvatron, Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

Whirligig is still working, her head down, her attention completely focused. <<Peacekeeper, this is... insane... look, someone's gotta put out the rest of those fires. They're small, but there's still a chance they could get out of control. I'm gonna see if I can't get some water in my bay and dump it.>> With that, she transforms and takes to the air, confident that her patient is stable enough until she returns.

With a twist, a flip, and a delicate spin of propellers, Whirligig transforms to her large V22 Osprey alt.

Breakdown is shot as he runs in circles, falling onto his face, a small puft of smoke eminating fro mhis aft section like a smoke signal. He weakly mutters "Cheack Please!" before passing out.

Sky Lynx succeeds in grasping Soundwave, throwing him off-balance.

Galvatron enters the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.

Sky Lynx, thanks to his sheer size, does notice soundwave running away like a little girl. He growls lowly and charges for him. If Soundwave was to look back, he see a very large beats on his heels. However, just because of the speed, Sky Lynx spins himself around and *SMACKS* Soundwave hard with his tail, sending the decepticon flying forward(most likely into the shuttle) with his leader, with Sky Lynx yelling, "Get off this ISLAMD!!!"

Peacekeeper nods once. >>Go, I'll take care of the Dinos,<< she replies simply, ignoring the fight dying down in the vicinity of the 'Con shuttle.

Scrapper takes Octopoid Armor <Scrapper>.

Breakdown is still smoldering

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, There is fluid all over the place. It's obviously from the dilapitated form of Mesa. He valiantly fed combat data to everyone. As Galvatron enters the ship, Mesa meekly gives the best salute he can in his position. Apparently more systems failed. "Glory to the Empire Sir!" is all he manages to say in a gurgly raspy voice.

Quickswitch , calmly, approaches the fallen body of Breakdown. He looks at it, a mingling of curiousity and perplexion and disgust as he nudges the Stunticon with his heavy booted 'toe.' And then alarm. He glances over toward the Cons' damaged shuttle and wonders if they're just going to leave their fallen here, "Is he dead?" he wonders in a diminished voice.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Galvatron stumbles in and sinks into the nearest chair, looking pleased, if exhausted. "A glorious day indeed," he agrees, chuckling quietly with eyes half-dimmed.

"Someone get this shuttle in the air! Soundwave, hop to it! Bring us on a flyby next to Breakdown's broken down corpse." The Constructicon Commander leans out of the hatchway, gripping the side of it so he doesn't completely fall out. Is he thinking what you think he's thinking?

Sky Lynx stood there as the Decepticons fleed. He lowered his head in a low growl, before he gritted his sharp teeth together and then reared his head up roaring loudly. What birds remained on the island fled, for the roar echoed all over in his anger.

Once the roar ended, Sky Lynx lowered his head once more and his optical band dimmed, "Now the decepticons-- know they can hurt the strongest of the autobots.. they will strike now.. even harder.."

Soundwave marches up the ramp with Galvatron as the sun sets, but the moment is marred somewhat as Sky Lynx smacks him into the shuttle. "ARRRRGH!" he cries out. Grumbling as he gets himself back up, he settles down onto the pilot's seat, and has the shuttle swoop over both Breakdown and Pretender Americon, scooping them both up with tow cables. With hooks on them. For hooking things.

And the day... is... destroyed?

Soundwave takes Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>.

Soundwave enters the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Soundwave drops Reptilian Armor <Soundwave>.

Quickswitch doesn't even look over his shoulder as he lifts up Breakdown for them to take him back, so they can deal with their dead, or living. Now for the Dinobots...

Breakdown enters the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Mesa manages another meek salute in his Primus aweful condition. He couldn't even be put up as a window since he has too many holes in him.

Peacekeeper snaps her helm up towards Sky Lynx as he roars. "ENOUGH!" She shouts at the draconic mech. "We'll have time to ponder what happened and lay blame where it falls later! But right now, we need to get the Dinobots back to the city!"

Whirligig takes off as soon as she gets the go-ahead, immediately heading for the water. She lowers carefully, getting as much water filling her bay as she can before she takes tot he sky again, heading straight for the worst of the fires. She opens the bay door as soon as she's able, and even at her slow speed? A stream of water falls down from the back. She's no emergency chopper... but she's a smart girl.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Breakdown mumbles in his sleep "but I don't wanna go to decepticon school today.."

Scrapper watches as Quickswitch picks up Breakdown. Well there goes the hope of grabbing the Stunticon. Oh well. He starts to pull himself back into the shuttle, but then spies a certain chopper. "Hey! Whirligig!" he shouts in his gruff voice. He waves to her. "You're tin plated aft is going down in the science fair! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Oh, how Whirligig would scowl if she was in robot mode! But instead, she calmly goes for another load of water, her propellers working double-time. No good retort... none she can think of. Except one thing: "You're /on/! Just you wait!"

Sky Lynx doesn't even respond, he just stands there for a moment, then at last he speaks up softly, "..The dinobots will not forgive this, Peacekeeper-- even once you repair them, they will want revenge.. and they will blame us." /Us/ being the autobots. Sky Lynx walked away and growled softly, before heading back over, he seemed to be in a slight pace, unsure of what to do.. or what will happen next.

Scrapper's mocking laughter can be heard as he ducks back inside the shuttle. Now, he muses, gotta think up an idea. Paper mache volcano, perhaps?

Scrapper enters the Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler.

From Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler, Mesa manages another meek salute this time with fluid squiritng out. "Sir..."

So the shuttle blasts away with the wacky, fun Decepticon crew safely housed within, ready to go home after a job well done. The Autobots aren't going to have a witty joke to laugh about at the end of THIS day, now, are they? Mwahaha.

Decepticon Shuttle Despoiler has left.

Peacekeeper sighs softly and rubs the back of her helm. "Aye, Sky Lynx, I know. But most Autobots have only been released on light duty after the assault on NCC, if at all. With the med-bay in its current condition and everything in short supply, things are harder than they were before Soundwave toyed with the med-bay's forcefield restraints," she replies calmly, focusing on making sure the Dinobots aren't going to terminate on them en-route back.

Sky Lynx looks over to Peacekeeper, "..This-- is what I feared.. or what I am fearing.." He looks around for a moment before sitting on his hunches. "We are at war-- the decepticons are taking advantage of our lack of supplies.. we are hurting and if Rodimus doesn't do something soon.." He pauses and shakes his head, "I just-- fear the worse.."

For what it's worth, Whirligig is still working. She's still dumping water on the fires.

Sludge remains lying on his face, but stabilised. The rush of fluids has slowed to a trickle and there is much less smoke.

Quickswitch approaches Snarl with heavy steps, leaning down to look at the Dinobot, with a crease beneath his large helm, glances up sharply toward Sky Lynx and Peacekeeper's discussion. Any words the Six Changer might offer are tangled somewhere between his neural net and vocorder.

Peacekeeper nods grimly. "I know. I've managed to send out supply orders and enlisted the help of the Junkions--but there's only so much that I can do on my own," she replies to Sky Lynx quietly. "Still, now's not the time for this discussion. They need to get back. NOW. I may not be able to fully repair them tonight, but I can at least do what I can." She looks at Quickswitch with a nod, then walks over to Snarl to check on him as well.

Peacekeeper pulls out a medical scanner and runs a check on Snarl.

Peacekeeper jury-rigs Snarl, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.

Sky Lynx glances over to Quickswitch, "I believe in the end.." He looks upward, "We were to late and now... now-- I fear.." He stops himself mid-sentence and sighs, "Do you know if that shuttle is operational?" Glancing over to the Autobot shuttle.

Quickswitch meets the medic's face directly, fixed that would burn discomfort, "...damn them all," he mutters to himself as he gets up and walks wordless in the shuttle's direction.

Whirligig finally sets down nearby, transforming once her landing gear is on the ground. She watches after Quickswitch, then looks at Peacekeeper. "I'm ready. Just tell me what to do."

Snarl lays on the ground, offline.


Peacekeeper pauses as she looks at Quickswitch's face, surprise then grim understanding settling on her expression, then she rubs her chin. "I have no idea. I can't pilot one anyhow, and Whirligig transported me here." She looks over at the engineer grimly. "Prepare the Dinobots for transport, 'Gig," she states quietly as she slowly stands up and looks at the shuttle, scanner whirring as she makes sure that it's not destroyed.

Peacekeeper pulls out a medical scanner and runs a check on Autobot Shuttle Ol' Rusty.

"Looks fine to me," Quickswitch offers as, midway walking, his form changes almost unnoticed by him and moving over the land on thick treads toward the shuttle, "I don't know how to fly it either, I'm a tank. Can you get it operational if it's not?" he inquires of anyone with technical knowhow, "Hmm," he turns on an angle, "Looks fine from here."


Whirligig nods as she gets to work prepping the Dinobots, her propellers still stiff on her props. Then... she pauses. "Hey, guys? Do you hear that? Something's... chirping. or something. I... what /is/ that?"

Quickswitch rapidly transforms into a hulking drill tank.

Sky Lynx also looks in the direct of the chirps and tilted his head in the side with a curious, 'mrh?' Before he got down low, and oddly(in a cute way), creeped over to the chirping.

Peacekeeper shakes her helm. "It has incurred some damage, but it's still flyable, so no need to worry about that," she replies, then looks at Whirligig and Sky Lynx curiously. "Huh?" She sighs and shakes her helm, remaining quietly practical as she focuses on getting the Dinobots ready while also rechecking their condition.

Claws where there were treads. What was that? Ears twitch toward the sound, " sounds organic," Quickswitch whispers with a definite dissapointment in his voice.

Faster than the eye can follow, Quickswitch transforms into a mecha-puma.

"..I hope not....I wonder if it tastes good..."

Sky Lynx glances over to Quickswitch and hisses at him, "You will /not/ eat anything organic.. I swear, don't you ever get tired of thinking of eating things?" He grumbled gently and opened his mouth, sensing the air, before moving some things out of the way gently with his snout, trying to locate this sound.

Whirligig lifts her head and looks toward Peacekeeper. "I've got 'em about ready to move, but I can't move them myself. I'd do it in my alt, but... then they'd just be dragged, and that's no good for them."

"What are we still doing here?!" Quickswitch demands suddenly, moving from claws to the ground once again to towering robot mode.

Quickswitch springs up into his massive robot mode.

The Sixchanger abandons the curious peeping from one mode into another. He walks back toward Peacekeeper and Whirligig, "I'll take them in," the massive built Quickswitch is the same size as the Dinobots themselves. He looks down at each of them, puzzling over the offer he made, moving first to the Dinobot Leader, Grimlock.

Peacekeeper rumbles softly as she rubs her visor. "Here, let's try this," she replies as she concentrates and brings a few battlefield stretchers out of subspace. "We'll have to move the Dinobots onto these, but it'll make getting them to the shuttle a lot easier." She largely ignores what Sky Lynx is up to, focusing instead on Quickswitch. "That will help a lot. Thank you," she says as she motions for 'Gig to help her move Swoop onto one of the stretchers.

Snarl sparks!

Whirligig nods slightly before walking over to help the medic, her wings twitching on her back. "This is just awful..." The comment is made moer to herself than to anyone else, and if anyone replies, it's probably not likely she'll comment. She just does her work as she was told to.

Give up the hunt of the peeping and makes his way back over to the others, before glancing back once more and huffing out air, his massive tail swing side to side in minor frustration. "If the shuttle doesn't operate-- I'll tow it back." He said to Peacekeeper as he looked over to her.

Why? Quickswitch looked over at the pallets as he hefted the enormous Dinobot leader, feeling his servos strain and pistons compress with the weight. He found himself at a loss of understanding, and it once again, prickled at his logic circuits as he brought the Dinobot leader up the ramp and into the shuttle himself, before exiting and heading for Snarl next.

Peacekeeper shakes her helm. "It's not the question of whether or not it'll operate, Sky Lynx--it's if anyone can /pilot/ it," she replies quietly, optics dimming as her shoulders slump a bit, but she still continues to work moving Swoop onto the stretcher. "I can't fly it, Quickswitch can't--it may just be easier to tow it back anyways," she replies, moving on to Sludge. Oh boy, this is going to be interesting...

Sludge lies there, being huge and unwieldy. He looks sad, even offline.

Snarl looks quite ticked off, even as he lays next to his bretheren.

Quickswitch leans down and grasps the large, pie-loving Dinobot and lifts him over his shoulder like a sack of metal potatoes. Whoever said he knew how to handle wounded? He carries the Dinobot toward the shuttle, damning his own worn servos he'd spent the last three million years trapped... And they did not have the parts to replace them on short notice!!! He shook but resolve coming over him at once and he sets the Dinobot on the floor next to Grimlock's unconcious body.

Sky Lynx watches the activities and stretches out his body with a yawn, "Are we ready Peacekeeper?" He asks gently.

Quickswitch collects Swoop next, a Dinobot he hasn't seen much of, carries him to the shuttle next.

Peacekeeper can easily tell that there's /no/ way that she (or likely Quickswitch) can move Sludge on their own. "Help me move Sludge into the shuttle... then yes, we'll be ready to go," she replies quietly, subspacing the extra stretchers. She just wants to get /back/ already.

Sludge is much lighter than usual, being short most of a torso.

Quickswitch picks up, er... part of Sludge, the biggest part of his torso and lugs the huge beast in pieces toward the shuttle with the rest of his brothers.

Sky Lynx goes to help but mrhs softly, "It seems Quickswitch has it well handled." He sighs gently, "Right then-- let me see what I can do." Sky Lynx then transforms into a shuttle as well and connects himself to the other shuttle. He was either going to tow this thing or he would find away to over-ride it and he would tow, well, himself. With gears spinning and body shifting, the long draconic neck seems to sink back into the shuttle itself, the head of the beast attaching into body of the shuttle and the once mouth with rows of teeth, seeming to vanish. The blue legs of the lower half, seems to fold into the box itself. The mighty Sky Lynx now looking like a harmless shuttle craft.

Quickswitch doododoo.

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