Name Tempo
Faction Autobot
Function Combat Specialist
Alt Mode TVR Tuscan S
Type OC


"Do I look like a china-doll to you, sugar?"

Tempo is a master in sword fighting, she likes to get right in her target's face and get nice and personal with them. Her vehicle mode being the TVR 2001 Tuscan S has the ability to hit up to 250-300 mph on a straight away and hold a good 175mph on a turn. In her robotic mode she can travel faster then most due to her rear wheels in her alt mode, being able to drop down slightly and allow her to skate across the surfaces of the ground, though this really only works on smooth terrain such as road-ways.


Tempo was constructed at a creation factory a little before Optimus Prime was given the autobot matrix. She was designed with speed and agility in mind, along with sharp witted mind. Those who created her also trained her with art of close combat and swordsmanship. Teaching her honor, respect, dignity, and perhaps some would say the way of a 'true' warrior, or so she believes.

There was also part of her time where she was on earth with some of the other autobots during the time they were located. Here she learned some of earth's culture and learned about some of the musical tastes of the humans. This fascinated her, so she spent some of her free time during the war studying how to sing, dance, and perhaps play instruments.

If she was not fighting on Earth, she was on Cybertron, if she had the free time, she was typically listening to music, racing, and dancing, perhaps even singing at times. Though in the modern year, she has been re-summoned back to earth, to help with the war there.


  • Tempo loves all forms of Music
  • Tempo was a former singer and still loves to dance.
  • Tempo knows how to slice and dice ya five million different ways.
  • Tempo so far is the only green optic femme.
  • Tempo talks with a Southern Accent
  • Tempo has a "Thing" for Scientists and Tactical Minds
  • Tempo refuses to use any form of a gun.
  • Tempo may be one of the only femmes to have "Hair".
  • Tempo has a sleek ride which technically shouldn't even be in the USA! Its illegal for operations on its roads, bad girl! Bad!

Note to Above: Tempo also likes being a "bad girl" in her own way.

  • Tempo likes sharp, pointy things that you can go *stabie stabie* with!
  • Tempo has attracted the attention of Runabout, who wishes nothing more than to destroy her.
  • The dark femme is seen as the swift ninja! Fear her blades and l33t skills!


Road Rage - When a small Decepticon force attacks Los Angeles' freeways, can the Autobots stop them before they do too much damage?

Foot Race 2029 - Tempo goes all out in the Foot race and takes home the Silver!


Played By: F22 Raptor

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