The Crystal of Apex

Who: Collateral, Catechism, Blueshift, Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Sky Lynx, Geist, Scavenger, Scrapper, Hook, Songbird, Impulse, Megatron, Grimlock, Silverbolt, Skydive, Sixshot, Quickswitch
IC Year: 2029
Location: The Smithsonian Institute
TP: Non-TP


Medical - Argosy

Plated in dull grey metal and strongly lit, the medical bay is meticulously tidy, but cramped. The sparse medical bay only has a small number of beds typically stowed away vertically against the walls, which can be lowered with a simple voice command. The primary purpose of this medical ward is stabilization of patients taken off the battlefield, and thusly lacks much of the equipment that would otherwise be present. At each repair bed is a brightly-lit console capable of monitoring the patients' vital signs. From the wall above each bed medical tools can be retrieved, and there are advanced life-support systems built into each bay, which can be attached to critical patients until they can receive full medical attention. Against the rear wall of the medical bay is a large computer console. In addition to communicating with other parts of the airbase, it can provide those without medical training how to operate the emergency life support systems present.







Gumby Medic <Argosy>

Obvious exits:

Fore leads to Engineering - Argosy.

Aft leads to Hallway - Argosy.

<Earth> Over the radio is a news reporter that speaks up(and somewhere on a TV station), "Here we are at the Smithsonian Institue, a place that records time and history of events and items for our pleasure, but here today is a special item that is brought to the Institue for public view. This item is known as the Crystal of Apex. Believed to been part of the lost city of Alantis! Perhaps the very crystal that may have powered the grand city. if scientist can figure how to harness the crystal, they could use it to power several cities over the united states!"

<Earth> Redshift says, "Hoping they get picked up by a mysterious planet and turned into something USEFUL. Or at lrst less stupid."

<Earth> Quickswitch says, "..That was--! Good, give them time to consider their actions while they float home."

Catechism throws her hands in the air and protests, sounding rather frustrated, "I don't know where they put it! I was just happy to be alive, at the time." She pauses and chews her lip. "Though I bet if I bribed the barkeep, I could find out."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "Guys there is someone dribbling over the radio. I have no idea what they're on about, but do you want to just go blow up the exhibition?"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Don't forget your wand, Blueshift."

Collateral looks left, then right, then hunches over so she and Catechism are optic-level. "I'll help," she confides, grinning.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Actually, we really ought to steal the exhibition, not blow it up. It sounds... delicious."

<Earth> The report then talks again over the radio, "I also have here with me, one of the scientists whom is studying the stone." The mic is then past over to another person, "Yes, the Crystal of Apex is an amazing stone. It apparently is stronger than any diamond saw or anything we have here available. It casts its own light at night, we believe it somehow is able to capture the UV rays of the sun then disperses those at night as a light source. We also believe these rays may actually be able to do several other things as well, along with perhaps be used to cure disease, be used as a weapon, or who knows what else. After all, the people of Atlantis during their time were believed to have technology beyond what many of us are still trying to figure out today."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "See? They said weapon. That means Scrapper can probably make it into a superweapon or maybe a very tasteful nightlight."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "This is insane, lets blow them up"

Dreadwind vanishes out of reality.

Dreadwind has left.

Catechism looks up at Collateral, optics glinting with mischief. Then, she hears some interesting news on the radio. The Seeker feels rather torn, and she folds her hands behind her back, pacing. She brainstorms aloud, "Do I go out and try to secure material for a weapon of the week and then go get over-charged, or... Straxus." She holds he head in her hands, looking up at Collateral and looking rather pained. "I've got to go out there to make sure that someone points Blueshift in the right direction. If you want, come along. If not, I'll catch up with you sometime, and we'll see about that energon, eh?"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism can be heard facepalming. "Autobots. We blow up Autobots. Shiny crystals are for stealing, not blowing up."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "Ugh I don't believe in magic crystals. Think about it Catechism. If Atlantis even existed it would be 5000 years old. Their 'advanced technology' would be like "OOOOOH A WHEEL" or "OOOOH FIRE""

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Oh, but our Lord Megatron was restored to body by means of crystal, Blueshift. You had a shard imbedded in your fragile fleshy torso, remember?"

Collateral hears it too, tilting her head as she straightens back up. She waves a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about getting it quick, so long as it's -got-. I've got my own duties to take care of."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "Nnnnn infernal logic!"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Yours is not to think about it, but to follow it. It will hurt less."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Also, I don't know about you guys, but I'm several million years old, and I'm not made of fire and wheels."

Catechism nods and replies, "It was good to meet you. Best of luck on Earth." With that, she is off, a grim and determined look on her face, as she must fulfill her self-assigned mission of not letting

[travel spam]

Smithsonian Institute

Along the sidewalk is an extremely long building which appears plain and boring, if not for its tremendous size. Colored a light beige hue, the only indication of what it holds is a small sign at the southeast corner of the building, declaring it to be the famous Smithsonian Institute, a repository of human history and valuable relics of its past. Peering inside the building, you can make out what appears to be a World War I aircraft hanging from the ceiling and several dinosaur structures.




Sky and Lynx Unit

Obvious exits:

Fly leads to Sky over Washington, D.C..

North leads to Pentagon.

South leads to Arlington National Cemetery.

East leads to Great Mall.

West leads to Outskirts of Washington, D.C..

Blue Spaceship blasts across the sky, his lasers flying out obnoxiously across the landscape as he approaches the museum. "PAH!" he emits. "This is a fools errand, this is useless! Lets just blow them all up for having nice stuff!"

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> is flying along, rather more slowly and less destructively, and she hollers, "If we take the nice things, then we can flaunt the nice things in their faces!" Blueshift really doesn't seem to understand the concept of 'steal shiny stuff'.

The Sky and Lynx Unit are here on watch duty. After all, such a nice report could only call in the Decepticons to just /try/ and come and steal it. That and far as the guardian was conserned he needed to make up even more for his acts in Texas.

It was about then Sky and Lynx both took notice of the activity in the air, both speaking at the same time, "Right on schedual.." They both mused.

Porsche 924 Mini <Cliffjumper> putters along on the road, heading toward the museum. He's had to drive all the way from California, so it's taken him a while, okay?

"There is some stupid Autobot creature!" Blueshift emits loudly as he roars over the Institute. "Or it is modern art. I cannot tell, it is SO ugly!" He twirls, heading into the cloudcover, and then in a flash, he starts to strafe the roof of the museum, peppering it with laserfire holes, approaching Sky Lynx with his lasers. "Nnnn I HATE modern art!"

Blueshift misses Sky and Lynx Unit with his Pew pew attack.

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> tries to put on afterburner and overshoot Sky Lynx, trying to come up behind the museum. If Blueshift wants to take on modern art single-handedly, it'll give her more time to try to liberate the Apex Crystal. To brake, she transforms and cuts anti-gravs, trying to drop down behind the museum.

F-35B Lightning II transforms into robot form. Catechism's feet unfold, her arms unfold out of her body, her nosecone rotates through her body and ends up on her body, and her wings rotate into position at her hips.

The Sky half leaps into the air when the shots come and the Lynx half just jumps to the side out of the way. His sheer size on the land makes several car alarms go off in the area. He then runs foreward, the Sky unit then connects to the other half, and Sky Lynx himself leaps foreward, banking around, "I beg to differ, I am not Modern Art! I rather like to see myself as Retro styled." He then went to open his mouth to breathe down flames, but realized how close Blueshift was and held back, only just pulling around, "..bloody all.."

Oh no-- he wasn't about to make a mistake a creating a second fire!

Gears can be heard turning, and mechanisms unlocking and relocking as parts attach and detach. Soon rises with large draconic neck upward highly and proud, looking before what surrounds him, and the stance stating true authority over his domain.

Blue Spaceship twists in the air and transforms into robot mode, shaking his fist at Sky Lynx. "Nnnnn I would love to dismember you Autobot, but I too have a mission. DESTROY this establishment and burn it to the ground!" He grins. "You would appreciate this, I imagine!" He dives into the roof of the museum, creating a large hole

The spaceship flips up into the handsome form of Blueshift

Porsche 924 Mini <Cliffjumper> is just about at the parking lot of the museum, when he sees... robots flying around. "Aw, what the... looks like I'm late for the party!" He transforms, leaping to his feet, and running toward the fray.

Cliffjumper's hood bursts outward as his robot mode rises to its full height.

Catechism picks up a cargo truck and throws it through a back wall of the museum. She ducks as she steps inside through the new opening, her full, pointed height not viable inside. She needs to figure out where they are keeping that Apex Crystal and fast. She tries to grab a random human, who could be a janitor, docent, security guard, or visitor, for all that she knows, and she demands, "Where is the Apex Crystal? Failing that, where is the directory?"

Sky Lynx looks at the size hole and rumbles, "Typical--" Then he swoops down, thankfully it was large enough for him to go down into and by this time, people are scattering and running away like little scared mice!

Sky Lynx then locks onto not Blueshift but rather Catechism who just waltzed in and tried to terroize a random human. "Decepticon!" His tail swings for her, "Leave the humans be!"

Bumblebee has arrived.

You evade Sky Lynx's Tail-fin Smack! attack.

Blueshift crashes into the floor of the museum, though a displaycase. Slowly he gets to his feet and looks up as he sees giant APES looming over him, a model of the statue of liberty behind him. "NOOO!" he cries, slamming a hand onto the ground. "You did it! You finally did it. BLOODY FOOLS!" In his anger, he throws a knife at an ape, which sails past the model in the direction of Sky Lynx

Blueshift misses Sky Lynx with his Blade attack.

Catechism drops the human and takes a few steps back, rather startled by the fact that Sky Lynx just tried to smack her when she was just trying to ask for directions. In fact, she exclaims, "Hey, I was just asking for directions!" She aims an arm gun at Sky Lynx and snaps off a quick shot before running down a museum corridor, hunched over and hoping she can get to the right place.

Sky Lynx evades your disruptor attack.

Sky Lynx ducks from the knife, and side steps the blast shot, after all, there wasn't much room for the titan to move, and he mistaken steps on a model of a Sabertooth, "Oops.."

Sky Lynx then decides the best way to deal would be to split off and go after them both, however due to space, that-- probably also wouldn't be a great idea. Oh.. how he hated human buildings sometime.

Sky Lynx then moves toward Catechism, leaping into the air and goes to smack her into the wall with his large claws.

Perhaps with enough force to send her through the wall itself into the room that says 'exhibit for limited time', wait-- wasn't there were the crystal was? Bad Lynx!

Sky Lynx strikes you with Say hello to my big claws for 17 points of damage.

Bumblebee enters the Smithsonian through the garage, being slightly to big for the entrance. When he enters, He looks to the battle, optics wide for a moment as he seems to be in shock. He then size and grabs his energy pistol, firing a shot for the nearest threat, Blueshift.

Bumblebee misses Blueshift with its BumbleGun attack.

Blueshift gets to his feet, slapping away one of the apes in anger, ripping the model's head into his hand. "Nnn HUBCAP is shooting at me!" he cries. "I hate Hubcap!" He hefts the head and throws it directly at Bumblebee. "Here, have an... ape... head!" he shouts, attempting an hilarious joke

Blueshift strikes Bumblebee with APE HEAD.

Catechism could have guessed that she was going to be mauled. She would have been right, if she had. When the dust of being knocked through a wall has settled, it can be seen that Sky Lynx's claws go all the way through her torso and cleanly out the other side. Dazed, Catechism tries to get her bearings. When she does, her pain clouded-optics focus, and she grins nastily up at Sky Lynx from the floor where she impacted and comments, "Hey, thanks for the directions." She snaps her whip at Sky Lynx, trying to get away from him. You strike Sky Lynx with Electrified Whip.

Cliffjumper runs toward Blueshift. "DON'T YOU EVER SAY A WORD ABOUT HUBCAP!" he calls. "THAT ROBOT WAS A TIME WARS VETERAN AND A /SAINT/!" He fires his laser at the blue Decepticon.

Bumblebee gets hit with an ape head in the face. He grumbles a bit and runs after Bluestreak, then see's Catechism. He then runs for her and leaps, sending a leaping kick for her face. "Leave Sky Lynx alone!

You evade Bumblebee's kick attack.

Cliffjumper misses Blueshift with his Finned Rifle attack.

Catechism gets out of the way when Bumblebee comes flying at her. She sneers and says snidely, "Leave the flying to the Decepticons, little Autobot." She raises an arm gun at him, fires, and carefully tries to back in the direction of the Apex Crystal.

You strike Bumblebee with 25-mm GAU-12 cannon <Long Burst>.

Bumblebee gets shot and sent back a good distance. He then raises his own pistol to try and shoot the Cone head in the aft, firing a few shots.

You evade Bumblebee's BumbleGun attack.

Blueshift looks about. "What... a RED Hubcap AND a YELLOW Hubcap? What is going on?" This is almost enough to make his mind explode, so he leaps into a display of crystal chandeliers, smashing them to pieces as he grabs a mug that has the picture of Teddy Roosevelt on it, throwing it at Cliffjumper's head. "DIE RED HUBCAP!"

Blueshift misses Cliffjumper with his ALLEY-OOP! attack.

Cliffjumper catches the mug and takes a sip of delicious coffee from it before throwing it to the ground, where it shatters. "Every time you say my friend's name in vain, blue Redshift, that's another beatin' I gotta lay down on you!" He charges forwart to punch Blueshift in the robot jimmy.

Cliffjumper misses Blueshift with his Punch attack.

Sky Lynx got smacked by the whip and with everything happened, he decide it best he either get out of this small building or he probably cause it to cave down, "Bumblebee-- Cliffjumper! Get the Apex Crystal, we need to move this outside and if that is what the decepticons want, we can't let them have it!" Sky Lynx then leaps into the air and knocked over a T-Rex skull, which heads right for Blueshift.

Blueshift dives out of the way as Robot Jimmy takes the punch for him. "ROBOT JIMMY!" he cries out in alarm, then looking at Cliffjumper with a look of hatred etched onto his face. "Nnnnn!" But then a flaming T-Rex skull hits him, and he staggers forwards, throwing the flaming skull at Cliffjumper. "Get it off me!" he cries

Blueshift strikes Cliffjumper with Flaming skull.

Catechism does not get shot in the butt, possibly because she was backing up while facing Bumblebee. It does make dodging easier, she has to say. She actually turns around now and tries to decide how to remove the Apex Crystal from its protective, likely bulletproof, casing without being eaten by Sky Lynx. She extends her retractable spiked knuckles and attempts to smash the casing.

The casing does indeed break into tiny shards and the Crystal shines Brightly due to the fact its slightly in the dark!

You evade Bumblebee's ram attack.

Bumblebee runs for Catechism and tries to do a full on body tackle on the femme bot, trying to stop her. "Can use a little help here!" He yells to Sky Lynx

Cliffjumper's head is knocked off by the skull, which fuses to his neck, replacing his actual head with a giant flaming T-Rex skull. "Aw, hell!" Cliffjumper cries, the huge skull flapping its jaws as he speaks, staggering around in a circle.

Sky Lynx stops mid way out and grumbles, "Primus above.." He murmurs, before he leaps back down, and slamming head through the already made hole, he tries to snap his jaws on Catechism to perhaps yank her out of the room and toss her aside so Bumblebee can get the crystal.

Blueshift gives a cry of triumph as he defeats Cliffjumper, making a really rude Cybertronian gesture at him, and then flicking his rockets into high speed as he smashes though the museum in pursuit of Bumblebee. "I have destroyed your friend, now it is your turn, Hornet!" he screams out, throwing a scale model of Brian Blessed at Bumblebee's noggin

Sky Lynx strikes you with Breaking Chomp! for 17 points of damage.

Blueshift strikes Bumblebee with Brian Blessed.

Catechism deftly dodges out of the way when Bumblebee comes flying at her again, and she snaps, annoyed, "Didn't I tell you to leave the flying to the Decepticons? It's not a good look for you. You might want to try, oh, a used car lot. You'd be the Belle of the Ball, there." She attempts to snatch up the Apex Crystal, now that she has freed it from its casing. Whether or not she gets it, however, she has been caught in Sky Lynx's jaws, even more viciously mauled, and she tries to land a shot on his snout with an arm gun to get him to let her go.

You strike Sky Lynx with Acid Strike.

You notice your Acid Strike attack once more taking effect against Sky Lynx.

Your Acid Strike attack against Sky Lynx wears off.

Bumblebee succeeds in grasping Catechism, throwing it off-balance.

Bumblebee leaps after Catechism when she grabbed the crystal, and tries to pull it from her. Is is holding onto her and the crystal now, trying to pull it out of her hands. "Give it here!" He yells and grunts.

Sky Lynx succeeds in grasping Catechism, throwing it off-balance.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Could use assistance. Location is Smithsonian Institute. Am under attack by Sky Lynx and... Bumblebee. Blueshift is occupied by... Cliffjumper."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "I have destroyed Cliffjumper, I am going after his yellow repaint"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism sounds startled but relieved, "Oh, Straxus, thank you, Blueshift!"

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Allright. I could help you out as best I can!"

Sky Lynx growls as he holds her in his jaws, which apparently Bumblebee has ahold of her, however when the acid comes, he makes a dinosauric scream in pain, and in result, chucks her and anything 'attached' to her right out of the room and toward some stuff cave-men.

He shakes his head several times, trying to get the acid off his snout as it burns away at his thick hide. Grunting all the way.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "You'll like this, Scavenger. I'm... owwww... trying to steal a rock."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "A rock! Allright, Im right over there. Tell me about it when we get it home!"

Blueshift picks up Cliffjumper's robot head that is lying on the ground, and flicking out a flame, sets a fuse that is sticking out of the bottom alight, throwing the fizzing head at Bumblebee, and then leaps under a scale replica of the Titanic. "DOWN!" he shouts

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Normally I would not bother... but en route."

Blueshift strikes Bumblebee with Cliffjumper's head.

Geist has arrived.

Scavenger soars down into view from the skies above.

Scavenger has arrived.

Catechism goes flying into another room inside the museum, causing vast damage to the flooring. If Bumblebee holds on to her, so does he! She desperately tries to grab the rock away from Bumblebee, and she urges, "Give it up, yellow boy!" Then Cliffjumper's severed head comes flying, and it's all just like, 'What?!'

Catechism succeeds in grasping Bumblebee, throwing it off-balance.

Hook has arrived.

Bumblebee gets hit with the head and thrown back, making him drop the crystal. He then grunts and makes a flying leap onto Catechism to try and stop her from getting the Apex crystal. "Oh no you don't Cone head!"

You evade Bumblebee's grasp attack.

Cliffjumper is staggering around in blind circles. His head has been replaced by a T-Rex skull that has been set on fire. He has no goddamn idea what he's doing because T-Rexes, as anyone who has studied dinosaurology knows, were all completely blind deaf mute, which is how they evolved into Hellen Keller.

Impulse has arrived.

Sweepcraft <Geist> cuts through Earths atmosphere and descends like a missile, map uplink in his navigation systems are cecked and he readjusts course, flying down towards D.C. and the prestigious Smithsonian.

Sky Lynx hisses as the acid at last faded away, to only notice the other decepticons comming on his radar. "..I don't have the bloody energy for all this.." He forgot to refuel and it was now costing him.

The large draconic tries to locate Bumblebee, the femme cone-head, and the crystal!

Once locating them both he charges toward the room, to only slip on the strange floor surface and crashing into the wall with a loud *THUNK*, his head now stuck in the wall. He growls and attempts to delodge his large head from the wall, placing both paws on the wall itself and pulling back as hard has he can. Tail sweeping about in aggrivation.

Foxfire has arrived.

Blueshift stands amongst the destruction and laughs, looking in the way of the crystal. "Ahaa! Now, what did we come here for? Oh yes, that was it!" He starts shooting randomly around the place bringing down walls and priceless exhibits. "Mindless destruction, that's the key!"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Facility in sight, who do you want me to kill?"

Catechism rolls on the floor, evading yet another flying leap from Bumblebee, and she reminds, frustrated, "For the third time, Bumblebee, you can't fly! Don't you ever learn?" She gets to her feet and runs toward the Apex Crystal, in all its shining glory on the now debris-dusted floor. There are jagged holes that go all the way through her body, and there are also clear tooth marks punctured through her armour, but she sprints as if her life depended on it as she tries to run and pick up the Apex Crystal. Straxusstraxustraxus, Sky Lynx is out there, and he's probably angrier than a F-18 Hornet. Also, Blueshift seems to be trying to bring the walls down on her. Maybe her life does depend on this!

Scavenger flies in overhead as fast as the flying robot steamshovel can go. "Catechism needs help. And we gotta get that rock out of here.." He tries to approach the heat of the battle. "We'll see what she's got when we get her home.."

Ever since the first news broadcasts of the unveiling of the mysterious crystal, Hook has been making his way towards the site of the Smithsonian Museum. However, as one of the slowest members of the Decepticons, it's taken him quite some time to get here. One of these days he'll build a giant purple wing just like Scrapper's. Hook lands outside the museum, and begins scanning for energy sources, ignoring any human law enforcement and the noise of the ongoing skirmish.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "I won't trouble you with Bumblebee, but if you could get Sky Lynx off my case, I would greatly appreciate it."

<Decepticon> Hook says, "Where is the crystal?"

Silverbolt soars down into view from the skies above.

Silverbolt has arrived.

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "What crystal? Stop speaking in riddles Hook!"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "I... I'm *trying* to grab it, but Blueshift is knocking down the walls around me."

Scrapper has arrived.

"I CAN'T SEEEEEEEEE" Cliffjumper howls, firing his laser everywhere.

Cliffjumper misses Foxfire with his Finned Rifle attack.

Sweepcraft <Geist> is only responding to calls of ineptitude... normally he'd leave them unanswered, but apparently the Sweeps have to prove their loyaly these days. The Sweepcraft transforms and Geist rockets towards the building. He blasts a hole through a wall and soars in through the dusty cloud. "There is a dragon to slay, so I hear... ah... throwing a fit and stuck in a wall I see."

The Sweepcraft transforms rapidly into the cruel robotic Decepticon Geist.

Bumblebee runs after Catechism. "You are not going to get that crystal and thats final!" He yells, shifting to turn into a volkswagon, driving on past her to the crystal. He unshifts an arm and grabs it, reforming his arm back so the crystal was tucked safely away in the car as he tries to drive off. Bumblebee becomes the extra cute little yellow VW bug!

A flurry of shifting, twisting and contorting ensues as Impulse transforms into the sleek, streamlined form of a gold hovercar.

Sky Lynx succeeds in grasping A yellow Volkswagon, throwing it off-balance.

Once Sky Lynx gets free, he then notices Bumblebee snatch the cystal and drive off. His optical band flickers as he checks his energon levels and chases after Bumblebee, he then snatches the small car with one of his claws gently and lifts Bumblebee into the air, with said crystal and flies out of the hole. "We have to get this fight out of this complex! Hang on!"

Sky Lynx then heads for the outside trying to see if he can get the decepticons to take this outside, and hopefully, not get bolted, slammed, or smashed back down!

Quickswitch has arrived.

Accelerated, Quickswitch transforms into a sub-orbital jet.

Songbird has arrived.

Songbird dives to the ground as she twists and folds, by the end of this quick procedure you find yourself looking at a cool Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Blueshift looks about, trampling through the destruction as he kicks over a monument to peace that has a small child cradling a kitten carved atop it. "ANY MORE?!" he cries out, pumping his fist in the air, shooting his rifle at the flaming Cliffjumper. "I AM INVINCIBLE!"

Blueshift strikes Cliffjumper with Ham-laser.

Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> is racing towards Washington DC with a cassette passenger. And when we say race, we mean there's a literal blur of gold with red and black highlights streaking past at just over the speed of sound. "This ought to be fun," grouses the geriatric speedster as he closes the distance and the events unfolding at the Smithsonian come into view. "Just let me know when you're ready, Foxfire, and I'll let you out."

Cliffjumper's flaming T-Rex skull of a head is transmogrified by Blueshift's ham laser... into a giant pile of burning ham! "AAAAAUAUUAUAUUAGGHHGHGHHG" he somehow screams, despite no longer even having a mouth, just a pile of ham that is on fire and rapidly burning up. "LIFE IS HELLLLLLLLL"

Geist frowns. "Aww... no cage match? Fine fine, dragon..." Geist kicks up his antigrav flight thrusters and soars after Sky Lynx. "Don't drop your precious for so high up now!" His head mounted blaster glows to life and a series of pulses shoot out after the giant Autobot flier. ~WA-FOOM! WA-FOOM! WA-FOOM!~

Geist strikes Sky Lynx with Laser.

Foxfire is glad for the ride. Flying is fun and all, but Impulse is much faster. The tape has not bothered to transform, instead making himself comfortable in the provided seat and sticking his head out the window, ears perked as they rapidly approach their destination. "I'm ready when you are, Impulse!"

Catechism lashes out with her whip, not electrified this time, and she tries to get it to snag a portion of Sky Lynx, trying to actually hitch a ride. She also activates her bootjets to try to catch up and actually climb onto Sky Lynx's back, if she can, all the while trying to be careful not to accidentally get shot by Geist.

Catechism succeeds in grasping Sky Lynx, throwing it off-balance.

Reinforcements are being called in on all sides to assist Catechism with her mission to... well, Scrapper hasn't actually been told exactly /what/ the mission is beyond 'come here and kill some Autobots with everyone else'. While the Constructicon CO doesn't consider himself a front line warrior, he has to admire the simplicity of the military's orders. A lime green payloader is rolling through the streets towards the museum. Scrapper isn't even bothering to play the robots in disguise card, as he's smashing his way through any cars (parked or otherwise) that get in his way. He was going to fly in, but decided that a demolition derby style entrance would better put the fear of Primus into the enemies of the Decepticon Empire. It is possible (likely, even) that Impulse and Foxfire are going to pass Scrapper on the way to the Smithsonian.

Sky Lynx does take damage, however doesn't seem to stop him or really bother him, "Move out of my way!!" Sky Lynx yells and now free in the sky, he breathe out flames for the Sweep Giest to deal with, before he swoops down hard to put Bumblebee back on the ground below.

Concorde SST <Silverbolt> flies on in with every bit of power his engines can muster. Of course, upon seeing Geist firing on a retreating Sky lynx....this causes him to bank to help Sky Lynx.

Sky Lynx misses Geist with its Breathe of Fire attack.

Silverbolt misses Geist with his disruptor attack.

"All I want!" Blueshift screams at the top of his voice, as he also catches on fire. "Is a chance to kill people! Is that really so much to ask!" He sees the trapped Sky Lynx and races forwards, transforming into his spacecraft mode and heading straight for Sky Lynx's aft

Blueshift leaps into the air, flipping into the form of a small spacecraft

Blueshift misses Sky Lynx with his ram attack.

Bumblebee burns rubber once he is back on the ground, beginning to drive off. The bug cannot go super fast like anyone else but better then most runners atleast.

Geist is a nimble ghostie, likely aided by the fact that Sky Lynx is not only low on energon, but also carrying a passenger. He readjusts to trail the dinobird in his descent, his hands flexing open as he draws in closer and closer until his claws slash out to rip into the titanic Sky Lynx! "Are you going to start another fire for us?! Hahahahaha!"

Roadrunner Hoverbike is zipping through the air at top speeds, her police siren wailing loudly and flashing red and blue lights all around, "ATTENTION SHOPPERS, the best things in life are free, but you can give'em to the birds and bees! Sweet little bumble bee I know what you want from me, I will follow him!"

Hook's optics glance over his scanner... The energy source is on the move, and quickly! It must be being carried away from the center of the scuffle. Hook sets his jaw, and grabs his plasma pistol; He's not going to let this energy source get away so easily. He glances at his scanner again, which indicates the approaching Bumblebee hold the crystal! Hook makes chase, on foot, and shoots to take out Bumblebee's tires.

Hook strikes A yellow Volkswagon with disruptor.

Catechism flexes her wrist, releashing the whip from Sky Lynx. From her perch on his back, she can see that Bumblebee is driving off. She leaps off his back and transforms into her jet mode, zooming after him. She opens with her Gatlings, strafing at the blasted little yellow Autobot.

F-35, Marine Corps variant, transforms into robot form. Catechism's feet unfold, her arms unfold out of her body, her nosecone rotates through her body and ends up on her shoulders to expose her face, and her wings rotate into position.

Geist is a nimble ghostie, likely aided by the fact that Sky Lynx is not only low on energon, but also carrying a passenger. But then again, Geist is a slippery devil to most on any occassion, and the incomming fire from the Aerialbot is no match for him at the moment. His manuevers are almost beautiful if not for the deadliness behind them. He spins and archs, loops and subtly shifts in a series of dance like moves. He will not be deterred He readjusts to trail the dinobird in his descent, his hands flexing open as he draws in closer and closer until his claws slash out to rip into the titanic Sky Lynx! "Are you going to start another fire for us?! Hahahahaha!"

You strike A yellow Volkswagon with Zap!.

Geist strikes Sky Lynx with Claws.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Bumblebee is getting away! After him - he has the Apex Crystal!"

Bumblebee got shot! His tire explodes and he spins out. "AAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!!" He yells as he also gets shot by the jet. He transforms, holding the crystal in his cybertronian form as he attempts to once again, flee!

REST OF CONS (Scrapper+Scavenger)]

Bumblebee begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Roadrunner Hoverbike, Sub-Orbital Fighter Jet <Quickswitch>, Concorde SST <Silverbolt>, Foxfire, Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >>, Scavenger, Geist, F-35B Lightning II <Catechism>, Blue Spaceship, Sky Lynx.

<Decepticon> Hook says, "Blueshift! put your speed to use and get that crystal!"

Scrapper shifts up into robot mode as he reaches the Smithsonian. A little yellow bug blasts past him. "The slag?" he mutters. He squints his optical visor at the fleeing yellow car before making a realization. "Ah nuts..." The Constructicon jumps up onto a parked sedan, using it as a sniping perch as he blasts laserfire at the fleeing Autobot, trying to gun him down before he can flee. Unfortunately, Autobot training in retreat operations have once again proved their mettle, and Scrapper's multipole laser blasts hit the pavement just behind where Bumblebee is driving.

Scavenger sees the fleeing Bumblebee and flies towards him. "He must have the rock. I.. I'll get him." he lifts his laser and fires at the retreating bug.


Sky Lynx succeeds in grasping Geist, throwing him off-balance.

Scavenger strikes A yellow Volkswagon with laser.

Bumblebee falls to the ground unconscious.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, " dead Straxus's axe, Scavenger is my HERO."

Sub-Orbital Fighter Jet <Quickswitch> hurtles across the sky, as much dislodging himself of the contemptable confines of the city--that medbay--as speeding toward the battle, "Pointless," he utters into the thin air, cooling off his nearly boiling systems. Then the radio from Silverbolt comes through, and the jet descends toward the position of the assigned target, "Thank Primus for distractions," he muses, descending madly out of the sky.

Everyone gang up on Sky Lynx! Or how it felt for the giant draconic mech. He just had a passanger leap off his back after Bumblebee, then been clawed hanged onto, and-- wait was that Blueshift who just tried to ram him, and more correctly did he miss anything else aimed at him!

Sky Lynx hisses as he cant dislodge the Sweep on his side, and his speed is slowly down to the lower energon levels, "..primus all.." So-- for now, dislodging the Sweep whom tried to taunt him is on his priority, "Oh slag off you little bugger! I don't have time for this!"

Primus-- did he just talk like Ultra Magnus?!

Sky Lynx then spins hard, downward, yanks up hard, and then does so again, feeling the sweeps claws scratch along his armor for the ride, till he does one last final hard bank barrel roll, tossing the sweep into a near-by park's fountain.

This about when Sky Lynx sees Bumblebee take the shot, "NOOO!" He roars out in midair.

Megatron has arrived.

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "He.. hes not getting away with that rock."

<Decepticon> Hook says, "Good work."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Well done!"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "That's going to be a gold star for you in the report."

Silverbolt has disconnected.

Bumblebee gets shot in the engine and is sent hurtling into the pavement, the sickening sound of metal scrapping against the road can be heard as he slams onto the sidewalk, sparking and arcing madly, liquids pouring out of him as he smokes and sizzles.

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "I'm helping!"

Roadrunner Hoverbike swoops down in a rather kamikaze manner towards Bumblebee, keeping the orders from Silvebolt in mind as she emits out loudly, "BUMBLEBEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!!!! IT MEANS THAT SONGBIRD'S ON THE WAY!!!!" She fully intends to impale Bumblebee on her lance and fly with him clear of the Decepticons, not the friendlies way to carry someone, but as he's unconcious, he can't exactly hop on or grab her as she zooms by.

Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> drops back down to a more controlled and maneuverable speed, a sonic boom heralding his arrival on the scene. His cockpit slides open, and he alters course towards Bumblebee as the yellow Autobot hits the ground smoking. "Foxfire, I'll make the run. Hop out and distract 'em for me, if you would?" And he's heading to flank Songbird and help keep people off her back... as well as be in position to get the crystal himself if necessary.

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> flies after Bumblebee, and when Scavenger's blessed shot takes Bumblebee down, she murmurs, "If you hadn't tried, you wouldn't be fried." Then a Junkion tries to snatch Bumblebee away. That won't do at all! With aerobatic skill that recently terrorised London, she flies down low to the ground, her jet wake melting the ashphault and scorching the grass. Oh yes, she's going to try to hit that Junkion so hard, she'll be seeing Jupiter. The F-35 cries, "No Bumblebee for you, Junkion!"

You strike Roadrunner Hoverbike with ram.

You take 11 points of damage from striking Roadrunner Hoverbike.

"Distraction?" Foxfire rolls his optics. "Yeah, sure. I'll just paint a nice big target on my back." But he *does* have his ways... The little saboteur hops out through the window and takes off at a full sprint, in complete view of the Deceptions in the area. "Bumblebeeeee!"

Blueshift transforms back to robot mode as he misses Sky Lynx, slamming into a wall as he staggers backwards, grabbing at a display of high tech shock rods. "Aha!" he cries. "I can use these. Use these in DESTROYING YOU!" He hefts one in his hands, and throws the gigantic techno-spring at Cliffjumper's head, intent on smashing his skull in

The spaceship flips up into the handsome form of Blueshift

Geist is hurled into the fountain and the water main beneath it bursts open, geysering upwards. Geist picks himself up and stalks two steps out of the pouring water. It glistens upon the Sweep in the late afternoon light. "Come come now, dragon. Arn't you going to collapse the street in on itself? Or turn the block to rubble? Destroy more valuable human property, we love it when you do that. Why not crush a few cars underfoot.." He motions towards Bumblebee, the fallen Autobot car. "There's a good a start as any." He lifts off and pursues Sky Lynx once more. His outstretches hands come close together and crackle to life with Elctric energy. The energy surges and combines from each hand, wicked lighting arching forward after the shuttle-beast Sky Lynx!

Blueshift strikes Cliffjumper with Shock Rod.

Geist misses Sky Lynx with his Lightning Hands! attack.

Scrapper gets out of the kneeling sniping position on the sedan he was in as he blasted at (and missed) Bumblebee. But the minibot is dealt with in another manner. The Constructicon turns towards Scavenger. "Well done!" he exclaims. "That's going to be a gold s tar for you in the report." He gives his fellow Constructicon a really cheesey thumbs up. If he had a mouth it'd have a loopy grin on it, but since he doesn't Scrapper just looks the same as he always does.

The engineer advances towards the broken down Volkswagon, fully prepared to slice Bee up until he can get the... well, nobody's told him what they're going after... or /if/ there's anything they're going after... or even if Bumblebee has it. Scrapper is just piecing all this together by the actions of everyone else. He's done this drill many times before, after all. Before Scrapper can reach Bee, however, Songbird has jabbed Bee and has taken off. Worse, Impulse has pulled up and is flanking the Junkion. "No you don't, Autobot!" he growls, trying to knock Impulse away from Songbird with a few well placed pistol blasts.

Scrapper strikes Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> with Laser Pistol - Low Setting.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "The Junkion is trying to get Bumblebee!"

Scavenger becomes rahter protective of his rock. He moves closer to Bumblebee ready to shoot anyone who comes between him and his rock. He gives an uncharacteristic snarl, tucking his shovel tail between his legs. "That's my rock, Junkion. " He snarls. "Get any closer and you're getting the same.."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "He won't get my rock."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "So that's what we're after."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "We have a lot of rocks, you know. Earth is full of them."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Bumblebee has the Apex Crystal."

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Speak for yourself. I'm after a head."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "It's said to be a large weapons-grade crystal."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Yeah.. Bumblebee hasa special rock. Thats what Catechism said. And if I get it. We can identify it then everyone will know.. how much I'm worth."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "I was hoping that you might be able to use it in a super weapon, Chief Scrapper."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Ah, well that's something a bit rarer."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Also, it glows in the dark, which is pretty cool."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "A glow in the dark super powered rock...."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "I certainly hope it is the super-weapon kind of rock, or I shall be rather put out at the fuel expenditure."

Hook continues on foot to catch up with the formerly fleeing Bumblebee -currently a smoking wreck, courtesy of Scavenger. Everyone else speeds ahead of the plodding purple and green Hook. In what is becoming a very complicated tangle for the crystal, Hook decides to try and take out some of the competition: His crane assembly swivels around over his shoulder, and he uses it like a harpoon gun to launch a heavy metal hook, including cable, towards the swift Junkion cycle, Songbird. The hook might nto hurt too much, but the sudden jerk of the line pulling taut, attached to a hefty Constructicon, should do some damage.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Of course you're worth something, Scavenger!"

Hook misses Roadrunner Hoverbike with its Hook, line and sink her! attack.


<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Lets see, you're over 100 astro tons in vehicle mode... that amount of scrap metal would be worth... hmm. Let me do the calculations..."

Sky Lynx was going to assist the other with protecting Bumblebee, however Geist apparently was really hitting the nerves with large 'primative' guardian. "..Oh-- you so asked for it."

Then he swoops downward, avoiding the electrical blast before he slams down in the open park, dust kicking up into the air as he roars loudly, before, he turns around and tries swipe his massive paw down and toward the Sweep, "SILENCE!"

It was about then his energon meter went off reminding me of how much energon he was and he was reaching the danger levels. Last time he didn't listen, he apparently had two triple-changers dancing over his downed body...

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Don't say that Swindle might be listening!!!"

Sky Lynx strikes Geist with Say hello to my big claws.

Cliffjumper's skull is composed of burnt ham-ash and it scatters everywhere, setting the entire museum on fire. The shock rod falls into his open neck and makes him have seizures everywhere. :(

Avalanche has arrived.

The utilitarian jet turns on his hideous wings, choking on panic as he follows the great white draconic--and Bumblebee--lascerating himself for this iditic--ridiculous--/unprofessional/--Sky Lynx was being mobbed--Bee was hurt..! He cut back his engines completely and fell in above his target and behind. There's a flash of life from its blasters, a bluish-white hum that cuts through the air. ...The assault unit won't have to wait long...

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Oh come on. What would be the odds of him selling a fellow Decepticon?"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "4 out of 5."

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "Ugh I will put money, my OWN money on it not being a real crystal"

<Decepticon> Blueshift says, "It's probably a fake or something"

Quickswitch misses Blueshift with its Photon Blasters attack.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "See? Still a chance that you'll be fine."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "I'm not taking bets around Swindle either!"

Roadrunner Hoverbike is inches away from impaling Bumblebee's unconscious form on her lance and taking off with him, ignoring all threats, and finally evading an attempt by Hook. Unfortunately, she doesn't evade it because of her superior flying skills, but rather thanks to a swooping Catechism who rams right into her, "AAHHHHH!!!!! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Songbird whines as she gets rudely hurled off course, leaving only Impulse to try and save Bumblebee. "PAIN IS SO CLOSE TO PLEASURE!!!!!" Songbird cries as she comes into a most ungraceful landing, smashing into the ground and dragging a good distance away on her side, bits off her chassis flying away randomly. The police siren shutters and quiets down as she continues to skid away.

Grimlock has arrived.

Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> growls to himself as he takes fire, and several holes rip through his far-too-thin armor plating. Had to be light, they said, to allow him to be as fast as he'd been before. Now, it's coming back to haunt him. He isn't bothering with Scrapper, though -- sure, he'd love nothing more than to shoot the Constructicon leader (sorry Hook), but there's more important things to do. He switches lanes to catch Bumblebee on his hood, which is gonna make another dent, but his cockpit should be enough to keep the yellow Minibot before gunning his engines and taking off.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "If this is a matter of super weapons, I had better see to its success... personally! Scavenger, prepare for my arrival!"

Geist dives in midflight and still gets caught by the ferocious temper tantrum talons of Sky Lynx, swatted and carved into. He crashes to the ground in a tumbling control-roll. Springing up to his feet he launches into the air and transforms. "Come come now, creature. Surely a sky scraper is no match for your tail? You can alays blame it on us if there are no surviving witnesses." Now that the beast has grounded himself, his best tactical choice is to take over the high ground. The transformed Sweepcraft rockets thunderously lining up for a strafe run. His guns are deployed, panels sliding open at either side of the vessels nose section. Here comes the rock n' roll of automatic fire.

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "I... y...yes, sir!"

With no flourish or time wasted, Geist transforms into the spacefaring Sweepcraft mode.

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> grunts. She isn't reinforced the way that Ramjet is, so that ram crumpled in her nosecone and smashed her forward avionics suite. She hovers back into the air like a drunkard, bobbing and weaving in the air as her lift fans cry out in protest. Is that Autobot trying to save Bumblebee? She doesn't think so. The F-35 flies after the Autobot, opening fire. Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> evades your 25-mm GAU-12 cannon <Long Burst> attack.

Geist misses Sky Lynx with his Machine Guns attack.

Scavenger pauses, a look of fear and anticipation on his face. "Y...yes sir!" He says loudly, holding out a shaky hand. He knows its up to him. Up to him to prove his worth.

Scrapper fires another quick blast at Impulse, but the Autobot has snagged Bumblebee and taken off. The chief engineer shoots a quick glance at Scavenger and comments, "Don't worry. If that means what I think it means, you just point in the general direction of what you want to die, and then it dies." Scrapper has fond memories of blasting people and things into smithereens with Megatron.

Hook saw this in a movie once. A movie of the Autobot Broadside. Hook grunts as he misses the Junkcycle with his flying hook, and he takes to the air as he reels in his cable. His sights now set on Impulse, as the hovercar tries to take off with Bumblebee, and the crystal. Hook flies through the air, and as he approaches Impulse and Bumblebee, Hook transforms. Into a huge, heavy, and unaerodynamic crane truck! The truck, lacking a giant purple wing, drops like a rock.

Hook turns around and falls to the ground, transforming into his crane mode.

Hook strikes Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> with ram.

Scavenger shakes "Ri..right..right no pressure.."

Blueshift kicks Cliffjumper's fallen form, grinding his neck into the ground with his boot, before looking up at the hole in the ceiling. "Nnn, it is raining Constructicons, this is intolerable. time I was not here! They are probably in league with the sweeps!" He transforms, leaping into the air and heading straight upwards

Blueshift leaps into the air, flipping into the form of a small spacecraft

Blueshift begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Sweepcraft <Geist>.

Megatron descends rapidly out of the gathering cloud cover, transforming and shrinking as he does so, and falls directly into Scavenger's hand! The power of the Slag-Maker is in Scavenger's hands. "You now possess POWER over LIFE and DEATH itself, Scavenger!" declares the pistol. "Make good use of it and secure for me that crystal!"

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "WHICH ONE FIRST?!"

Cliffjumper has disconnected.

Blueshift has disconnected.

Songbird has disconnected.

Sky Lynx growled and hissed up at Geist as he continued on with his talk, "You--" He then heard Impulse on the channel and reminded himself just who he is--

He then quickly moves out of the way of the machine gun blasts and takes back to the air. "..Don't get worked up like that Sky Lynx.." He reminds himself as he starts to head toward Impulse and Bumblebee, "Impulse!" It seems however as Sky Lynx moves in he may be to late, even as he transforms into a shuttle to try and get more speed, "Hang on!!"

Primus, last thing he need now is for Geist to be right on his tail and continue this mind game, bad enough he still blamed himself and worse-- even this battle wasn't going right. What was wrong with him? Why was it every fight now something was going wrong?!

He suppose to be a Space Guardian, protecter of cybertron, defender of planets, not the destroyer of worlds!

With gears spinning and body shifting, the long draconic neck seems to sink back into the shuttle itself, the head of the beast attaching into body of the shuttle and the once mouth with rows of teeth, seeming to vanish. The blue legs of the lower half, seems to fold into the box itself. The mighty Sky Lynx now looking like a harmless shuttle craft.

The huge assault-unit twists, turns mid-air and thuds down, spreading debris and crap on the ground, all so quickly it looks like a tri-colored rubik's cube expanding out of subspace. He calls out his enormous blasters--Small green target, big grey gun--

Quickswitch springs up into his massive robot mode.

Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >>'s armor crunches in from the oh-so-nice kamikaze shot from Hook, and Bumblebee shifts dangerously. Muttering inwardly to himself, he shifts tracks, pulling away from the lime-green crane. His only saving grace with keeping Bumblebee atop his hood is the crumpled up side-quarter of his chassis, courtesy of the very Constructicon who rammed into him in the first place. And then he guns it for all he's worth, surging ahead and racing for Sky Lynx. The question is... will anyone be able to catch him before he makes it to Sky Lynx?

Impulse begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Sweepcraft <Geist>, F-35B Lightning II <Catechism>, NASA Shuttle <Sky Lynx>.


The ground shakes! For, just as the mess of Impulse, Bumblebee, and Hook come crashing into each other, that is when the mighty Grimlock arrives on the scene! Through either luck or strategic brilliance on his part, the dinocommander stompstompstomps into view- right into Impulse's path of retreat! "You run!" he says to Impulse, neatly stepping out of the way of the car's retreat. "Me Grimlock will make sure they no follow."

And with that, Grimlock brandishes both sword and blaster, ready to do just that!

He makes a very good roadblock, after all.

Sweepcraft <Geist> wouldn't be such a jerk, would he? "Mwahahahahaha! You cannot outrun your own nature, monster! You will always be a force for chaos! Relax and accept it!" The Sweepcraft opens up a third port and launches a glowing purple line at Sky Lynx, a laser garrote aimmed to wrap around any part it can catch onto and cut off a chunk of shuttle beast.

Geist strikes NASA Shuttle <Sky Lynx> with Garrote-Line.

Quickswitch pew, because he forgot to attack.

Quickswitch strikes Scavenger with Taser.

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> is filled with fury. The Apex Crystal was in her hands, and then Sky Lynx bit her! And she was so close to recovering it, and then Blueshift started knocking down walls! And then Scavenger shot down Bumblebee, and she rammed that Junkion. They've been so close, so many times. It's not fair. The Autobots don't deserve this, not after how hard the Decepticons have worked. She snarls over her cockpit speaker, "Fox two."

You strike Gold and Black Hovercar << Impulse >> with AIM-120C AMRAAM.

Silverbolt has connected.

Scrapper curses as Impulse bolts out of there, but then snickers because Bumblebee is on his hood in a crumpled mess. No matter how often it happens, that little yellow piece of scrap getting the crud kicked out of him is always hilarious. It's like Will Farrell movies. Sure it's the same movie character over and over again, but it's always still funny. The snickering stops, however, when Quickswitch blasts his fellow Constructicon. "Hey, nobody does that to Scavenger except for various members of the Decepticon CoC! Lets take him down!" Scrapper advances towards the sixchanger, firing the whole way.

Scrapper strikes Quickswitch with Laser Pistol - Medium Setting.

Scavenger stops shaking once that gun lands in his right hand. For a moment. Maybe that shot to his chest brought him to reality. For a brief moment, the Constructicon seems deadly calm. Its an expression that was first seen on a Autobot shuttle, the last thing that Prowl saw. "I might not be able to get the crystal. But I can at least take your life. Death.. I choose you." he fires the gun in his hand at Quickswitch.

Scavenger succeeds in grasping Quickswitch, throwing it off-balance.

Megatron collapses and shrinks into a relatively harmless-looking but infamous pistol. The blast kicks Scavenger back several feet and burns the shadows of the fighters into the walls, leaving those closest to the core of the beam with a ringing in the ears and a wavering afterimage in their field of vision!

Megatron strikes Quickswitch with Fusion Cannon (standard output).

"Sprock, what is the /deal/ here?!" Impulse tries to juke out of the way, but apparently his systems are having trouble trying to keep him afloat. The rocket explosion sends him flying forward, almost at the brink of reaching Sky Lynx... and yet he forces himself to kick one of his engines to compensate... it blows out. But it winds up being just enough... and into Sky Lynx he goes, tumbling finally as he transforms, wincing in pain. "Ow... that hurt..."

Impulse has left.

Impulse steps up the ramp.

From inside the large, white shuttle, Impulse zooms into the room, leaving a blurry trail of gold and black as it passes.

"Shut up.. shut up.. shut up!" Sky Lynx barked out as Geist tailed him, even with the blast rounds that went off, they didn't seem to do much but darken his haul, "I will never bring any chaos to any place! I am a Guardian!"

As Impulse makes it inside, he closes the bay doors, and banks around trying to get up higher into the sky before he kicks on the after-burners to start to head for orbit. However in the mean time, Sky Lynx does activate his self-defence blasters, which pop out of the side of his haul, rotate around and fire back at Geist, trying to knock away the sweep from following.

Hook has disconnected.

Sky Lynx strikes Sweepcraft <Geist> with Laser Blasters(Low Level).

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Ow! Did I hit..."

"Hey!" Grimlock says- for as Impulse runs away...there's lasers following him!

Grimlock sights up the length of where the lasers are coming from. "Huh, just 'nuther dumb jet." is his assessment. This said, Grimlock levels his arm in a straight line at Catechism, and lets fly with some cover fire of his own!

"Stupid septi-con! You come down here so me Grimlock can smash you!" he yells out over the sound of his own gunfire. One's got to do these things PROPERLY, you see!

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "More importantly, do we have the crystal?"

Grimlock strikes you with laser for 14 points of damage.

You are now at 49 endurance, or 54% total. You are 27 from c/e.

Bumblebee has left.

Bumblebee steps up the ramp.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism sounds about ready to cry, "No, my Lord. Bumblebee has it."

<Decepticon> Sky Lynx says, "Ha! Like you decepticons could honestly get the crystal! Perhaps you should pay more attention to your surroundings."

<Decepticon> Avalanche says, "Quiet down Autobot."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "If we can't take the crystal.. we shoudl take an Autobot life..."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Bumblebee? How is this possible!? Catechism, are you telling me Bumblebee bested you on the field of battle?"

The enormous Quickswitch form takes a stinging peppering of shots to his chrome. One of them Constructicons after their buddy--Heh. Resolve doesn't flicker and flinch as the Decepticon Leader transforms and lands in the small target's hand, too wrought and seeking after his last target. The beam of energy slices through the air and impacts the enormous torso, cracks the sensitive, flickering chest-panel and buckles and smokes his armor. The creature buckles--his form losing itself in a series of transformations--then systems claxoning around the stench, pain sensors obliterating /everything/--he gets up from the ground, heaving and wavering and fixing Scavenger with a quite mad and wild stare. He doesn't quite grin, but the twitch is there.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Careful, Scavenger, don't let the power of death and life get to your head."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "My hand hurts. Am I still holding you?"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "You could put it that way, although the details are a bit more complex, my Lord. I accept my punishment, knowing that no details can mitigate failure."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "In fact, Scavenger, you'd better put me down. I think your target is still moving."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "OH SLAG OH SLAG I SLAGGED OFF A SIXCHANGER"

Quickswitch lifts his smoking blasters and fires on the tiny, greeeeen, pathetic--*bzzzzt*--

<Decepticon> Avalanche says, "Shall I come and assist?"

Quickswitch strikes Scavenger with Photon Blasters.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Bumblebee is inside Sky Lynx. We need to take him down, get Bumblebee out, and remove the Apex Crystal from Bumblebee."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Put.. you down? Sir, with all respect I'm gonna need all the help I can.. ow!"

<Decepticon> Sky Lynx says, "and I wish you luck with that!"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "I thought Impulse hauled him away."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Impulse drove into Sky SHUT UP Lynx with Bumblebee on his hood."

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Sixchanger?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Slaggit these Autobots are just trying to confuse us with their constant entering each other!"

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Quickswitch... oh Primus Quickswitch..."

Sweepcraft <Geist> takes laser flak from the shuttlebot now, it rips into him and the wounds leave pock marks that smoke pours from at his high velocity. He is disappointed he is failing to goad him into losing control That whole Fear leads to anger leads to hate leads to suffering cycle. He is slowed by the need to manuever out from the cover fire but is relentless. <Altering your appearance does not alter your destiny. You will go too far one day and your own people will have to put you down. Come back and face a better death while you are still in good graces with your misguided friends. Let it out... show me your rage!> His gun ports switch their choice of weaponry, the barrels slide out of place replaced by two multi-barreled weapons. Out fire a swarm of tiny hunter seeker drones, glowing stingers fly up to swarm and penetrate Sky Lynx from all angles.

<Decepticon> Geo says, "Run away?"

Geist strikes NASA Shuttle <Sky Lynx> with Stingers.

F-35B Lightning II <Catechism> gets shot by Grimlock, but honestly, that smoking hole clean through her wing? She doesn't care about it. All she cares is that she has failed, horribly. It doesn't matter that she has Sky Lynx, one of the most formidable Autobots, and, er, Bumblebee trying to kill her at the same time. it doesn't matter that she had Blueshift actively working against her by shooting down walls. All that matters is that she has failed. She transforms, hanging in mid-air, fists clutched in rage and her head thrown back in an angry snarl. Sky Lynx. If by some miracle, he goes down, they can recover this. She takes aim at the great white Autobot.

F-35B Lightning II transforms into robot form. Catechism's feet unfold, her arms unfold out of her body, her nosecone rotates through her body and ends up on her body, and her wings rotate into position at her hips.

"Scavenger, watch out!" Scrapper calls out. He wouldn't normally do this, but he has to help his fellow Constructicon out. Scrapper charges towards the massive Autobot, trying to distract the mech before he can continue to deliver strikes against Scavenger. "How about you go pick on a mech your own size, huh?!" Scrapper snorts, throwing his right fist Quickswitch's way. "And another!" He throws the left, trying to outmuscle Quickswitch and force him away.

You strike NASA Shuttle <Sky Lynx> with Magnetic Mayhem.

Scrapper strikes Quickswitch with Constructicon Brawling.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "I'll handle Grimlock myself. Catechism, you're faster than the Constructicons, you go after Bumblebee. Constructicons, keep the sixchanger busy."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Lord Megatron, as I said, Bumblebee is inside Sky Lynx!"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "I will attempt to forcibly board Sky Lynx, if that is what you desire, sir."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "I do desire it."

Scavenger is still recovering from being thrown backwards. He lets Megatron down to the ground, shaking as he brings his laser arm up towards Quickswitch. "I might not control death.. but I can still make you....suffer." His voice quakes in pure fear. Oh dear. He slagged off the Sixchanger...

Scavenger strikes Quickswitch with laser.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Then as you wish, my Liege."

Walther P99 tumbles out of Scavenger's hand as he's hit, bouncing off a pile of scorched bricks and growing ten-thousand-fold into his full size. "Do not interefere with my soldier, Grimlock! She has another objective- I will handle you myself!" he declares, striding towards Grimlock to engage the awesome Dinobot King in hand to hand combat!

The pistol expands many times as it sails through the air, transforming into the mighty Megatron!

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "By your command, Megatron. Scavenger and I will deal with Quickswitch now that you've softened him up for us."

Megatron strikes Grimlock with Powerful Backhand.

"Hey! You!" Grimlock growls at Catechism. "You not listen to me Grimlock! Me trying to-"

And then, Megatron! "Nevermind!" He tromps towards Megatron- taking the blow- which is enough to stagger even him- but Grimlock is not so easily cowed! "Me Grimlock 'member fighting you!" he says, and then presses forward against the Decepticommander, swinging his sword in a savage red arc! "Me will smash you even BETTER, now!"

And so, the mighty metal titans go to battle!

Grimlock strikes Megatron with Energo Sword!.

Skydive arrives from the Outskirts of Washington, D.C.

Skydive has arrived.

Skydive streaks in above you.

The fists connect harder with his already brittling, warped armor--sending rythyms of system complaints through his frenetic centrai processing units. He strafes a deadly look around himself--jaws wedged tight with fury--..hopefully he and Grimlock would be able to--...he eyes the small targets and their futile attempts at stopping him... the tic at his facial neurals produced a hideous expression--his cog continued to twitch--One was punching at him... the other was firing... The one with--Aw slag. Quickswitch fired furiously toward Scavenger, not even stopping at the pain pounding his armor, "...You're next," he informs Scrapper, calmly.

As the White Shuttle went higher even being shot at by Geist he radios back to the decepticon, [I will never be in that place again nor will I ever allow myself to fall into such a state again. I. Will. Not. Be. A. Weapon! That is what your trying to decieve me into being against my own allies, and I will /never/ allow it!] Though Sky Lynx did leave how much Geist about had him worked up, but in times like these.. he couldn't afford it!

Then Catechism's attack came and it snagged his wing, causing it to flare on fire for a moment. He prayed to Primus that none of the tiles snapped loose and his sheer body frame could make it into space with the damage done to his wing now. Last thing he needed was to hit orbit and his wing to snap off, at least the cold of space would but the fire out!

Then getting closer to a safe distance he started to slam on his boosters to full power, starting up sequence to slam out for escape of the atmosphere.

Sky Lynx begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Sweepcraft <Geist>.

Quickswitch strikes Scavenger with Photon Blasters.

Sweepcraft <Geist> transmits his dark easy going chuckle. <But ofcourse you are. Why do you think me and my kind hunt you so?> The Sweepcraft's laser glows and offers up a volley of blasts in his final pursuit moments.

Geist strikes NASA Shuttle <Sky Lynx> with Wa-Choom! Wa-Choom! Wa-Choom!.

Megatron catches Grimlock's firey blade on his left forearm, leaving a molten slash in the metal- but also leaving room for Megatron to fire under that arm with his cannon. "Don't think for a moment that I've forgotten you, either, Grimlock. You are an eternal thorn in my side. My only regret is that I doubt you possess the intellect to appreciate what the influence on the Autobots as a fighting whole will be, when I defeat you today."

Megatron strikes Grimlock with Fusion Cannon (power-saver).

Sixshot has arrived.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism sounds as if she'd like to tear off her own wings, "Sky Lynx is too fast for me! I... have failed. Words cannot convey my sorrow."

Scrapper gets orders to stop Quickswitch, which is more than fine with him. "I'll be the one to judge that, and I say it's my turn right /now/!" Scrapper scowls inwardly as Quickswitch once more continues to go for Scavenger. "Er... wait... scratch that. Let me try that again. 'You're the one who's next, Autobot!'" Scrapper pauses. "Yes, yes, that comeback is much better. Lets go with that one." The sixchanger passes him by in order to shoot Scavenger, and Scrapper lunges for Quickswitch's exposed back, trying to knock the mech to the ground so he can smash the Autobot's face into the pavement repeatedly.

Scrapper strikes Quickswitch with Pulverize.

An F-16C (Skydive) approaching from the thin and wipsy atomosphere that Sky Lynx is entering another Aerialbot streaks onto the scene he transmits over his radio, [I have your six Sky Lynx. Concentrate on withdrawal, I will take care of any pursuit craft.] With that, he arms his weapons and turns on his afterburners...

Concorde SST <Silverbolt> returns from a.....rather embarrassing loss of direction....but this time...he's brought a friend. He turns on his own Afterburners and flies as Skydive's wingman.


Megatron's blast washes over Grimlock's form, purple energy singing and melting his brass-colored armor- but the expression on his faceplate remains grimly (ha!) determined.

"Me Grimlock smarter than you think!" he says, even as he transforms into his more savage dinosaur mode. "'Cuz me Grimlock know we already win!"

That would be thanks to Sky Lynx's timely retreat! As whatever the Decepticons wanted, it's out of their hands now! Really, it's enough to make a dinobot smile.

And smile Grimlock does! He ducks his head low and to the side- attempting to chomp down on the side of the barrel of Megatron's cannon, trying to wrestle Megatron's infamous weapon away from him- or at least to damage the thing!

With a grunt and a growl, Grimlock changes into a robot T-rex! Watch out.

Grimlock strikes Megatron with bite.

Scavenger is slammed backwards, but keeps on going. His chest is smoking badly. He seems almost too excited to let that stop him. "I.. I can get him. With Scrapper's help. We.. can take him down.." He punches at Quickswitch, ready to return the favor.

Scavenger strikes Quickswitch with punch.

Catechism heads back toward the museum. She enters back through a hole in the museum (one of many) and starts to rummage around in the rubble. They had other displays out, didn't they? Geological ones. And that accursed Sky Lynx is listening on channel. Catechism is as depressed as she ever gets, but yet, she has found time to scheme.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "I don't want to hear about... ngh, accursed Dinobot! About failure right now. Contact Intelligence and see that someone finds out where that crystal is going!"

Megatron's cannon comes right off! It does do that, although it normally takes Optimus Prime to make it happen. "Hmph!" grunts Megatron. "I don't need that to crush the likes of YOU, Grimlock!" he snarls, retracting his left hand into his wrist. The glimmering purple morningstar reels out to replace it, and as Megatron pulls free of Grimlock, leaving him with the cannon in his mouth, he spins up the morningstar and steps back in with it crackling and whooping towards the Dinobot's massive jaw!

Megatron strikes Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) with Morningstar.

Sky Lynx escapes with the blasts slamming into his haul, but not enough to stop the large shuttle from then blasting higher in the air and out of sight. Where is he going? Space ofcourse!

Sweepcraft <Geist> silently curses the arrival of protective aerialbots and falls back. <For now, beast... for now you may run... there is no escape from yourself.>

From inside the large, white shuttle, Bumblebee has disconnected.


The morningstar's blow smacks Grimlock a good one, and he rocks back, spitting out Megatron's cannon with a *ptoo!* It takes the dinobot a moment to clear his head- but he soon gets back to the matter at hand- namely, smashing Megatron! "Me Grimlock tougher than you think!" he growls. "Me Grimlock TOUGHEST!"

And with that, he brings his tail around in a powerful, practiced swing, aiming right at the center of Megatron's chest! Grimlock strikes Megatron with Tail Swing!.

The assault unit tumbles, a smoking, twitching wreck as Scrapper topples it down. ...Its directive was clear... A battered chrome hands reaches out for his blaster, digits clawing and closing on it, and aiming for Scavenger at very close range through bleary, leaking optics. The fury and contempt rattle his sytems along with the blotching pain--his form twitches, the beginnings of a transformation and he /FORCES/ his cog through sheer iron to keep still, aiming at Scavenger--the little slag--

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "If last co-ordinates are sent, I can personally see to it"

Quickswitch strikes Scavenger with Photon Blasters.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Transmit the data, Catechism. I am otherwise occupied with Grimlock."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism transmits [coordinates].

Megatron stumbles as Grimlock knocks his legs out from under him, but although he ends up on his back, he's no less dangerous in this position! He kips up onto his hands and kicks out with both feet!

Megatron strikes Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) with Defiant Kip-Up.

Scavenger snarls. " that all you've got?" He holds his chest again. "You know Im very good with this laser. I hate to do this, but.." With that he fires on the sixchanger again. The Constructicon is still going, but it looks like he's slowing down.

Scavenger misses Quickswitch with its laser attack.

Sky Lynx takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Sky Lynx has left.

Sixshot takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Sixshot has left.


Megatron's kick strikes home, but Grimlock's thick armor shrugs the worst of the damage off. "Rargh!" he snarls- and then he follows suit- attempting to catch one of Megatron's feet with his dinky little dino-arms, and then he rears back with one of his clawed feet for a *BOOT!*

This done, he glances over at Quickswitch, and frowns- well, as best as a big chompy dino-mouth CAN frown. "Hrr."

An F-16C (Skydive) begins to hunt for leftover 'Cons. "<Running a Sweep Silverbolt looking for leftover Enemy Combatants.>

Grimlock strikes Megatron with kick.

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "...Sky Lynx has the crystal?"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Cursed Aerialbots... yes, Sky Lynx has it."

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Freak."

Megatron sails back through a dinosaur skeleton (ironically enough) with a plastery crashing sound as it clatters to the ground. He glances around for an implement, picks up a giant bronze statue of David by the legs, snaps it off of the base and strides purposefully back towards Grimlock. "Being the toughest is not good enough, Grimlock. One must also be the meanest, the most merciless, the most vicious, one must attain new heights of sheer cussedness. You are a rank amateur by comparison to myself."

<Decepticon> Onslaught says, "I could set up an ambush point and have them all shot down."

Megatron strikes Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) with Priceless Bronze Beatdown.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Sky Lynx has Bumblebee, and Bumblebee has the crystal."

<Decepticon> Geist says, "In orbit."

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "I have him on sensors, trailing him for now to see where he plans on heading. How important is this crystal? Just need to know if you prefer I take more agressive measures."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "It's a large weapons grade crystal that glows in the dark."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Get it, Sixshot!"

<Decepticon> Onslaught says, "It is unfortunate that Blast Off is off on a survey mission. It is clear I will need to discuss these self imposed duty assignments with him."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Suffice to say it would be put to better use in our hands than in the Autobots', Sixshot."

Quickswitch shrinks down into his utilitarian laser pistol mode.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Hnnh. It must be important if it is large, weapons-grade, and glow-in-the-dark."

Scrapper's lime green fury is... furious! He has failed to keep Quickswitch from his single-minded goal of destroying Scavenger and leaving him alright. Were this any other Decepticon tanking for him, Scrapper would be thrilled, but there's a bit of Constructi-loyalty that he feels for poor Scavenger, and so Scrapper continues his attempt to stop Quickswitch as best he can. With the sixchanger down, Scrapper begins kicking him repeatedly. "What's wrong, you Sixshot-wannabe?!" Kick!" Not mech enough to take me on, huh?!" Kick!" Afraid I'm going to engineer your sorry tailpipe to death?!" Kick!

Quickswitch strikes Scavenger with Photon Blaster.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet does not admit that Catechism had him at 'large'!

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism is just that good a saleswoman.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet is easily swayed. Just ask.. wait. Don't ask.

Scavenger knows now this is going to be a fight to the death. He lowers to one knee, his small laser in hand. "Allright.. let's do this. Scrapper. I've got him." oh dear. Is he trying to go one on one? Maybe that last shot blew something in his logic chips.

Scrapper strikes Laser Pistol <Quickswitch> with The Lime Green Boot.

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Gonna...take.. him out. ARGH.."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "You can do it!... maybe!"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "You have something similar to but not the same as the touch!"

<Decepticon> Sixshot grunts, "EDC shuttle on intercept perhaps. I'll keep tabs on Sky Lynx, but someone else might be interested in tracking them"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "The awkward brush in a subway?"

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "It must be... the Thrust!"

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "You have the thrust, Scavenger."

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Now take him away and keep him from ever annoying me again."

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "The thrust. Everyone's relying on me. I will thrust like I've never thrusted before ..."

Sweepcraft <Geist> turns his sights towards the smaller Aerialbot that protected Sky Lynx's escape/ <You, whatever your name is...> he probably knows it ofcourse. <You should have stayed cowering in whatever hanger to launched from.> He releases another glowing purple cloud of fast moving Stingers towards the Autojet.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "I don't think you ever have thrusted..."

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet groan. "He's going to fail."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "He's Devastator's arm!"


Art historians everywhere let out an involuntary cry of panic as Megatron so efficiently uses Grimlock to ruin the an invaluable piece of art. The assault is enough to topple even the mighty Grimlock, and the dinocommander topples to the ground! (Crushing a piece of modern art in the process, but there's not quite so much a commotion about that).

"Me Grimlock talk too much." There's fire in the dinobot's eyes (and in his mouth) as he pushes himself back to his feet, metal groaning in the process. And with that said, he lets out a growl...and pushes forward- again aiming to chomp down on Megatron's arm- only this time, should his jaws strike home, he just HANGS ON...even as he brings one foot up to Megatron's chestplate- putting his full weight on the Decepticon Emperor's chest- even as he pulls the opposite direction with his mighty jaws!

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "See if I lie to you?"

Grimlock strikes Megatron with Jaws of DEATH!.

Geist misses Skydive with his attack.

Avalanche takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Avalanche has left.

Megatron's left arm comes off at the elbow as Grimlock rends at him, but he is defiant even so- he rears his head back and drives the point of his helmet towards Grimlock's nose! "Never let it be said I'm not also a man of ACTION," replies Megatron in a hateful rasp.

An F-16C (Skydive) banks hard right then left as a faint then back hard right into a barrel turn. <If you knew what my name was it is doubtful that you would have attacked me Sweep.> Skydive breaks out of formation with Silverbolt and bares down on the attacker. A clearly audible whine emits from his fuselage and sound heads towards Geist as its volume increases...

Megatron strikes Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) with Headbutt.

Skydive strikes Sweepcraft <Geist> with Sound Strafe.

Concorde SST <Silverbolt> breaks his way to the right as the shot sails past SkyDive.....and, of course....he makes his way around for an attack position.

There is a look of great satisfaction on Grimlock's face as he removes Megatron's limb- the look doesn't fade in the slightest, even as Grimlock takes the headbutt dead on!

Instead, the dinocommander just peers at Megatron with a contented look on his face as he gives another *CHOMP* and a *GULP!* as the grey & white limb dissapears down his gullet, the superheated fire in his belly melting the armor down!

"You taste bad." Grimlock rumbles, picking a bit of wiring from his teeth. He glances around at the battlefield- and the mostly-broken combatants across it. This done, he peers back down at Megatron, and grunts.

"Besides. Me Grimlock done here. Not worth any more energon. You loser. Me king!"

With this calculated insult said, Grimlock promptly turns his back on Megatron and waddles away from the battlefield, accompanying Quickswitch in the retreat!

Grimlock begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Bonecrusher, An F-16C (Skydive), Megatron, Laser Pistol <Quickswitch>, Scrapper, Concorde SST <Silverbolt>, Foxfire,

Faster than the eye can follow, Quickswitch transforms into an assault beast.

Sweepcraft <Geist> shakes in midflight as Skydive's sonic vibrations rock across and through his hull, a real teeth rattling attack. The laser mount atop the sweepcraft glows to power as he slip-slides through the air like a hotdog surfer carving up waves, only instead of water, he carves through air currents. And finds his target again. <You believe yourself superior to the shuttlebeast? That is amusing and sad.> He lets loose a volley of laser fire.

Quickswitch begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from An F-16C (Skydive), Concorde SST <Silverbolt>, Sweepcraft <Geist>.

Geist strikes An F-16C (Skydive) with Wa-Choom! Wa-Choom! Wa-Choom!.

Megatron straightens up and walks away from Grimlock as well, heading back across the shattered hall to where he and Grimlock first clashed. He looks back over his shoulder with an expression of loathing as he bends down to pick something up off the ground with his remaining hand- something big and black and cylindrical.

"If you would be King, Grimlock, the first thing you should learn..." he declares, bracing the barrel across the stump of his left arm and pulling the little-used trigger, "is never to put your BACK to an ENEMY!"

Megatron strikes Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) with Fusion Cannon (high output).

Scavenger aims at Quickswitch, blinking as he starts to retreat. The Constructicon chuckles softly. "Yeah run. Two in one da..oogh.." with that he falls to his knees, grabbing his smoking chest. The Constructicon's badaft factor is gone for the day.

<Decepticon> Scavenger says, "Think I'm gonna lay down.."

Concorde SST <Silverbolt> banks hard....even after Skydive is hit......and starts to rocket away....keeping an eye on Grimlock, even as he retreats. <<Stay with me Skydive. I wanna make sure Grimlock and Quickswitch make it out ok before we go.>>

Catechism is in the rubble of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, going through the remains of the gem collection. They're no Apex Crystals, but they'll fetch a fine price on the black market. Yes, Catechism has hung out with Swindle - perhaps it has rubbed off. She, however, would give all the funds so generated to the good of the Empire, so Swindle clearly has rubbed off enough on her. She opens her cockpit to stow the gems and then hovers up to peer at the battle.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Does anyone require my assistance?"

The beam that bulges momentarily at the muzzle of the cannon, then leaps forth to roar across the length of the hall almost obscures Megatron from view, bleaching the dusty, rubble-strewn tile floor and causing glass to shatter and paintings to burst into flames as it passes. "Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown, eh Grimlock?" sneers Megatron, smoke rising from the barrel.

An F-16C (Skydive) begins to bank to turn away from the Sweep and then says in response having given no real attempt to avoid the attack as it scorches his paint, "Superior? No, by any means. More maneuverable. Absolutely," he banks hard and comes into line on Silverbolt's wing on an opposite heading. "It is simple physics sweep," then he falls in like behind teh Aerialbot Leader.


Grimlock staggers, as the cannon blast melts through the armor of his back! He shakes his head a little bit, reeling in pain...and then he begins to laugh. Quite loudly, so.

"HAW HAW HAW!" the dinocommander coughs. "You Megatron shoot me Grimlock in back, and you STILL no kill me! HAW HAW. You Megatron CHUMP."

And with that last bit of bravado, Grimlock waddles out of range, with one final taunt tossed Megatron's way.

"Me Grimlock not go so easy on you next time."

Scrapper throws his hands up into the air as Quickswitch bolts. "Victory for the Constructicons!" Sure the actual mission objective may have been loss, but we'll take the victories where we can get them. Scavenger falls to the ground, and Scrapper rushes to his side, medical kit all set. "Good work, Scavenger. You sucked 30% less than normal. I'm very proud of you!" he says even as he begins the quick and dirty operation to seal Scavenger's wounds. All of the internal injuries will remain until Scavenger can get to a repair bay, but this should give him a touch more protection.

Scrapper jury-rigs Scavenger, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.

Megatron narrows his eyes and raises the cannon barrel again. It whines to life and... nothing. A tiny beam of purple light emits from it and comes to a stop (somehow) halfway across the room. Without being attached directly to Megatron it hasn't got enough in it for a second shot. "Next time, Grimlock! This was only a taste!"

Sweepcraft <Geist> rolls his mental optics. oO(Why do Autobots say the lamest things? I go to all the effort of trying to be enlightening, and they throw back the obvious blah blah bla-vado) The sweepcraft is truely bored, and only continues his attack as a matter of duty. No passion in it. He could overtake the aerialbots, he has no doubt, but there would be no quality taunting to be had. His machine guns open up on the two Aerialbot's six, not really aiming for one or the other but raining around each of them close.

Scavenger growls something into his radio "Will meet again next time will..." he then feels Scrapper at his side. "Good job. Proud.." He chuckles softly, on the verge of semi-consciousness. Once the repairs settle in, he seems to stabilize.

Scavenger has disconnected.

Assault Beast <Quickswitch> leaps away, snarling and bellowing in a warped fashion, the sound and the fury signifying nothing--those fraggin bastards--shame and resentment setting his wires sparking, burning--MEGATRON!!

Grimlock moves west to the Outskirts of Washington, D.C..

Grimlock has left.

Silverbolt begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from An F-16C (Skydive), Sweepcraft <Geist>.

Quickswitch takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Quickswitch has left.

An F-16C (Skydive) realizes the scatter attack pattern as it is firing and jsut continues on his way out. Not witty, or seemingly witty reply. Just escape.

Skydive begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Concorde SST <Silverbolt>, Sweepcraft <Geist>.

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Orders, mighty Megatron?"

Concorde SST <Silverbolt> zooms away and higher into the sky....and obviously towards Autobot city.

<Decepticon> Scrapper is wondering if perhaps Megatron needs a jury-rigging.

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "The completion of the mission is in the hands of Sixshot and DCI now. We have done our best here. After you've seen to Scavenger, put my cannon back on my arm. I'll see you in medbay for more permanent repairs later."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Yes sir!"

Silverbolt takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Silverbolt has left.

Skydive takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Skydive has left.

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "I'm... pretty sure we could conquer this museum, right about now."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "What for?"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Except for EDC likely on their way. What's taking them so long?"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "For awesome!"

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "I believe we already have."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Something of a pyrrhic victory considering how little of it remains, but nevertheless, sometimes one must take them where one finds them."

Scrapper lets Scavenger get the heck out of here before grabbing his medical kit and rushing now over towards Megatron. Autobots are fleeing all around them, but there's always the danger of additional enemies rolling in. Picking up Megatron's fusion cannon along the way (Scrapper does not look as adorable as Rumble does when he did it in the movie. Rumble was pretty freakin' adorable then) with one hand, the Constructicon waves his laser scalpel around with the other. "This'll only take a moment, Commander."

Scrapper jury-rigs Megatron, taking a few moments to patch up some damage.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet transmits the sound of flipping open a book, "Galactic Rules of Conquest state a flag must be planted in order to claim territory, sir."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Someone bring me a flag."

Sweepcraft <Geist> sees nothing for himself to do here. Everyone is already being taken care of. He rockets away, not wishing to draw conversation from Megatron.

Geist retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Catechism sees that she is absolutely not needed in battle, as there is no battle left to be had, so she goes back to plundering the museum. She also looks for a flag while she's at it. One that she can draw a Decepticon symbol on with a Sharpie. Hey, that one might do... who cares if the flag is a priceless historical artifact?

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Miss Chimera, we will need to order those collapsible flags to plant on things. The ones with telescoping shafts."

<Decepticon> Chimera says, "I will add it to the requisition form that is to be submitted today."

<Decepticon> Chimera says, "Any particular color?"

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Purple, obviously."

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Boss says purple, Miss Chimera."

<Decepticon> Chimera says, "Of course."

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "Seems Sky Lynx just booted off all of his passengers!"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "That's the spirit, dragon!"

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "The EDC shuttle's going to pick them up, his behaviour's-- heading into space?"

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Thank you. And Miss Chimera..."

Megatron stands patiently and uses his radio while Scrapper fixes his cannon back on with electrical tape and spot-welding.

<Decepticon> Geist says, "You'd better hurry up with your mission, Sixshot. I believe his panche for destroying human property is still alve and strong."

Scrapper similarly begins to glance around for a flag even as he works on Megatron, but all he can see is a sizable chunk of Scavenger's purple chest armour that was blown off by Quickswitch laying around with its Decepticon insignia emblazoned on the front.

<Decepticon> Chimera says, "What is it, Ramjet?"

Geist takes flight to the Sky over Washington, D.C..

Geist has left.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Since Dirge is, uh, .. indisposed.. I will take his fuel delivery for him. Feel free to wear that sequined plating number when you bring it."

Catechism emerges from the rubble with a cockpit stuffed full of stolen goodies to auction off to support the Decepticon War Orphans Fund and a makeshift Decepticon flag in her hands. She kneels before Megatron, holding the flag up high.

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "I'm here to get the crystal, it's either with those Autobots or Sky Lynx. Sending the EDC shuttle co-ords for follow up"

<Decepticon> Chimera says, "Certainly, Ramjet. I'll bring you the special fuel. Don't mind the odd flavor."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Hmph. They must be splitting up to make it harder to find. More cunning than I gave them credit for."

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "Sky Lynx is enroute towards the inner solar system...he cant--"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Oh but he can."

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Don't hesitate further, Sixshot."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "All this for a crystal?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Is he on the high-octane energon or something?"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "The Apex Crystal!"

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet rubs his hands together in private. When Dirge is away, it's good to be King Cone.

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Scrapper, what did the last crystal you worked with do?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Death ray."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Or... wait, maybe it was a heat ray..."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "They sort of blur together after a while."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Make a blur ray next time?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Brilliant!"

<Decepticon> Geist says, "The one that broke and a shard ended up in Blueshift's chest."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "If it's hot enough it's effectively the same thing."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Blueshift's chest, huh? Sounds like that crystal was well worth it."

<Decepticon> Geist says, "It also had the side effect of giving Megatron back to the Empire... so you see... missed potential is a tragic thing no matter what the true use fulness turns out to be."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "All the more reason to pursue all potential leads when it comes to power crystals, yes."

<Decepticon> The Creepy One, Sunder says, "Power Crystals?"

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, ".. What?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "So any idea just what Quickswitch is trying to accomplish?"

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "*Sky Lynx, rather"

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Confuse us and waste our time, I'd guess."

<Decepticon> Scrapper says, "Standard Autobot tactic."

<Decepticon> <:D Catechism says, "Yeah, about that..."

Scrapper vanishes out of reality.

Scrapper has left.

<Decepticon> Sixshot part of his swear is transmitted before he begins speaking, "The EDC apparently followed Sky Lynx out here."

<Decepticon> Geist says, "Going... going.... gone?"

Megatron nods at Catechism, takes the flag in his remaining hand and climbs up onto a heap of rubble to drive it into a replica of Amelia Airheart's plane. "I declare this museum and everything remaining within it, property of the Decepticon Empire!"

Catechism feels a tiny swell of pride when the flag is erected. Then she again feels shame at her failure. Rubbing the back of her cone, she looks away and comments, "Sir, I did manage to salvage some valuables from the rubble. Nothing like the Apex Crystal - I am so sorry - but they ought to fetch a decent price on the black market for the Empire."

Megatron shakes his head as he climbs back down. "You are formidable among Seekers, Catechism, but you're no Sky Lynx. Your chances of bringing him down were very slim. I will not punish you for failing at a task that was beyond you; your boldness and obedience in making the attempt mitigates the loss." He uses his teeth and the fingers of his right hand to tie off a cable dangling from his left elbow stump. "The Autobots are unlikely to destroy the crystal, at any rate. We will find it another day."

That would not be the first time that Catechism has done a few rounds with Sky Lynx. She seems to specialise in getting in over her head. She fixes a wan smile on her face, and she replies, "You are a just leader, my lord." Not 'more than just'. That would be 'merciful' by another name, and Catechism would not insult him so. "Sir, when we first heard of the crystal, Blueshift wished to destroy it, thinking it a fake. I advocated stealing it instead. When we arrived, he faced down Cliffjumper, and I faced Sky Lynx and Bumblebee." Her hands clutch into fists, thinking about the two. "I called for reinforcements, and we eventually arrived at the situation you entered, sir."

Megatron, hard but fair. Tough, but... mean. "I see. Yes, the Combaticons are not quite what we needed in this circumstance. Fast movers who could pursue and harry Sky Lynx would be more desirable in this case," he muses as his heavy footfall rings through the once hallowed, now largely hollowed, halls. "Still, I gave Grimlock a sufficient beating that he may be hampered for some time, and without Grimlock, Rodimus or Ultra Magnus, the Autobots will be at a disadvantage; a victory in itself. Return to base and see to your repairs, Catechism. I will organise an investigation into the crystal with Soundwave."

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "The box with the crystal's been recovered, I'm heading back to base now."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "Indeed? Excellent, Sixshot."

Megatron pauses to tilt his head at the radio. "A victory snatched from the very jaws of defeat. Superb! I'm eager to see what the Constructicons can eke from its mysteries."

<Decepticon> Megatron says, "See that it's secured in New Crystal City for research when the Constructicons are repaired."

Catechism bows formally, dipping her head, and she replies, "Thank you, sir." She perks up at the news on the radio, and comments, "Splendid news, that. Sixshot does such good work." She walks to a relatively clear spot, not wanting debris sucked into her engines, and she transforms. There are claw marks that go all the way through her, letting light shine through, multiple puncture marks from wicked teeth, a massive hole through one wing, and her cone is crumpled. Still, she lurches into the air, off to get to those repairs.

F-35, Marine Corps variant, transforms into robot form. Catechism's feet unfold, her arms unfold out of her body, her nosecone rotates through her body and ends up on her shoulders to expose her face, and her wings rotate into position.

<Decepticon> Sixshot says, "Yes, Lord Megatron."

Megatron launches into the air as well, soaring upwards with a low hissing sound from his antigravity generators as he heads for Earth Command.

Megatron has left.

================================== Autobot ===================================
Message: 3/44                      Posted        Author
AAR: Smithsonian                   Sun Jun 29    Impulse
<< The 'Bot spinny appears, replaced by a rather beat-up looking Impulse >>

"The Decepticons apparently went after some sort of crystal earlier -- the 
Crystal of Apex, I think it was called. They apparently got possession of it 
originally, but all slaggin' hell broke loose. When I showed up with Foxfire, 
Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Sky Lynx were already on-site, facing several 
Decepticons. Bumblebee got the crystal, but was taken down before he could get 

"Songbird picked him up, then lost him when one of the Constructicons rammed 
her. I got him, and managed to keep him atop my hovercar mode... how I did it 
after being rammed by another Constructicon and then hit with rockets, I'll 
never know. Anyway, we got in Sky Lynx... headed for space. Sky Lynx and I 
were supposed to take it to the Sun and toss it... but when a Terran shuttle 
came up, Sky Lynx pushed me through with a mechanical arm after getting 
Bumblebee to safety on the shuttle and took off on his own, muttering 
something about redeeming himself."

Impulse sighs. "I don't know what happened after that... I know Grimlock and 
Quickswitch showed up, as did another Constructicon and later Megatron... all 
I know is, that damn crystal had better have been destroyed." A brief pause. 
"And Sky Lynx... the best thing you can do right now is to steer clear of me, 
because I an NOT happy with your little stunt. Rank or no rank, that was 
downright deceitful... and I see enough of that from Decepticons without 
having to see it from Autobots as well." He shakes his head. "Impulse out."

<< Impulse's battered visage disappears, replaced by the 'Bot spinny >>

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