The Trial of Doubleback

Who: Doubleback, Moonracer, Red Alert, Rodimus Prime, Blaster, Jetfire, Andi Lassiter, Sunstreaker, Fliptop, Silverbolt, Dynamo, Mirage, Grimlock, Victory Leo, Springer
IC Year: 2020
Location: Security Room - Autobot City - Earth
TP: Non-TP

Doubleback, the traitor who helped orchestrate the fall of Iacon, is finally brought to justice for his crimes against the Autobots. The trial features a surprise ending.

Security Room

This room is dominated by the west wall which consists of a multitude of security monitors, viewing each and every room within Autobot City. A desk in the middle of the room is bare, except for the terminal standard for every office here. A forcefield to the east makes sure that those in the Brig stay there. A window on the northern wall gives a good view of the forest beyond.

Contents: Red Alert

Red Alert is nervously standing guard near Doubleback's cell. Of course everyone knows the trial will require moving Doubleback someplace. As security director, Red Alert is also the warden and the undertaker.

Moonracer slips in the door, and stands just inside. Aww. Too bad. Someone's guarding the cell... and if she goes any further she might actually end up in trouble. Uh oh. She gives Red Alert a quick and bright smile.

Red Alert is standing there rifle in hand looking bad ass for once in his life. He nods to Moonracer "Greetings Moonracer,you would not happen to have seen a dinobot around have you?"

Moonracer shakes her head, "No.. I haven't. The last dinobots I saw were on Cybertron." She continues to smile. "You expecting trouble?"

Red Alert nods a bit "I ALWAYS expect trouble which is the reason why I am never caught in it. Having some brawn to back me up with the prisonner's transport would have been welcomed."

Moonracer takes a single step forward to peek in at the prisoner in question. "Well... so long as you shoot him fast if he tries to talk you out of it you should be fine."

From Cell1, Doubleback hops down from his bunk, moving up to the front of his cell, letting out an amused laugh. "Must be an imposing, threatening prisoner being escorted to warrant dinobot assistance, not a little minibot like me. Unless your escorting abilities are as pitiful as your security skills, Alert."

Moonracer almost lets the laughter get to her. Almost. "Just remember. He lies like it's going out of style." She turns back towards the door.

Red Alert looks at the minibot "Actully the dinobot would be there for your own protection. I am not strong enough to keep Inferno from crushing you like an oil can and I sure as Primus will not shoot a comrade over you. As for external threats, my sensors will give me enough of a warning."

From Cell1, Doubleback peers past Red Alert to grin broadly at Moonracer. "Must be tough, feeling beside yourself so much as of late. I'll miss our fun times together, Moonie." He turns back to grin broadly at Red Alert. "Ah, yes, so observant to threats against the Autobots. Does the loss of Iacon hang over your head, knowing you went years without noticing a spy in your midst. Or perhaps you were chasing shadows that held only empty darkness when the real threat was right beside you."

Red Alert transmits a message via radio.

Moonracer does freeze at the last remarks, hand involuntarily twitching-- as though she were forcing herself NOT to draw her gun. "I'm sure you will. Tell me... Did you ever really have a partner, or were you just lonely enough so that you wanted to /create/ one to play with?"

Red Alert would have shot Doubleback for that last one if the field was not up at the moment but he keeps control of his emotions. He flicks the switch on his rifle from 'Regular' to 'Extra-Crispy'. "Ready to meet your fate ?" He moves over to the brig controls.

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "It is time. Red Alert, escort the prisoner to the Meeting Hall. Any Autobots who wish to view the proceedings should make their way there as well."

From Cell1, Doubleback's gaze returns back to Moonracer, the wide grin still plastered upon his face. "I have never had need of a partner. The chance to take you, mold you into a plaything willing to sacrifice your life from mine just weeks after you were ready to kill me, was one I could not refuse. Ah, if only Chimera could have truly been put to use. What a beautiful creation."

Moonracer's chin lifts, "You are pathetic." she says quietly, and moves out of the room.

Doubleback steps out into the security room once the field has been released, giving his limbs a good stretching. "About time this is taken care of. Autobots are nearly as bad as the fleshlings when it comes to trials."


The Bot before you is smaller than the average Autobot, one of the minibot community. Doubleback is rather non-descript, bearing no flashy markings besides the medical insignia he wears upon his right and an Autobot insignia on the left.. He doesn't seem to make any effort to stand out in a crowd, his limbs a mixture of white and a flat red coloring.

Red Alert deactivates the forcefield to Doubleback's cell. "It is time...The trial will take place in the meeting room. I trust you remember the way. So walk...Try anything funny I shoot you. Try to run away I will shoot you, transform, run you over and shoot you again. Is that clear ? Now march."

Meeting Room

A large rectangular table sits squarely in the middle of the room, with chairs large enough to fit your average Cybertronian situated around it. A holoviewer sits in the middle of the table, currently displaying the Autobot symbol. The walls are wood-paneled and arranged on them are various pictures of Cybertron in the Golden Age.

Contents: Silverbolt Fliptop Jetfire Blaster Springer Rodimus Prime Autobot City Vidcomm

Doubleback arrives from the AC Command Center to the west.

Red Alert arrives from the AC Command Center to the west.

Red Alert walks into the meeting room right behind Doubleback his particule rifle trained on him and set to 'extra-crispy'. Red taps Doubleback on the shoulder and points to his assigned seat.

Silverbolt exists. Him and the other Aerialbots are horded together, as always.

Moonracer slinks in, and sits somewhere near the door, just in case she needs to make a quick exit.

Sunstreaker arrives from the AC Command Center to the west.

The room has been specifically altered to serve as a courtroom for this groundbreaking trial. Such things are so rare in the Autobot faction that there is no room usually used. But after careful consideration, Rodimus decided that the Meeting Room would be best. A thought had been to holding it at the Iacon Ruins, but for practical purposes it just wouldn't do. The room is arranged very similarly to an Earth style courtroom. Another of those coincidences between Cybertronians and Terrans. There is a judge's seating area at the front, a Jury box to his left, the representative for the Autobots down a ways, opposite of the seating area for the Defendant - Doubleback. The viewing area is at the back of the courtroom. Rodimus is sitting in the judge's chair. He does not look like his usual happy carefree self. As much as he hates to admit it, there's times that his job forces him to be serious. This is without a doubt one of those times. He looks over to the viewing area, "Moonracer, Silverbolt, Blaster, Jetfire, Fliptop, Sunstreaker. You six have been randomly selected to be the jury of this case. He gestures to the Jury Box. In ya go. No arguing, now. "Springer will be the prosecution on behalf of the Autobots. If Doubleback wishes for a defense attorney, he may of course have one."

Doubleback strides into the courtroom with Red Alert as an escort, one little minibot able to topple an empire. Okay, one city belonging to a rag-tag resistance against the almighty Decepticon Empire. He looks over the quickly made courtroom with a casual gaze, a calm air about him. Sooner or later this day was inevitable. "As if I have any desire to let a simpleminded Autobot defend me. The only Cybertronian worthy to defend me is myself."

Springer sitting at a table, ready to do his job. There is a computer on the table and the triplechanger is looking a its screen. He reading all the files about this crime to make sure that he doesn't forget any details. He gives a quick cold look at Doubleback and then back to the screen. The green Autobot isn't smilling, in fact he looks pretty serious right now.

Sunstreaker looks around a little surprised at being given such a job but just shrugs and makes his way to his seat he takes one near Moonracer as she's the least likely to knock into him and marr his newly finished shine.

Moonracer is not exactly looking happy about suddenly being called into jury duty. Sunstreaker might not be right about her being the least likely to knock into him either. She merely shrugs, and tries to keep a blank look on her face.

Fliptop blinks and points to himself. He doesn't look happy either as he sits back and apparently begins to pay a bit more attention to the whole scenario unfolding before him.

Red Alert moves over to his spot close to Doubleback to prevent him from attacking anyone or trying to make a break forit and also to try and protect him should someone snap and make a run for the minibot.

Rodimus Prime hates sort of thing. It's pretty much the first trial he's ever had to do, but he knows he's going to hate it anyway. And to think he had been hoping to call up Danno for some fishing. Instead he's cooped up in here. Well, at least justice will be done. That's always something. He nods to the minicon and gestures to the defendant's box. "Very well." He replies smoothly. Calm down, Roddo ol' boy. He's the one who's facing justice here. He's the one that's supposed to be sweating. Not you. Rodimus might find it amusing that Moonracer, someone who Doubleback has tortured, was selected as a juror. A shame it's random. But that's Autobot law/convenient roleplaying for you. "Alright, the charge against Doubleback is treason, espionage, and sabotage. Springer, go ahead and present your case." Rodimus takes a deep mechanical breath and leans back in his chair, watching to see what the lean green fightin' machine does. The treason charge is using the basis that Doubleback swore an Oath to the Autobots when he 'joined' them, thus was an Autobot.

Silverbolt listens intently to the trial. Due to his extensive duties on the front lines he's heard very little regarding the 'Doubleback' incident. He has heard of the involvement of a man named Kato something, and a white bronco, but other than that he is not up to date on the situation.

Doubleback moves to the spot set aside for the accused, with his larger shadow beside him. Remaining standing as the trial starts, he can only grin faintly upon hearing each charge read. The treason is semantics, but he can argue that later.

Springer sighs and get up from his seat. Slowly he begins to walk in front of his table. "To make sure that each and everyone of you perfectly understand the situation, I will tell you Doubleback's story."

"Doubleback joined the Autobots after he was rescued in the ruins of New Vilnacron. For years he acted like a friend, we all thought he was our friends.... We were wrong. Two years ago, The Decepticons unleashed Trypticon on Iacon... Iacon's defenses should have been able to stop that monster but they failed... they failed because Doubleback..." Springer points towards the minicon, "Doubleback sabotaged them. He did the same thing to AHQ's main computer. Many life were lost when Trypticon crushed Iacon... They died because HE betrayed us."

"People saw him destroy AHQ's computer, he was so proud of what he did that he even dared to brag about it. After his crimes, he ran aways from AHQ and joined his true friends the Decepticons." The triplechanger looks at the jurors, "We all lost a friends in this tragedy and it happened because of him. We know it's him, we have the proofs, he even admitted it. It's up to you now to make justice" Springer goes back to his place. "That's all."

Silverbolt nods as he listens. He wonders when Kato comes into the story, or what exactly Vernon Jordan has to do with New Vilnacron.

Rodimus Prime cannot read minds. If he could, he would beat Silverbolt to within an inch of his life.

Sunstreaker listens to what is being said but he knows already just what he wants to do to the little traitor, now if only Rodimus would give him the go ahead.

Moonracer just... sits. She can't read minds either. But then, none of those gathered can read her thoughts either. Probably for the best. She leans back in her chair, that old impassive look firmly attatched to her face. She knew most of these facts. Heck. She tried to act on them.

Rodimus Prime nods to Springer and closes his optics for a moment. Everyone had friends in Iacon. NPC friends, but friends nonetheless. And, of course, losing Iacon meant they lost their main facility on Cybertron. They almost lost the entire planet due to Doubleback's actions. Such treachery. Rodimus idly considers that no other Decepticon could possibly pull that off. They're all either too cold to convincingly pretend to be a friend, too emotional to keep their true feelings contained, or too unstable and impatient to carry this out for so long. Doubleback managed, it however. Rat bastard. Rodimus nods again to Springer and gestures to Doubleback without saying a word.

Fliptop sits there and listens to the entire thing. Despite his nature, Fliptop seems to take each word in with careful thought.

Red Alert listens to the charges layed out by Springer and is anxious to see justice served. Red periodicly checks the door and listens in the next room.

Silverbolt shifts a bit in his seat as he tries to piece this all together in his head. The bloody glove he still is having trouble digesting, it was a bit small for doublebacks hand. But if he were innocent why would he and A.C. Green run from the cops? And what of this Gennifer Flowers woman, could this point to a whole personality trend in Doublebacks extra-marital affairs, beyond the Lewinsky scandal. He then ponders.... What exactly DOES 'is' mean. One thing is for sure in Bolt's mind, however. Marv Albert is a grown man and shouldn't be on the stand right now defending a harmless sexual deviance.

Doubleback considers what should be said to the court after Springer's moving words. Doubting Red Alert will allow him tomove freely and speak with such impassioned words like Springer, he is content to speak from his spot. "Since the simpletons in this room seem to understand stories, I shall also entertain you with one. For too few millenia, the inspired vision of the Decepticon high command have kept ones like me in action. Loyal Decepticons willing to forsake all for their duty, their identities, their forms, their very being. Each duty sees a new name, a new form, a new place toserve. Watching, reporting, keeping all in check for the glory of the Decepticons. One day the Autobots, with their misguided compassion, one of the greatest weaknesses a being could possess, bring one of these agents into their fold. For a decade he serves as a medic, repairing troops, repairing officers, repairing the highest authorities. Befriending those around him, putting on a proper Autobot facade. But all the time listening, observing, reporting back to his superiors. Amazing what access one medic can get throughout the Autobot holdings. Finally, the order comes and he is freed from the wretched confines of an Autobot life, and with much amusement he topples their prized city as a parting gift. Much more pleasure involved in the act than just duty to his rightful Empire. How good it felt knowing the city would be crushed beneath the mighty heels of rightful rule. But his is not the only blame. The gullible, trusting nature of the Autobots is to blame. The weakness of the compassion for others, that which allowed the spy into the ranks in the first place is to blame. And most importantly, the sheer gall of an enemy unable to give in to inevitablity of defeat at the hands of a superior force, the heirs of Cybertron, your destined masters within the Decepticon Empire is to blame."

Rodimus Prime listens to everything that Doubleback says wordlessly. He steeples his fingers and raises them slightly, obscuring his face and whatever reaction he has for the duration of the speech. Leaning back in his judge's chair, Rodimus appears for all the world to be soaking in every accusation and insult that Doubleback throws out as he freely admits what he has done, and then proceeds to remain defiant to the end. As the minicon finishes, Rodimus opens his mouth to make a sharp retort about how if the Autobots were so weak, how come the Cons haven't won yet? Or something smarmy about how compassion is never a weakness. But Kup would yell at him if he did, and so Rodimus resists the urge and instead says in a quiet voice, "Are you finished?"

Springer clenches his fist as he listens to Doubleback's speech. The minicon is mocking the Autobot ideal. The triplechangerresists the urge to jump on Doubleback. Doubleback freely admitted is crime so Springer did his job. It's now up the the jury to take a decision.

Moonracer continues to sit quietly in the jury box next to Sunstreaker, trying desparately to keep her reactions from showing- besides the ocasional twitch of a hand. Doubleback might actually be amused at what is going through her mind at the moment. The first time she tried to kill him. The moment in which she hesitated. The fantasy of what would have happened if she had not... Compassion saved Doubleback's life that day.

Blaster notices Silverbolt look like he's fallen asleep, figuring that would more be Kups stance, course no doubt if he was here he would regale everyone with stories of the last big trial when the Autobots were defended by Fred Enzy. He idly wonders if that is all Springer is resting his case on to proove that DB is a traitor.

Sunstreaker leans back in his chair and shouts out exactly what he thinks of that little speach from Doubleback, "Ahhh go blow it out your aft, i've crushed enough of you so called superior forces."

Doubleback smiles towards Rodimus. "I would guess I nearly am. But, if the Autobots value compassion so, perhaps I shouldmake use of it. Seek out the mercy of the jury as it were, in exchange for concessions. For example, the technique used to create the one known as Chimera." He gestures towards Moonracer, pointing her out. "I'm sure you're all curious to know just what it took to take this Femme from a strong, determined Autobot and break her down until all will, all fight was gone and she was free to be molded into her delightful new form. Or perhaps you'd like to know that it didn't take all that long. Would you not like to take your strongest foes, and twist their minds to turn them back against your enemies?"

Doubleback assumes a relaxed pose as he awaits response and/or a verdict.

Rodimus Prime gives Sunstreaker a sharp glance, but can't really blame him. Rodimus was about a split second from shouting something along the same lines. He glares back at Doubleback, pausing only to gaze in Moonracer's direction as she's pointed out. Rodimus grits his teeth. Even as he's facing certain punishment he still goes out of his way to harm one of his Autobots. Finally, the Chosen One answers Doubleback, "That... will be up to the Jury to decide." He looks to said bunch of Autobots, "You may now discuss the case amongst yourself and reach a verdict and a punishment should you feel one is needed. The law on such matters is broad. If he is found guilty, you may sentence him to a prison planet, rehabilitation," Rodimus smirks at that last one, "Or even death." He pauses here. "Red Alert, please escort the jurors to the deliberation room."

Red Alert nods and motions to the jurors to follow him to the deliberation room which is a glorified emptied maintenancecloset or something.

Moonracer twitched violently at the mention of Chimera. Sunstreaker probably would've done better to sit somewhere else.

Blaster heads towards the room, pretty sure Red Alert will try something dodgy and claim it's a security precaution, toodamn paranoid. He nods politely to Red though, so not to arrouse suspicions. He takes a seat in the room and waits for the others to come in (or bust a move as some outdated disk jockeys would phrase it)

AHQ> It's not because it wasn't interesting, but... Well yeah, Mirage just went into 'power safe' mode. Gladly he wasn't snoring in his 'sleep' but eh, that's why he had been silent through it all. And so, well he just remains there and tilts his head back and forth every now and then.

Sunstreaker seemed to twitch as well when Moonracer shifted in her seat but he was just trying to avoid getting any unsightly dings on his lovely finish. He doesn't even wait for them all to finish filing to the discussion room before he starts, "I say you give me about 20 minutes alone with him and then we can send whatever's left back to the cons."

Moonracer walks at a sharp clip into the room, and ... is just there. She's in control for the moment. Very much so. "I think we're agreed..." she says, after a moment.

Blaster looks at Moonracer and Sunstreaker, "Hey don't jump the gun, first off we need to decide just what charges he's guilty of. Then we can decide an adequate punishment"

Jetfire vacates himself from the seat he had previously occupied as the process of the deliberation is about to begin. The Air Guardian enters into the deliberation room and assumes another seat inside. "Indeed, the accused himself has confessed to his deeds, treason."

Blaster looks at Jetfire, "Actually he confessed to espionage, not treason."

Andi Lassiter arrives from the AC Command Center to the west.

Moonracer nods, "That's true, Blaster. He has always been a Decepticon... just pretending. Espionage. Yes."

AHQ> Mirage is currently watching the trial.. Well, watching is a big word, in fact, he's power saving... Sleeping, if you prefer, or seem on the verge of it, as his optics seem to heavy he can't keep them open. Arms folded in frontof his chest, Mirage tilts his head forward back and forth every now and then. He was the only one there, so nobody would care. Gladly he wasn't snoring.

Sunstreaker paces to and fro, "Well i say we just trash him he's a con and clearly he'll always be one the universe will be better off without him."

Doubleback smiles back at Rodimus. "While they deliberate, Roddy, let me ask... what was it like being buried beneath the rubble for so long? Were you awake the whole time? Asleep? Wondering just how your precious city fell so easily?"

AHQ> Grimlock walks in and moves to one of the onitors, his large form's shadow falling over Mirage, "Good, Me Grimlock not miss trial. " He folds his arms and studies the transmissions silently.

Rodimus Prime grins at Doubleback. There's no way this punkass is going to get the better of him. Not now. Not again. "Oh it wasn't so bad. Kind of relaxing, actually. Boy, you sure can't beat the feeling I got when I was rescued and found out that even without me, my boys and girls were /still/ kicking the 'Cons around the Universe every week. So, you tell me, what was it like being in a faction that you despise so much for ten astroyears, only to be captured before you could enjoy freedom with the Decepticons. That sounds like a pretty miserable decade for ya."

AHQ> The voice itself didn't matter too much to Mirage's power saving session. With all that was being said in the trialitself. Mirage just arches a brow a bit as he sees the shadow around him. "Huh... Night's falling down...?" He mumbles half to himself.. Pffft, he was too used to Earth.

Andi Lassiter arrives in a hurry, looking around, then approaching the nearest person she feels she can question for an update on the goings on.

Blaster looks around the other jurors, deciding to move this on before Sunstreaker decides to try turning this into atrial against the whople Cons and declare all of them on death row, "Okay, any objections to guilty to espionage andsabotage, and innocent to treason?" Blaster proceeds to look round the Bots in the room, from Moonracer to Sunstreaker, to Silverbolt (who nods like a lame ass no brain guy without a player), Jetfire and Fliptop

Red Alert stands near the deliberation room ready to pistolwhip whoever tries to escape his responsabilities.

Moonracer shakes her head at Sunstreaker, "Maybe... but isn't that just what a Decepticon would do?" she shrugs, and paces. Can't stop moving now. "Maybe there's a prison planet somewhere, that he can be isolated on. Maybe reform..." she nods to Blaster. "Murder. Sabotage. Espionage." she reminds him. "People died because of what he did."

Jetfire rests his hands on the table inside the room, "Ah yes, episonage. However, that itself is certainly a heavy crime. I offer no objections to the charges, Blaster."

Fliptop sits back and scoffs at them. "Y'know, call me crazy, but he's a traitor. An' if I wasn't on this jury, I say we push for deactivation, followed by removin' his personality component from his physical structure an' meltin' it down."

Sunstreaker stops his pacing and looks to Blaster and the others, "Bah that's no good Moonracer he'll either bust out or his buddies will come for him. I'll go with whatever gets him taken offline permanently."

Doubleback's smile wavers and fades for the moment. "I would have preferred the indignity of my particular captor. To think my time of service to end due to one of the of his low calibur. But after all the time spent among your kind, an existance of solitary confinement in prison, or the blissful silence of termination, will be appreciated."

Andi Lassiter approaches Rodimus Prime quietly, not wanting to intrude, but needing to speak with someone. Finally she speaks up. "Rodimus?"

Rodimus Prime snorts as his smile fades as well. He just doesn't have the cruelty that the Decepticons do. As he fumblesaround for a good retort, Andi comes to his rescue and speaks up. Rodimus smiles once again and looks over towards Andi, "Glad you could make it, Miss Lassiter. What can I do for you?"

Jetfire reaches out and retrieves one of the datapad laid out across the table inside the deliberation room, "I have not taken the opportunity to research upon the instances of which treason has occurred within the Autobot faction, however I am certain several similiar cases must have taken place in the past. I cannot allow myself to consciously agree with the penalty of deactivation, it is far too uncivilized. Perhaps we can consult the cases in the past and base our choices upon decisions that has been set as precedence."

Andi Lassiter smiles to Prime briefly. "I was about to ask you the same thing. The medic on duty in the repair bay said I need to come here as soon as I could." She glances around the room. "What's going on?"

Blaster looks at Jetfire, "How bout we deactivate his physical form and have his core placed in stasis?"

AHQ> Grimlock stands quietly still, his head tilted down slightly as he watches the trial. Obviously he would rather be on Earth than can't pull someone's arms off from lightyears away. As they start to speak about thier votes he can't hold his comments back, his hand reaching down to activate the transmitter so that his face and voice suddenly appear in the conference room , "Me, Grimlock say Dinobots take care of dealing with traitor. Grimlock make sure justice done..."

Sunstreaker shakes his head, "Same problem sooner or later his friends will bust him out and he'll be causing problems again, you guys are just too soft to realise what has to be done."

Fliptop shakes his head. "I say we melt it down, man," he says, "It's the least that stinkin' Con does... in fact, I say we get Perceptor ta design some kinda slaggin' fractal mind maze that Doubleback can wander for the rest o' his miserable, traitorous existence... yeah."

Rodimus Prime nods and leans forward, looking over the Judge's desk thingee towards the human. "Yeah, just about every Autobot's wanted to be here. I can see why he'd want you to come on down here. We're holding Doubleback's trial, Andi." Rodimus frowns, "He's the one who caused Iacon to fall, killing many pe-" Rodimus halts abruptly. "Erm, he's the one that's accused of causing Iacon to fall, killing many Autobots." Way to be impartial, Rod.

Moonracer subsides, going very quiet. She's expressed her opinion. That's all she can do. Although Fliptop's suggestion sounds vaguely interesting.

Blaster says, "We're also Autobots Sunstreaker, which means that we don't kill in cold blood, not if we can avoid for it. Just because he's a Decepticon does not condemn him to death, just because he put our comrades, our friends to death,doesn't mean we can sink to the level of his kind and execute him.""

Andi Lassiter ohs softly. "I'll get out of the way, then." She looks around the meeting room turned courtroom and moves off to find a place to sit out of the way.

Rodimus Prime nods and leans back in his chair again, giving Doubleback another glance. Geez, how long does it take foreveryone to decide on 'kill him'? In truth, Rodimus is glad he doesn't have to make the decision here, as he'd have no clue what to do.

Sunstreaker says, "Heh i wasn't suggesting that i want him one on one in the arena, the Decepticons are all for trial by combat and believe me i won't let him off easy.""

Red Alert is wondering about lots of things like 'If the Autobots vote for death or execution...Who will actually do the deed ?'

Fliptop snorts and says, "Eh, get yer head outta yer exhaust port, Blaster. 'We're Autobots.' Yeah, right. Look, we may not kill in cold blood, but if it were my choice, I'd say an optic fer an optic. I say we move him so he's outta the way, permanent like. Obviously he ain't worth the time ta bust out while he's in AC... so I say we remove his personality component, melt his frame, and put him somewhere in 'ere where the Cons can't get to him."

"That certainly is possible penalty that we can opt for, Blaster." The Air Guardian continues to skim down the list of cases where individual Autobots has committed episonage, sabotage, and murder against the Autobot faction. Dismemberment, Execution, Disintegration... crickey, maybe it's not a good idea to use the precedences set in the past after all! Jetfire tosses the datapad down to the table again and continues, "If we must speak strictly on the most beneficial choice available to us, setting morals aside, then Blaster's idea of removing Doubleback's lasercore from his current body frame would be the most plausible choice. A body frame is nevertheless a valuable resource, we can give it to one of our fallen comrades who still survives as a lasercore in storage." Jetfire pauses for a while before continuing, "We could also consider purging the memories of Doubleback's lasercore, grant him a new start in life, free of everything he has done up till now. There still may be hope that he can operate as an useful member within the Autobot faction."

Fliptop snorts and says, "Well, we ain't gunna get anywhere with this. Let's put it to a vote. Our options are imprisonment, removal from his frame and subsequently meltin' it down, or death... So what's it gunna be?" He looks at the gathered Autobots.

Blaster looks at Fliptop, "Very well, then death is one option. and other options can be examined if we don't all turn out to be barbarians. All those in favour of death say aye now."

Sunstreaker folds his arms across his chest and grins briefly, "He's a Con and that's all he deserves it's no different than if we meet on the battlefield, hell i'll even finish him off if you're all too squeamish to do it."

Blaster takes that as an aye from Sunny, he looks at Fliptop, as though he needs to ask

Fliptop sits back in his chair, tossing his feet up on the table. "...Eh, I was offerin' suggestions ta the whole deal, since some of ya seem ta be beholden ta 'ideals.'" The Mini-Con glances at Moonracer and brings up his arm. He points his thumb down. "I say we slag the bum, but then, no one listens ta the Mini."

Blaster nods at Fliptop, and moves to look at Moonracer, knowing this is prolly hardest decision for her than anyone, and deciding he'll have to speak with Rodimus about her shortly

Moonracer folds her arms, still pacing, not meeting anyone's gaze. "If we kill him, are we any better than the Decepticons? But ... if we let him live, will he ever change?" She shakes her head. "I don't know. Are we any better?" she finally looks up, as a memory of Doubleback in Nightseige surfaces. "I don't think he would change. We have no other choice."

Blaster sighs as he can see where this appears to have went, he looks at Jetfire, "Your opinion, death or an alternative?"

Jetfire remains silent in his seat, maintaining his unyielding resolve to avoid supporting for any decision he feels to be barbaric and uncivilized. "Despite the loss of serveral of my comrades that perished along with our glorious Iacon,lowering myself to accept any choices less true to the Autobot ideal would be an insult to my departed comrades and shames the ideals they have stood for. I must vote for an alternative, despite the fact that I am clearly in the minority in thisdecision."

Blaster nods to Jetfire, "And I vote for an alternative as well." Blaster sighs, as it appears that the Autobots are aboutto do something he truely wished never to see, (OOC-I think we ignore Silverbolt, I can't see the character voting fordeath, but we don't want a tied vote) his tone is no less serious that it has been throughout, "However it would appear the majority is for death, so that will be the decision."

Rodimus Prime idly starts up the chit-chat with Andi again. "So... once this is all over, I've been thinking about calling Daniel up, rounding up some other EDC folks and going on a fishing trip. I'm sure some Autobots could use some R&R as well." He grins and adds, "It's high time I put the Winnebago form to good use. You interested?"

Fliptop slams his fist on the table and glares at Jetfire. "Ideal!? Hey, listen ya overgrown japanimated junk heap, did Doubleback show the same amount o' consideration fer the Autobot ideal? No, so why should we? At least them Decepticons stick to their guns, and we gotta be better than them. But this guy, he played us and good. He took the Autobot ideal an used it as an' oil pan..." The Mini-Bot looks almost comical arguing with the much larger Transformer.

Andi Lassiter looks at Rodimus with a bit of surprise. "Seriously?"

Rodimus Prime nods and leans back, "Seriously. All work and no play makes Roddo a dull mech."

Andi Lassiter ohs. "Well, will Daniel be able to accompany you? He seemed....disheartened with San Francisco last time I spoke with him." She is being VERY careful with her wording.

Moonracer continues to pace, until Blaster says something. Then stops.

Rodimus Prime hesitates before he replies, "Well... ah... I'm hoping to talk to him. But hey, even if Danno's busy it'll still be fun." Rodimus sounds like he really hopes Daniel will join in, though. The Terran is, afterall, one of Rodimus's best friends.

Sunstreaker really doesn't care for all this pointless bickering there's only one way to deal with a Decepticon and for once it looks as if the Autobots will make the harder choice. He just waits for Blaster to lead them back in to pass sentence.

Blaster gets up from his seat and indicates the jury should return, before DB pushes Rodimus into executing him pre-emptively

AHQ> Grimlock clears his vocoder loudly, "Me, Grimlock say maybe take Doubleback and abandon on planet with no way off. If not have metal to destroy him like should be." He gestures towards Rodimus, "Me, Grimlock still say Dinobots deal with traitor. Even give chance to fight if weak Decepticon want it. Maybe should buy him alive in place with no way out like him do to Autobots."

Andi Lassiter nods to Rodimus. "If that's the case, I'd be happy to come along."

The Air Guardian quietly lowers his head, the disappointment carried by him is made obvious by the grim expression on his face. The manifestation of Fliptop's anger fails to shake the giant Autobot's stance, "Doubleback has clearly shown his loyalty to the Decepticons, we cannot judge him as one of our own." Jetfire raises his head and looks firmly at Fliptop, "Peace. Mercy. Compassion. These are the core ideals of the Autobot faction. The Decepticons are ruled by their unrestrained desires and emotions, are we about to succumb to their level? Can we still look our comrades in the eye once we too have departed and say that we betrayed our ideals to satisfy vengeance?"

Blaster heads to the door, placing a hand on Jetfires erm arm as the other Bot is taller than he, "The decision is made, best not to dwell on it now."

Rodimus Prime looks towards the screen and nods to Grimlock, resisting the urge to grin, "That's certainly something tokeep in mind, Grimlock." He's not being serious, of course. Ah, but wait, it would appear that the Jury is just about done. He motions for Red Alert to let them out of their box. Rodimus takes a deep breath. The tension is killing him. He glances at Doubleback.

Moonracer's head lowers, listening to Jetfire. The words... "I don't know if I vote out of vengance. I believe that it is wrong-- but he won't change. He'll never change.

From the other side of the doors, a minor scuffle can be heard. It starts out as raised, challenging voices from the guardsoutside, then some shuffling and bumping as from a minor altercation. Then the doors burst inward, propelled by a singularly purposeful martial kick. Victory Leo strides in briskly, his face set with grim determination, optics fixed upon the defendant's stand with tunneled vision, no regard for anyone else in the room. His right fist clenches and unclenches with a reflexive twitch that summons his weapon from subspace into his grip.

Victory Leo

A towering behemoth of a robot, easily 30 feet tall and almost that broad-shouldered. Steely blue optics glint coldly from beneath the heavy ridge of his gold helmet, finely-honed steel horns jutting from either side. The broad black expanse of his chest, accented by gold-highlighted central panels, narrows to a lithe waist, a crimson Autobot insignia emblazoned against the cold steel of his lower abdomen. Massive black-and-gold forearms and lower legs seem to radiate barely-restrained power, held in perfect balance with a master combatant's expertise. A pair of white-steel wings jut from his shoulders, accented with streaks of red detailing. The overall picture is one of energy leashed, held in check only by the tenuous control behind those unsettlingly flashing optics... noticing your glance, he shifts a brief, cold lookof acknowledgement your way, his face shifting into the barest hint of a snarl.

Setting himself in a bracing stance, dropping one foot slightly behind the other, he lifts the cannon with one stiff arm. The barrel, large enough for a human to walk into without stooping over much, glints for one appropriately dramatic moment in the courtroom lights, and the behemoth stands statuesquely still, just long enough for Doubleback's optics to focus on the maw of destruction levered at his head. Now would be the appropriate time for any pithy comments, but the ronin Autobot says nothing.

He simply pulls the trigger.


The cannon bucks in the warrior's hamfisted hand, spitting white-hot death through air that screams in protest at its sudden passing and then snaps shut with a sonic crack on the vaccum left in its wake. Victory Leo maintains the pose for another moment, long enough to let what remains of the body clatter to the ground perhaps, and then shoulders the weapon, turns around, and walks out of the room, without comment.

Sunstreaker follows the other Autobots as they file out and head back to their seats, he doesn't speak with the others he knows he made the right choice, no the only choice. Other Autobots might like to think that they can rehabilitate the Decepticons but he knows better, they can't change.

Blaster is heading for the door when he hears considerable noise outside, and then a very loud noise that definitly does not belong in a courtrom, without hesitation Blaster speeds up and makes his way rather forcebly out of the closet.

Rodimus Prime blinks as he hears the scuffle. He stands up, "What in the. Red, go see what's causing all the trouble, will ya?" Before the words even leave his mouth, however, Victory Leo has entered the room. "Hey... whoa... Vic... long time no see." Ah, as elegant as ever, Roddo. His optics widen as Victory Leo takes aim at the defendant, "Hey... wait,Victory Leo! STOP!" It is too late, however, as the cannon is fired. Rodimus fumbles around for a second in complete andutter shock. "Damnit, Victory Leo!" He hisses. He motions to the guards + Red, "Stop him. Don't let him leave!" Rodimus is furious.

Springer jumps on his feet as Victory Leo appears into the room and shoots Doubleback right in the head. The triplechanger doesn't know what he should do... he glances towards Rodimus and wait for his reaction.

Moonracer stands in the doorway of the little jury closet. She merely stares at both Leo... and the suddenly vaporisedDoubleback. The decision was taken out of their hands...

Red Alert rushes into the door to stop VL from leaving the room. "Hold it right there. I think you got a bit ahead of yourself we do not even know the verdict yet!"

Fliptop blinks and leaps up. "Oh for bootin' up cold, what in the name of my great uncle Trion's goin' out there?" he says, heading for the door.

Jetfire sighs and hesistantly acknowledges Blaster's comments before vacating himself from his seat as well. The giant Autobot walks grimly towards the door, "The alternative options was there to satisfy justice, however I'm afraid we are not yet enlightened to truly uphold our ideals with firm resolve." The Air Guardian quickly exit the deliberation room along with the others jurors once he has become aware of the commotion taking place outside. It's not exactly difficultfor Jetfire to realize what has taken place here, oh the horror!

AHQ> Grimlock is mildly surprised that Victory Leo appears, not having seen the Autobot for quite a long while. When theshot comes he takes a moment to process the fact that Doubleback has destroyed the Traitor out of hand, without orders. He inhales and reaches to turn the monitor off with a casual flick of his finger before he turns, heading out the door towards the landing pad.

As soon as Rodimus orders to stop Victory Leo, the triplechanger springs in the air and lands between Leo and the doors. He raises his arm, hand open in front of him. "You stop right there big fella. I won't let you pass."

Doubleback turns to look towards the command center along with most others upon hearing the commotion outside. When Vic Leo arrives in the room, Double feels a sense of dread for the first time since his confinement. Stature and demeanor make it obvious the larger Autobot has some sort of hostile intentions as Leo strides towards him. But it happens even fasterthan expected. The minibot doesn't have much time to sort his thoughts, only a shudder of onsetting regret and fear forthe ending of his life. And those are the last thoughts that pass through his neural net before it is vaporized and his body slumps lifelessly to the floor.

Blaster looks from the body, to Leo, to Rodimus, his own face going through expressions of confusion, to shock, to whatcould border on rage at the actions of one Autobot to remove the rights of the faction to make a decision, moving to joing Red Alert he looks at Victory Leo, "I think you might want to stay a little longer, and try see if you can actually manage an explanation to what in primus'es name you just pulled."

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "Anyone who's at the Command Centre, seal Metroplex immediately!"

Sunstreaker watches in mild fascination as the assassin Victory Leo bursts in and blows Doubleback away depriving SUnstreaker of his chance to finish the Decepticon. He's not overly worried about stopping him, no instead he makes his way over to check that Doubleback really is dead.

Victory Leo pauses as Red Alert foolishly gets in his way, angling his gaze downward at the security director. "/Ahead/ ofmyself?" he rumbles sardonically. "This is bad comedy." His grip shifts on his weapon, still held moderatly unthreateningly against his shoulder. "All I did was something that should have been done a long time ago. Now get out of my way."

Echoing through the base, the central computer announces: ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The base is being sealed. All force-fields are now up.

<Autobot> Dynamo says, "Dynamo here. Autobot City is secured. What's going on, commander?"

Moonracer finally manages to get herself to move out of the open closet doorway, and towards the body. "He's dead?" she asks, trying not to look down, instead looking at Victory Leo's back. "It's over." Maybe she looks a little relieved. Maybe.

Rodimus Prime's right fist twitches with movement that's identical to that of Victory Leo's. The far slimmer, sleeker image of Rodimus's photon eliminator appears in his hand. Vaulting over the judge's bench, Rodimus lands on both feet with impressive agility, already aiming his rifle at Victory Leo's back. "Stand down, Victory Leo. This decision wasn't yours to make," he breathes. Keeping the weaon trained on Victory Leo, Rodimus says in a sad but determined tone, "Don't make us do this, Vic."

The Security Director's hand twitches on his weapons .oO(I REEEEAAALLLY need to install a stun setting on that.)Oo. He musters up the gut to straight at rogue Autobot "I don't think so. Rodimus is our leader and insists that you stay for a few. Probably for some explanations."

Springer stands between Victory Leo and the doors, he's not to far from the other Autobots who're trying to stop the huge Autobot. Even thought Leo was speaking to Red Alert, Springer decides to reply : "This is not our way to handle these kinds of situation."

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "A little trouble from an old friend. Get a security team down here to the meeting hall. Victory Leo is not to leave."

Blaster says nothing, leaving the hum (and a rather loud hum it is at that) coming from his leg mounted speakers and moreso from his hands, which seem to be reverbarating, to be the only noise eminating from him.

<Autobot> Dynamo says, "Security team enroute, sir. We'll be in there in a minute."

Victory Leo's face twists in the first stages of a snarl. "Don't. Quote. Rodimus. At me." His head turns to narrow his optics at Springer. "Maybe that's why Iacon is a pile of rubble now." And finally, he turns fully to face Rodimus, eyeing the gun pointed now at his chest with what seems to be... amusement? "You know you're not going to shoot me."

The doors to the Command Center whisk open abruptly, to admit Dynamo at the head of a 'gumby' security squad; evidently they're following him because he's brave enough (or dumb enough -- take your pick) to stand in front as they advance into the meeting room.

Springer doesn't like the way things are going and when Victory Leo aims his weapon at Rodimus, the green Autobot get ready to react. He is ready to jump at the first sign of violence, but otherwise he lets Rodimus handle the situation since he knows Victory Leo much better than him.

Moonracer stands quite still. There's no need for her to pull a gun, since just about everyone else in the room is pointing one at Leo.

Victory Leo didn't aim anything at anyone.

Rodimus Prime hesitates at the winged behemoth but keeps his rifle targeting Victory Leo. He grits his teeth at the Iacon comment and shakes his head, mouthing something that sure looks like a string of swear words. He keeps this silent,however, as he winces at Blaster's humming. After about a five second pause that seemed more like twenty, Rodimus replies with false confidence, "Oh? I don't see why not. You've crossed the line, Vic. We had this trial for a purpose. Not just so you could slagging march in here and throw justice to Hell."

Fliptop snaps up at Victory Leo, sliding behind him to where he keeps his pistol. "Maybe he won't, but that don' apply ta me. Not that I got an issue with pluggin' that traitor, but ya just don't go ape slag, ya golden puss," says the Mini-Bot, glaring up at Victory Leo. "'Course, must be real nice doin' watcha want, when ya want. Yeah, yer a real team player, Vic. I'm surprised ya consider yerself an Autobot... since ya seem ta be in it more fer some kinda personal vendetta more than anythin'...."

As soon as Victory Leo has moved an adequate amount of distance away from what's left of Doubleback's whooped remains, Jetfire springs towards and pulls out his tricorder, the replacement for his damaged specialized optical lenses to conduct detailed scannings, and examines Doubleback. "There is no indication of any present neural net activity, I'm afraid there is no way to salvage Doubleback." Jetfire sighs as he closes the lid on his tricorder, finally resigning hope for the misguided Cybertronian. He's dead Jim.

Springer doesn't like the way things are going. He looks at Victory Leo and prepare himself just in case... He is ready to jump at the first sign of violence, but otherwise he lets Rodimus handle the situation since he knows Victory Leo much better than him.

"I am an Autobot," Victory Leo grates simply, optics roving coldly over the room assembled against him. "And evidently I'm the only one left with the ball bearings to do what needs to be done." He points at Doubleback's body, casually with his cannon. "That filth," he states, "was a waste of perfectly good energon far longer than it needed to be. And you all know it," he adds, steel blue meeting each set of optics individually for the briefest of moments. "Now end this farce and go back to killing the bad guys instead of wasting time with this drivel."

Moonracer slips her gauss pistol out, aiming at the body beside her. She pulls the trigger, sending two precise rounds through the corpse.

Sunstreaker stands and watches Victory Leo agreeing whole heartedly with a fellow warrior someone who knows just whatfighting is really about.

Doubleback's bodily remains, what's left minus his head and a portion of the upper body, twitch as the shots pierce his form, causing brief spasm which sends his near hand to rest upon her foot.

Blaster stares right back at Victory Leo, "Yes, easy for you to walk into a room and shoot a defenseless guy who had noway to defend himself while he awaited his fate to be decided as it should have been by the Autobots. Easy for you to then go back to whereever you are and let us fight the Decepticons Victory Leo. Not so easy to face up to the consequencesof what you have done being everything the autobots stand against, to face up to your own cowardly act."

Dynamo and the security team stand in front of the doorway. Most of the team have their weapons drawn; Dynamo doesn't, though there's a faint stink of ozone around him. He merely raises an eyeridge at Victory Leo's anarchist speech, and looks inquiringly at Red Alert and Rodimus for orders.

Rodimus Prime winces at Jetfire's declaration, but didn't even have to be told. Victory Leo wouldn't just come in here and hurt Doubleback. No, he came here to kill. As well, it's unlikely Victory Leo even knew what the verdict that Blaster and the others were going to come out with; not that it was ever really in doubt. He resists the urge to ask what they eventually decided, but it doesn't exactly matter at this point. And Springer, m'boy, you think Rodimus understands Victory Leo? What, just because they're 'identical'? It hasn't exactly turned out that way. Nodding slowly at Fliptop's comment, Rodimus snorts at Vic's reply. Still aiming the rifle at Leo's chest, Rodimus replies harshly, "Waste of energon? Yeah, I can see that. Filth? Sure, I agree wholeheartedly. But you're missing the point. We have trials for a reason. We have to slagging THINK and DISCUSS what we're going to do something this major before doing it!" Rodimus winces once more. Geez, he's arguing for caution and discussion rather than quick action. He pauses and looks away towards Moonracer, blinking, and then at Blaster, nodding in agreement. For now, at least, he's not really paying attention to Vic's actions.

Moonracer jumps back at the sudden twitching, that lands the hand on her foot. She automatically shoots another round intothe body, then, smoothly putting the pistol away, she runs for the door, trying to dive between and around people to get out.

Fliptop settles back and folds his arms. "Yeah, sure, whatever..." He walks up to Victory Leo and looks right up at him, probably coming up to the larger Tranformer's knee, if he's lucky. "Y'know, I don't know where you hang yer hat most of the time, but I'm guessin' that since we don' see you around a lot, you must have a lotta time ta think on yer psychotic tendencies... or maybe yer in league with them Cons as well, and figured ya'd shut Doubleback up so he wouldn't spill any beans... is that it? Huh, Vic? Sounds fishy if ya ask me... an' if ya did, I'd say yer actin' more Decepticon than anythin'.... I don't trust yas..."

Springer is still standing where he landed, ready to stop (well to try to stop) any attemp of escape. The green Autobot nods in agreement as Rodimus speaks. Yes the Autobot leader is right, if Victory Leo claims to be an Autobot he should understand that.

Red Alert looks around and listens to Fliptop's conspiracy theory... .oO(Primus it COULD make sense! It would sure explain a few things. Why didn't I see it sooner ?)Oo.

Victory Leo chuckles softly at Rodimus, most likely reading that wince to the letter. After all, he has a lot more grounds to understand him implicitly than Rodimus does to understand him. "You've had a year and a half to think about it. That may not be much to some of these old-timers, but..." his mouth curves in the faintest hint of a smirk. "You, and I... we know better. That's a long time, isn't it... Rodimus?" He pauses for a breath for dramatic effect more than anything else, sincewe all know robots don't really have to breath, just their voice actors. "Maybe if I hadn't been butchered I'd be standing in your place, saying the same things you're saying. But that's not how things turned out, is it?" He glances at Blaster and Fliptop in turn. "I'm going to do you a favor, and ignore the coward thing. Because we both know how utterly cheap thatcomment is, and neither of us wants for me to have to glass your head to match that thing on the floor there." His optics rest longer on Fliptop. "Psychotic? You think I don't know what I am? Or maybe you think I like what I am? Save your lectures for someone who cares." The leonid guardian lifts his cannon to shoulder-height again, but this time aims clearly at the ceiling. "Clear the door," he addresses the room evenly, "or I will make my own."

Blaster's hands continue to hum, "Oh it's not cheap Victory, what you did, thats cheap. Cheap, easy, cowardly, pathetic. So many words, and all that describe exactly the same thing. Exactly what you just did, an act that is beneath any Autobot. Hell I know of some Decepticons who wouldn't lower themselves to do what you just pulled."

Moonracer continues to push, shove, and jab her way through to get to the main door.

Dynamo's troops open up around Moonracer, closing behind her as she flees. She's not the real threat, after all, as Dynamosteps toward Victory Leo, optics glinting. "Enough," he says quietly. With a look at Rodimus and Red Alert, who haven't told him anything otherwise, he looks up at the towering rogue Autobot. "Surrender your weapon, Victory Leo. Don't make me hurt you." Obviously Dynamo is over-blessed with courage -- or insanity.

Springer gets ready to spring, the triplechanger only wait for a word from Rodimus to stop the guardian (or die trying.). He tries to recall which room is above the meeting room that's if there is a room above it... Springer looks at Rodimus and then back at Victory Leo...he's still waiting.

Rodimus Prime looks back to the prototype Guardian as his wince grows into a look that can only be explained as a cross between fear, confusion and indecisiveness. Keeping his optics trained on Victory Leo, Rodimus's weapon wavers as his grip loosens. Victory Leo clearly has the psychological advantage here over Rodimus. He hears Blaster preach on but is hardly listening. He's bumped slightly as Moonracer shoves her way past him, causing Rodimus's rifle to fall slightly towards the ground. The Autobot Commander opens his mouth but doesn't say anything. He nods slowly at Dynamo's words, and can see Springer's determination. He nods again and raises his rifle back up to Victory Leo's chest as he echos Dynamo's words through gritted teeth, "This is your last chance, Victory Leo. Put down your weapon and surrender."

Red Alert hesitates as the situation is very volatile. The security director looks to where Springer is...Blaster...Fliptop...Rodimus. .oO(If things get messy Fliptop will probably die before we can restrain VL. If he punches a hole through the ceiling and flees it might make matters worse. The best would be to give himself up and see things through. That would be the smart thing to do.)Oo.

Victory Leo laughs softly, enough of a not-entirely-stable giggle hanging in the back of it to send a chill down the spine. "Aren't we a lovely bunch of hypocrits today. Deliberate sparing the butcher of Iacon, but by all means point guns at each other." His grip tightens slightly over the trigger of his weapon, as a tremor quivers through his voice. "I don't... want... to hurt you." His optics grow cold. "End this nonsense before more than the guilty get sentenced."

Springer summons his disruptor pistol from a subspace and aims it at Victory Leo. He would not like to have to fire on afellow Autobot but Leo acted more like a Decepticon than like an Autobot. But again, only Rodimus can take this decisionand Springer is waiting for him to take it. Let him go? or stop him.

Blaster continues to stand his ground, looking straight at Victory Leo (well straight up at him anyway). "Not a chance, by doing what you did you may have taken out oneguuilty party, but you made yourself one. Doubleback may have deserved what he got, he may not have. But that was never your decision to make, it was the Autobots. What you did wasn't justice, it was a hollow shell of it, an attempt to mimic something good and just and right, regardless of if the eventual outcome would have been the same or not. Instead you gave us not justice, but brutality, a concept that we don't embrace like you and the Cons seem to."

Moonracer transmits a message to Victory Leo: Thank you.

Victory Leo receives a radio transmission.

Dynamo takes another step towards Leo. "I don't think you want to fire on us. Are you going to make yourself into the same kind of person Doubleback is... well, was?" His optics glitter. "Don't be foolish. Put your weapon down. You know we'll treat you fairly... by the law. That's what sets us apart from the Decepticons; the fact that we work by law, and not by the whims of some purple-painted despot."

Rodimus Prime closes his optics and listens to Victory Leo. He doesn't know what to do. Victory Leo... isn't a typicalAutobot. He's a part of Rodimus, and Rodimus is a part of him. He lets go of a mechanical breath that he didn't even realize he had been holding as Vic's voice trembles. Rodimus opens his optics again and realizes something needs to be decided. All of this nonsense can't go on. That's one thing Roddo agrees with. One question Rodimus asks himself is something along the lines of 'what would Optimus do'? Rodimus nods to himself, muttering something incoherent before issuing the mental command to switch his photon rifle to its stun setting. He can't even hear what Blaster and Dynamo are blathering on about. Without another milisecond of hesitation, Rodimus presses the trigger repeatedly.

"What I did," the large warrior growls deeply, "needed to be done. And deep down you all know it. And I will not cheapen my actions by trying to defend them in this mockery of 'justice'." Optics fixed solidly on Dynamo as the foolish 'bot steps yet closer, about to utter another threat to stay the hell away from him, he's caught totally unprepared by Rodimus' sudden barrage, and staggers sideways, throwing up his left arm reflexively to block some of the shots. Disruptor energy crackling across his armor, half-numbing all sensation from his motor controls, he drops to one knee with an animalistic ROAR of suddenly-unchecked fury. Congratulations, you broke him.

Victory Leo shifts to lion mode.

As soon as Victory Leo transforms into his lion mode, the triplechanger fires at him with is own disruptor (stunt) pistol.Springer doesn't want to hurt him so he really hopes the stunt beams will be enough to stop the cyberlion.

Dynamo recoils as Rodimus hammers Victory Leo with that disruptor barrage, but has enough sense to raise both arms to aim at the half-dazed loose cannon of an Autobot. "I'm sorry," is all he can whisper, as he lets Leo have it from the other side, tightly focused electromagnetic energy emanating from him as he tries to crash the hell out of the maddened lionbot's systems.

Blaster is not overly happy that things degraded, as he had hoped Leo could be reasoned with, however now things have descended to this level he knows it's best to hit him with everything they can and try knocking him down fast. Blaster therefore lets rip with a cacophany of soundwaves aimed right at confusing the heck out of the lion form of Victory Leo, unlike normal theres no musical tune at all recognisable in the assault, it's merely pur sound.

An audible click of a missile pod hatch opening can be heard from behind the room. Eventually the origin of the peculiar sound is found to have come from Jetfire, who's raised right forearm reveals a micro-missile pod, "Stand back, comrades! My new enhanced disruptor rocket shall subdue Victory Leo's fury." The Air Guardian braces his feet against the metallic floor of the comand cener and prepares to fire his untested invention. An omnimous rumble is emitted from micro-missile pod as the rocket is released and fired... which promptly explodes and releases its effects on the giant Air Guardian even before it has cleared the pod itself. With a forced gasp, Jetfire falls to the ground, a victim of his own invention. So this is what Wheeljack had to go through everytime his invention FUBARed on him.

Red Alert braces himself as the lion is likely to try and run over him since he's standing in the door. .oO(I hope someoneremembers felines get instant paralysis when they are grabbed by the scrawn of the neck)Oo. Red sees Jetfires invention backfire .oO(Maybe I will ask DepthCharge for my upgrade instead of Jets.)Oo. Having no stun attacks the paranoid Autobot returns his weapon to subspace and prepares to subdue the cyberlion with his bare hands....Oh boy.

Rodimus Prime's teeth remain tightly clenched as he lowers his rifle and returns it to subspace. The Autobot gets down in a defensive crouch and moves towards Victory Leo, arms out like a football (American) player making damn sure the ball carrier isn't getting past him without getting a few good whacks. Charging towards the huge robot lion with no regard for his own safety, Rodimus tries to make himself the most appealing target as he stops just shy of him. One thing Rodimus /does/ understand about Victory Leo is that he's a freaking badass. "C'mon, Victory Leo! You want me?! Well come and get me!" He shouts, hoping to Primus that should Leo go after someone, it'll be him. The Chosen One feels like crap for baiting a psychologically wounded Autobot like this, but if Leo goes nuts on a fellow Autobot, he knows he'll feel a whole lot worse. Various stun bolts whiz by him on their trek towards the behemoth. Roddo is too focused on Leo to even notice poor Jetfire's situation. He mentally curses Red Alert. Brave, brave Red Alert. Idiot.

Victory Lion hunkers down, snarling, slightly lopsided as he struggles to keep his left-hand legs stable beneath him, though his left foreleg has more weight on the elbow than the paw. Turbines whine subaudibly as the missile launchers on his back power up, and for the briefest of moments a flicker of sadness flashes through the feline/tank's optics, before the curtain of blind rage slams down. He had no specific target, though Rodimus was certainly in his direct line of fire after his thrashing about - but as everyone in the freaking ROOM opens fire on him simultaneously the rockets simply... fail to fire. Letting out what was surely intended to be another fearsome roar, but instead comes out as a choked whine, the lion staggers crashes to the floor on his chin.

Andi Lassiter had been sitting quietly throughout everything up until about when Vic Leo arrived. She knows better than tocross him, and had been on her way to someplace safe and out of the the jury deliberation chambers. When people start opening fire on the rogue Autobot, she gives up on being subtle and dashes into the next room in hopes of being ableto stay clear there. She ducks through the door just as Vic Leo falls, so doesn't know it ended that fast.

Dynamo shouts, "Stop!" as soon as Leo hits the canvas. He looks -sick-... if he was human, his stomach would be in knots and he'd be restraining the urge to throw up. Indeed, he puts his hand to his mouth, looking away from the pathetic state Victory Leo is in. "It's over... Primus help us."

Springer fires few more stunning bolt at the Cyberlion, just to be sure he really is stunned. Slowly he walks towards the guardian, keeping his pistol aimed at him. He gives a quick look at Rodimus and asks, "What are we doing now?"

Victory Lion's claws scrape grooves in the metallic floor as his systems whir and click, trying diligently to shunt off the overload of disabling energy that momentarily shut them down. A gutturally threatening growl rumbles from the depths of his vocaliser as his optics flicker and struggle to regain focus.

Rodimus Prime's optics widen in shock as the missiles prepare to launch. Rodimus staggers towards Victory Leo, trying to make himself an even bigger target. But the attack never comes, and Rodimus's entire body twitches in unison as Leo fallsto the ground. He blinks as if he were confused and then looks towards Springer, still in shock at all this. Geez, Victory Leo is HIM. He could be the psycho raving lunatic laying on the ground while a dozen Autobots point guns at him for being a criminal. Clearly, Rodimus is in no position to answer Springer's question as the Chosen One slumps to hisknees, gazing towards the fallen Lion. Someone else better make a decision. Better do it fast, also.

Doubleback laughs in amusement from somewhere within the stygian darkness of oblivion.

Looking past the fallen lion Blaster see's Rodimus slumping to the ground, mentally oh craping Blaster, despite being evidently pissed off enough to foolishly antagonise Leo quickly radios for medics to come asap (thankfully they were awaiting outside the meeting room to come in and cart of DB's remains and the remains of any Bots finished by Leo, as they come in Blaster looks at them and dynamo, "Quick secure Leo, keep him unconcious for now, we got lucky in getting a chance to end this so quickly, lets not waste it and risk having to hurt the guy."

Springer looks at Rodimus and sees that he's in no condition to take a decision right now. He looks at the other Autobots in the room. "Help me, we have to bring him into the brig...for now at least. Rod will have to take a decision about him later." The triplechanger fires few more stunt beam at the lion as he growls.

Dynamo nods to Blaster, snapping his fingers for the security team to come forward and fix restraints and modelocks to the fallen cyberlion. He still looks faintly ill. "I hope I never have to do that again, you know." he says quietly,trying not to wince as Springer ensures that Vic -stays- stunned.

Andi Lassiter catches the radio message to the medics and immediately returns from the next room over, heading for the fallen cyberlion but pausing when she sees Rodimus. She steps closer to the Autobot leader concernedly. "Are you all right?"

Victory Lion's optics fix with utter hatred on the green triplechanger as bolt after bolt slams into his frame. His gaze remains fixated even as it flickers and fades to darkness as his systems go into defensive shudown under the barrage.

Dynamo watches miserably as the filthy deed is done. The security team begins trussing Victory Leo up like a kill fresh from the Serengeti, as he looks at Rodimus. Slowly, he moves over to sit down, resting his face in his hands.

Rodimus Prime watches, apparently with mild disinterest as his Autobots swarm around Victory Leo to try and take him in custody. He blinks, still confused as to what's going on. Gazing around the room, his eyes finally fall upon Andi, causing him to smile slightly. He doesn't say anything until Victory Leo's optics finally go dark. "What?" he asks the Terran. "Oh... yeah, sure thing." He looks directly at Leo, "Yeah, I'm just fine." His mechanical breathing resumes its normal pacing and he manages to climb to his feet, still keeping his optics locked on the fallen Guardian.

Springer looks at Dynamo and Blaster, "I think we should bring him to the Security room. He's too dangerous, we can't keep him in the medbay and we need to keep an optic on him..." He looks at Rod, waiting to see if it's ok with him.

Blaster nods at Springer, looking briefly at Rodimus out the corner of one optic and deciding best not to wait for him togive the go ahead, "Do it Springer, I'm going to make sure Rodimus is ok... with keeping Vic locked up for now."

Dynamo looks up, and nods to Blaster. "Take him down to the brig. I'm gonna sit here for a minute." And try not to feel sick, he thinks. He rubs his temples. "Why did he do it?"

Springer sighs and looks towards Blaster, "Can you will me to drag him to the security room? he's way to big, I can't carry him alone."

Andi Lassiter watches Rodimus as he climbs to his feet, still appearing very concerned. She thinks she remembers reading something about Vic Leo in the medical archives, but that's for another time. She looks to the now-trussed lion and isirrationally reminded of Azlan. After a moment of hesitation she walks toward the unconscious form and answers Dynamo almost as he asks. "He did it so you wouldn't have to. The Autobots didn't stoop to the level of Decepticons by executing Doubleback." She reaches out and touches the lion's muzzle gently.

Blaster is already on his way over too Rodimus, so Springer ended up speaking to Blasters ass

Springer shrugs, "Oh well" He looks at the security team who came in with Dynamo. "Help me guys, we're going to bring him to the brig." The green warrior keeps his stunt rifle in his hand, just in case and with the help of some gumbies, he begins to drags the Cyberlion towards the doors.

Victory Lion's muzzle is still locked in a hateful snarl, but does not so much as twitch in response to the human's touch. He's out for the count.

Rodimus Prime breaks off his gaze at Victory Leo and looks down at Andi, grateful that she's answering the question ratherthan him. He nods and adds, "Also because he's not all there in the head most of the time." He smiles weakly as most of his usual banter returns. With Vic out of the way, Rodimus tries his best to relax, "Well, that is not exactly how I pictured this trial." He motions for gumbies to help out with the cleaning. "Springer... write up a report about this whenever you get the chance, will ya?" Roddo doens't like doing paperwork.

Andi Lassiter blinks up at Springer and the security guards as they start to drag Vic Leo away. "Have some respect, for God's sake! You're dragging him like a carcass!" She looks rather why? Hormones, maybe?

Blaster reaches Rodimus, quite quickly infact since he wasn't a million miles away. "You okay? And I think saying this didn't exactly go to plan, is like saying the matrix is a little important. The important thing is that we contained the damage, somewhat. Course now we got a biglion to deal with sometime. But I thinkit might be best to let him stew, and things calm down for now." Blaster looks to Rodimus to make sure the chosen one isn't turning into the shaken up one

At this point, a couple more gumbies come in with a stretcher and begin loading Doubleback's lifeless form onto it... using a Transformer-sized broom and dustpan to gather up what's scattered in small pieces on the floor. They then put a sheet over the body and get ready to tote it out after the security detail's done hauling off Leo.

Springer looks back at Andi with a sad look on his face, if he was a jerk he would reply : carry him yourself then! But Springer is not a jerk. "I'm sorry miss Lassiter, but as you can see he's bigger than a tank and we don't have the timeto get an anti-grav platform... if he wakes up people are going to be hurt."

Rodimus Prime smiles and nods to Blaster, "I'll have a talk with Vic... later. Don't worry, Blaster. We'll get this all straightened out." He pats Blaster on the shoulder and hopes he can fake his way through pretending to be a whole lot more confident than he really is. He gives one last look at the Lion as he's carted off and says, "Hey... Blaster... what was the decision you guys had reached? About Doubleback." A part of him doesn't want to know.

Oh. Good point, Springer. Andi just looks at the triplechanger for a moment, then nods in understanding. "Sorry." She rubs at her face with one hand and turns away, letting them move the giant lion to the brig without any further complaints.

Springer sadly smiles at Andi, "Don't bother about that Andi." He looks at the security guards, "It's time to go now." Springer and a group of gumbies leave the Meeting room hauling the inanimated body of Victory Leo.

Blaster looks down slightly, "Lets just say, Victory Leo's solution was a little quicker, but achieved the same goal as what the majority voted for." Blaster doesn't even try to hide his own personal feelings for that choice. He looks towards the security detail taking Leo away, lowering his voice so only Rodimus can hear him "And Rodimus, I deal with people who hide what they feel as part of their job, so they can get a mission done. They're professionals at it and I've learned to spot it. You need to talk about it, so find someone to do so with. Cause one thing I've noticed with the sort who don't," Blaster turns to look at Rodimus, "they fall apart at the worst possible times."

Dynamo gets up, shaking his head. "I'll go open up the hatches... I expect someone will be writing a hell of a report soon." He rubs his forehead, and heads out of the meeting room.

The Central Computer Announces: ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The base is now unsealed.

Rodimus Prime steps towards the exit along with Springer, hoping Blaster follows him. The Chosen One just doesn't want to be in this room anymore. Ugh. He nods slowly to Blaster. He isn't surprised, but it doesn't change what Vic did. Although it does make the whole 'you don't have the ball bearings to do this' thing somewhat amusing. Rodimus would be laughing if it wasn't all so pathetic. "Yeah, good idea Dynamo." To the Autobot Cassettibot Commander, Rodimus says, "I'll see about doing just that, Blaster. Thanks." It's hard to tell if he actually will, though.

Blaster follows Rodimus towards the door, uploading a quick message to the computer network and radio'ing someone at the same time

Transmission from Blaster: I would like a word with you by the way, although for now I think it best to let things calmdown. But till I can catch up with you your on light duty. And I'm giving you a direct order Moonracer, stay away from the brig, I know you thank'ed leo. Once things are straightened out you can do it in person if you wish, I understand this was a more personal matter for you than any of us. But stay clear of Leo till Rodimus can sort things out.

Blaster transmits a message via radio.

Andi Lassiter looks at Rodimus and Blaster, and silently follows them out of the room.

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