Name Turntail
Faction Autobot
Alt Mode Saleen S7 TT
Type OC


"Never kick a Decepticon when he's down; He may get back up again."

Proud and charismatic, this Autobot loves the attention and praise of his fellow comrades, even if the praise rightly belongs to somebody else. Having served as scout on several dozen worlds in his time, Turntail is in no lack of experience on the field and certainly knows when to pull out when danger looms. Capable of transforming into a Saleen sports car and reaching speeds of 60mph in less than three seconds, enemies are hard pressed to catch Turntail in time, especially if they are hit by his EMP bursts - reserved for the most dire of circumstances, or when people are in his way! In robot mode, Turntail is a strong and well-liked Autobot, armed with a wrist-mounted laser capable of burning through thick foliage and able to detect threats for up to a mile.



  • Will do anything to preserve his reputation.
  • Often contemplates making Raindance into a pair of stonewash jeans. With plenty of stones.
  • He dreams of wealth and fame, even if its not his to own.
  • He's not gonna hang around in a fight.
  • Even if he does hang around in a fight, he's gonna be hiding behind you.
    • But it won't look like he's hiding behind you.



Kamchatka Khaos - Turntail's first outing in Russia - smell the bravery!

Tangle in Tunguska - ..what do you mean that's not bravery you smell?

It's Buildin' Time - Turntail flirts with an engineer, gets out of work.

Omsk Infiltration - Can Nightbeat and Turntail defend against a Decepticon intruder? ..No.

A Tall Tale - Raindance accuses Turntail of being a traitor. What lies!

Turntail's Revenge - That'll wipe the smile from Raindance's.. uh.. zipper.


Blockade Intro - Turntail assists Kup, First Aid and Crosshairs in the first mission on Pz-Zazz. Naturally, things don't go well for long.

Spotlight: Turntail Pt1 (The Briefing) - Deep in the catacombs of Pz-Zazz, a scheme is formed. And Turntail doesn't like it one bit.

Spotlight: Turntail Pt2 (The Back-Up) - With no choice but to go ahead, Turntail sets up an insurance plan. With a tank.

Spotlight: Turntail Pt3 (The Set-Up) - Hiring two Autobot craftsmechs, the Autobot scout prepares for his spark-stopping mission.

Spotlight: Turntail Pt4 (The Raid!) - The Autobots use a mix of underhand tactics and blundering accidents to raid a Decepticon Safehouse!

Europa, Retaken! - In a fit of cunning, Turntail acts on his plan to attack two sites at once.. hoping to Primus all the big nasties go to the other place.

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