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Name Vera Harrogate
Faction Terran
Function UN Secretary-General
Alt Mode None
Type OC


"I do what I can, because I must."

Formerly British Prime Minister, Vera Harrogate was elected to the position of UN Secretary-General after being a UN ambassador for one term. An economic rationalist, Harrogate has been described as a cold-blooded political vulture. She is distant, aloof, and ruthlessly effecient. Sees herself as working for the greater good of humanity and will sacrifice anything she believes will hinder her carefully condsidered goals.



  • Active around 1996.
  • Whether the character was an OC or OFC is uncertain.
  • According to her OOCfinger: The daughter of estranged scientist Dr Archeville, who was killed in a power struggle between Megatron and Starscream. Reared in isolation on her fathers remote underground laboratories, later claimed as Ward of the Crown and was sent to a local military college where she graduated in two years. Remained with the college in a seven-year teaching career, left to pursue her first love, politics. Began a meteoric rise to power to that culminated in being British Prime Minister, and then being elected to UN Secretary-General. Married self-proclaimed mystic Aidan Harrogate in 1985; Aidan vanished nine years later in bizzare accident that was never resolved. Vera Harrogate is utterly convinced that she is the only one who guide humanity into the future, and will do anything to achieve her goals. See things in the large scope, in marcoecomic terms. Sometimes misses the obvious. Resents transformer presence on Earth and maintains an attitude of strict neutrality.



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