Name Vid-Bit
Faction Junkion
Function Spy
Alt Mode VCR tape
Type OC


"Cool dude ... yeah yeah ... can I be in your gang?"

B-vs isn't too bright of a guy. He has been brainwashed by watching too many music videos. He likes to try to fit in with people he thinks are cool and will do whatever it takes to be cool like them even if it means getting beat up. He is cocky when it comes those he thinks are weak and loves to make fun at others' expense. However B-vs doesn't have the strength or the ability to back it up. He transforms into a VCR tape so that he can record events and play them back after he is done spying.



  • Active around 1996.
  • Although B-vs had his @name changed to Vid-Bit after he was approved, Monzo can't find any logs confirming that his name was ever changed in his character bio.



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