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Name Viper
Faction Autobot
Function Medic/Field Tech
Alt Mode Dodge Viper Sportscar
Type OC


"Hold still! You're not dying on MY shift, dammit!"

Viper's original function was to be a warrior; however, it became clear that his talents were toward repairing and not destroying. He now serves as Combat Medic and field technician. Even though his skills and abilities make him well suited as a medic, Viper is plagued by self doubt because he never succeeded as a warrior. Transforms into Viper sportscar, with the ability to launch rockets.

Skills: Stunt Driving, Mechanic/Repair, Communications/Tech Knowledge



  • Viper was the first character on TF2K5 for Dredclaw's player. However, after he created his Sweep, Viper was relegated to the alt-char position. It's just more fun being mean.



Created and played by Dredclaw

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