Name Vortex
Faction Decepticon
Function Interrogation
Alt Mode Helicopter
Type FC


"I'm Vortex, fly me- if you dare."

Gives a ride to remember -- in your nightmares! Takes Autobots on dizzying, death-defying flights to scare information out of them. As helicopter, goes 300mph with a range of 1200 miles. Whirls rotor blades to create 200-300 mph wind funnels. Uses semi-automatic glue gun. Combines with fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus.





Autobots are suckers for hostages. And knowing is half the battle.




  • An early player of Vortex portrayed him as a bit too insane for the tastes of staff at the time.
  • You wouldn't think that glue would be much of a weapon when everyone else is packing particle accelerators and flamethrowers and earth-ripping piledrivers, and you'd be right.
  • Vortex in the picture has obviously spent a lot of Advancement Points on making himself badass.
  • Swindle must not like Vortex very much to not at least tell him about the glue thing.
  • Thankfully the TACS version of Vortex is a lot better.



The most recent several Vortexes were all played by "Amy," who eventually timed out each time after spending a LOT of time in the medbay (on purpose).

June - October 2009 : Chuck

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