Name Wheelie
Faction Autobot
Function Survivalist
Alt Mode Car
Type FC


"Only the fierce shall live."

Wheelie is the "wild boy" of Quintesson -- an Autobot-like youth lost when his ship went down, the only survivor of his party, staying alive by cunning and stealth and fearlessness. He speaks in odd, rhyming sentences, and despises the Quintessons and Sharkticons, who are his mortal enemies. He is a staunch friend to the Dinobots, who took to him immediately, and a reliable ally. He only fights when he's under attack and has to defend himself.


Millions of years ago, Wheelie was a popular and successful professional wrestler in the Intergalactic Cybertronic Wrestling Federation, based from the planet Turnbuckle. He enjoyed popularity and success, until he was defeated and shamed by Future Ric Flair.

Challenging Flair to a rematch on Quintessa, Wheelie's ship crashed, brain-damaging the robot horribly, a condition that was exacerbated by millions of years of isolation, fighting off Quintesson search-and-destroy units and dense Sharkticon hordes day and night simply to survive. When he was found in 2005 by Grimlock and the Dinobots, he hastily allied himself with them, charming them with his rhyming patois and shooting Grimlock in the nose with a slingshot. He used the dino-muscle to help get off the planet, and for his assistance became a duly sanctioned Autobot.

He has aided and baffled the faction since.


Wheelie+Matrix=Wheelimus Prime!


  • When in Autobot City, Wheelie traverses the city by climbing through the air ducts, enabling him to get just about anywhere without alerting his fellow Autobots to his presence.
  • Wheelie lives in the Autobot Museum. As a side job, he serves as its janitor, and recharges on a cot in a partitioned corner of the Museum.
  • Wheelie's penchant for disguise is well-documented and often surprisingly successful, given his distinctive voice, manner of speaking, and near-constant giggling.
  • Wheelie is more or less an honorary Junkion, in a case of "like attracts like."
  • In a dystopian possible future, Wheelie had progressed from killing Sharkticons to killing Sweeps, and wore a Sweep-like beard and verniers in a twisted way of acknowledging this. He served as the dauphin of Grimlock's New America.


Wowee! Look at me!



No room for rhyme, it's beatdown time!

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  • Swordfish Salvage- The EDC and Autobots are sent to investigate when the Olympic ship The Swordfish goes dark...


user:Doomflower played Wheelie c.1996.

Formerly played by Dinobut 2008 and 2009


Start playing that lonely walking music from the 'Hulk' TV show

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