Name Wildrider
Faction Decepticon
Function Terrorist
Alt Mode Ferrari 308 GTB
Type FC


"Either you're out of my way or you're out of luck."

Look out motorists -- he exults in the accidents he causes! Drives recklessly, screaming and laughing. Some comrades think it's an act, others know he's really as nuts as he appears. Fears quiet. Prone to tire blow-outs. In car mode goes up to 250 mph with amazing maneuverability. In robot mode, his scattershot gun sprays laser beams over wide areas. Combines with fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.



  • In 2012, Wildrider blew up a San Francisco city bus with a bomb, killing fourteen civilians, including the driver. This act landed Wildrider on the EDC's "Most Wanted" list for a (very) short time.
  • At a battle in Alaska in 2013, Wildrider nearly decapitated a prone Cliffjumper with his switchblade knife.





Wildrider Prime?


1998 - 1999: [Elmer Gilbert]

1999 - summer 2000: ljacone

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