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Name Yellowjacket
Faction Autobot
Function Commando
Alt Mode Renault Twingo
Type OC


"By the time you draw, I'm already gone."

Small, fast, deadly... yellow. YELLOWJACKET is all of these things and more. Stealthy and skilled with explosives, he can usually be found sneaking behind enemy lines to sabotage Decepticon doomsday machines or energon plants. Supremely confident, but not cocky. Can be overbearing in tense situations. Favors dry humor and subtlety over shock and awe. As a Renault Twingo, armed with hidden weaponry and the ability to find parking anywhere. In robot mode, armed with an Explosive Flechette Launcher and Optic Lasers. All weapons systems are integrated into his frame to maximize aerodynamics. Never leaves a job half-done: when Yellowjacket steps up, something's guaranteed to explode.



  • Despite having ridiculously high dexterity and agility, Yellowjacket spends most of his time getting shot and missing targets.




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